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NE1 Motor Show Newcastle – Part 4 – Super Cars & Sports Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


One of the highlights of the NE1 Motor Show has got to have been the sports cars and super cars. They were out in force, with some of the best manufacturers and the best models being shown. I saw everything from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche and Mercedes; With models such as the Aventador, SLS and Vanquish being there. You don’t need to here it from me, here’s all the pics 😉

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

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More pics below…

aston-martin-newcastle-v8-vantage-2 aston-martin-rapide-newcastle-1 aston-martin-newcastle-1 aston-martin-vanquish aston-martin-vanquish-2 aston-martin-vanquish-3 mercedes-sls-1 mercedes-sls-2 mercedes-sl63-2 mercedes-sls-3 mercedes-amg-gts porsche-carrera-4-gts ne1-motor-show-audi-r8 ne1-motor-show-lamborghini ne1-motor-show-ferrari-4 ne1-motor-show-ferrari-3 ne1-motor-show-ferrari-2 lamborghini-aventador-newcastle-1 ne1-motor-show-ferrari-1 ne1-motor-show-nissan-gtr bmw-m

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