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Today’s Style: H&M Sweatshirt In Red, White & Blue

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Friday, 7th September, 2018

Friday Style - Red, White And Blue Sweatshirt from H&M

Happy Friday!

I hope you are well and had a good short week. Today’s style I have gone for a brand new piece of clothing I’ve literally just bought, my H&M Sweatshirt! It’s red, white and blue, and as soon as I saw it, I had to get it for myself!

You can check out the full outfit look below, but first I’ve got to talk you though the top.

It may look very familiar to you, that’s because I included it in my H&M Autumn 18 edit only last week, and I was tempted by it so much I did go ahead and grab it for myself.

As you can see, it’s a panelled design, with blocks of red, white and blue, it looks really clean with it’s lines, and it’s three colours which work together so well. It cost £7.99 which is an absolute bargain for this, you’ll be doing well if you can find something like this for less.

Close up of the sweatshirt

In terms of quality, there’s no complaints. It’s a nice soft material, with the velour type feel on the inside. It has that trademark “V stitch” which I love, it really adds that little bit of detail which is always a good thing.

Going into the colder months, I really do like sweatshirt style. You can’t really go wrong with one, they’re comfortable and I think you can dress them up to make them look smarter, providing you follow some basic rules for the fit and style.

Outfit - How I Style My Red, White And Blue Sweatshirt

If you’re wondering how to wear a sweatshirt, I’ll talk through what I’ve gone for with this one. Since it’s not super cold (yet!)  I didn’t wear a t-shirt underneath, but that’s always an option. From there it’s as simple as choosing what to wear on the lower half.

I’ve gone for jeans, and the most important aspect is the colour, I’ve picked out black. I think that black works really well with the red, white and blue of the sweatshirt. I don’t think that blue denim would work as well, as it would clash with the blue of the sweat, so I think that black really works well for this look. I also think that white would work just as well, if I wanted to go for a much lighter look.

For the footwear I’ve kept it casual and simple with my Chuck Taylor Converse. As with the jeans, I’ve gone for the black and white pair. Nice, simple and classic, and they don’t look out of place here.

Overall I think that this is a really nice look for laid back and casual style. It’s pretty effortless and is definitely not sloppy, the fit of the sweatshirt helps a lot with that. This can be worn around town, out in the city, a casual occasion or just when relaxing at home.

Let me know what you think of this sweatshirt and outfit.

Have a great Friday!

Michael Adams

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