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Thursday, 27th August, 2015

Throwback Thursday – 90’s Fashion – Kappa


Happy Throwback Thursday! πŸ˜€

Back in the mid 90’s fashion was all about sportswear, I was a teenager and lived in the stuff. The brand which was one of the most coveted was Kappa. They made football shirts for huge European teams such as Juventus and Barcelona, and general sportswear too.

Everyone was into Kappa, and it was pretty expensive for clothing when we were teens back in the mid 90’s. I remember owning a few pieces, a tracksuit being one, as well as a zipped sweatshirt being fond memories.

I heard that Kappa were making a comeback, and were selling some of their old retro style tracksuits, as well as bringing back the brand for the new generation. I actually got the tracksuit last year, and did a small feature about it on the blog.

Here I am styling it with some other 90’s and retro greats; Converse Chuck Taylor trainers, and the equally iconic Adidas Originals T Shirt. The tracksuit I previously owned as a teen was almost the same, but had the red background track pattern down the sleeves of the jacket and sides of the trousers. Still, this navy and white version was an absolute classic, and brings back a lot of good memories.

90’s style and trends are back, and I love 90’s nostalgia whether that’s fashion or pop culture, and Kappa was a bit of both. It is of course not for everyone, and probably cringe-worthy for those who think they are into high fashion because they’ve once bought something from [insert designer name here], but it brings back memories of a great era that’s what it’s all about πŸ™‚






Saturday, 25th July, 2015

25th July – Summer Vibes


The summer is here and school is out! :mrgreen: Well actually they broke up last week…And I haven’t actually been for 15 years, but it still feels good! That means there’s 5 weeks left of the summer, sadly the weather looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better (if it gets better at all!). I remember being a kid and looking forward to the 6 weeks holidays so much (who didn’t) and it still feels good, everyone is happier and there’s summer vibes all around.

I am so glad the weekend is here, I appreciate them more and more, whether it’s just chilling out or doing more, I love them now as much as I did when I was a kid. To keep with my summer vibes I have this casual summer look. I wore this light blue shirt from Weird Fish, bright white tee from Sunspel and my yellow Cheap Monday jeans which I really love in the summer. I also had on my blue Converse, which I have not worn for a while and really need to be cleaned πŸ˜‰




Saturday, 11th July, 2015

Friday 10th July 2015 – Enjoying The Sun


Happy Friday!

Today the weather has been great once again, and I decided to take advantage of it and take a couple pics of some of my new clothing. I usually take pictures either outside my house or inside which is really convenient, but it’s not the most picaresque,Β and quite repetitive for you all to see; I’ll try for better/more locations πŸ˜‰Β This is my Mango jacket which I love, and featured before. It’s a summer linen jacket, and is super thin and really light, so is perfect for the summer heat; You get the benefits of the style and don’t feel uncomfortably hot when wearing it (of course when it gets too hot it’s too hot, it’s too hot for anything! πŸ˜› ). I also wore a brand new Jaeger shirt, in fact it’s so new I have not even had a chance to feature it on the blog yet! I should be featuring it next week πŸ˜‰ My trainers are grey Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, sunglasses obviously Ray Ban, and Jeans are from Nudie Jeans.

I also went out on a run…I have started going out for jogs or runs on an evening; Usually I have to go out during the day otherwise it gets dark/cold, but when it’s summer we get so much light and it’s really warm…especially tonight, it was rather hot! The downside of running in the summer is the amount of little flies there are…Does anyone have tips to combat them flying at your face, in your mouth or nose?! πŸ™ It’s horrible!

Have a great weekend πŸ™‚




Sunday, 7th June, 2015

Saturday Night Out – 6th June 2015


You know it’s been a good night when you come back home and it’s daylight… πŸ˜‰

Last night was a good night! It was the Champions League final and we went out to watch it; I am not the biggest fan of watching football in bars and things like that, especiallyΒ when it’s quite a neutral game i.e. watching Barca vs Juve in Newcastle; It’s not the same atmosphere as watching a Newcastle game in Newcastle, or watching the home team in their place, it’s always amazing! Still, it was pretty good, and we watched the first half in Pacific Bar, and the second in Centurion. I am sure you know the score, Barca won 3-1, so I was happy :mrgreen:

I have no beard! Yes, it’s the summer (apparently) so I got round to shaving it off, finally! It feels strange, and I think I look weird now after having facial hair since the start of the year, even though for the previous 30 years of life I pretty much haven’t πŸ˜› I will stick to being clean shaven for the summer, and probably go back to the beard in November for Movember, although I do sort of miss it already.

I have been wearing black shirts a lot lately, if you’ve seen me wearing them for a couple of days I have a few, I swear! πŸ˜› This one is one of my favourites, a Ted Baker shirt, made from silky smooth cotton. After the match we went to a few places in Newcastle around the central station, the night flew, and it was light when I got back; I love the summer! πŸ™‚




Monday, 25th May, 2015

Late May Bank Holiday Shenanigans


Hey guys!

I hope you ‘ve all had a good Bank Holiday, which is the penultimate summer bank holiday…We have to wait until August for the next one! I have had such a great long weekend, if not a busy one. First up there was the Eurovision; I usually make a big deal of it, but this year I didn’t bother, and just watched the show. If you are into Eurovision then you’ll of liked it, if you don’t, well, you probably weren’t watching anyway :mrgreen: One of the best parts of the show is actually the points, and this year was probably the best ever, it was a 3 horse race with Italy, Sweden and Russia, Italy fell away with Russia having a pretty good lead, Sweden came back from it and didn’t look back and won. It was pretty exciting πŸ˜€

Sunday was the big day of the weekend, I was at a friends wedding in Edinburgh. I got the train up in the morning and it was my first time in Edinburgh, other than going to the airport last year πŸ˜› It was a great day, the weather was pretty good i.e. it did not rain and there was some sun.

I wore an Alfred Brown slim fit suit in navy blue, with a light blue striped Jaeger shirt, ASOS tie & pocket square and Kurt Geiger shoes. BTW the beard is going soon, this could be one of my last pics with it so say goodbye! πŸ˜‰


I took this pic on the train…You can’t see it much in the picture, but it’s one solitary house all on it’s own in the middle of nowhere. Quite a good get-a-way, but I don’t think I could cope living out there way out in the countryside.

It was also the final day of the Premier League, and Newcastle stayed up! They beat West Ham 2-0 with Hull drawing 0-0 with Man Utd. So a good weekend all round πŸ˜‰ It was the last day for the Super 6, and Phil Thomson beat me by 1 point! The F1 was also on which I missed, I need to watch it on Catch-up but I heard that Lewis Hamilton did not win, so I assume something happened since he was on pole.

Today has been all about relaxing and chilling out, back to the real world in the morning.

I hope you all had a great weekend πŸ™‚

Wednesday, 8th April, 2015

Understated Style For A Night Out With Lynx Black


Last week I introduced the brand new Lynx Black collection which has just been launched. The collection is all about understated style, and so I have created an outfit for a night out which showcases an understated style, while keeping very smart at the same time.

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Monday, 6th April, 2015

York For Easter Saturday


I have always fancied going to York for a day/night, we’ve talked about it for a long time but never actually got round to going, and so since it was a Bank Holiday weekend we decided to actually go to York. It’s a cool place, picturesque and plenty going on with shops, bars etc. They’ve got a lot of the bars we have in Newcastle, so we went to places like The Slug And Lettuce, Yates’s, Pitcher & Piano, Revolution and Popworld.

They have a few cool bars which we went in that they don’t have in Newcastle, like Stone Roses bar which was pretty decent, The Graduate which is the same group of bars which owns The Library in Durham, and the coolest bar there which was The Parish. It’s a converted church building which looks like a small church from the outside, but is pretty big once you get in with tables and seating around the outside and a large dance floor in the middle. Since we only spent the day there we got in quite early and so it was just starting to get people in.

I wore: Selected Homme Jacket | Jaeger Shirt | Armani Jeans | Hugo Boss Knit




Stone Roses bar.


The Parish in York…Looks like an old church, it was an old church, but it’s in fact a bar.


Inside the Parish.



Thursday, 26th March, 2015

Air Max Day 2015


Happy Air Max Day!

What a good day it is. Since it’s Air Max Day I had to wear my newest pair of Nike Air Max, my Air Max 1 Ultra Moire. I love these, they are so cool, super lightweight and I just love the minimal but stylish colour.

I wore them with my Gant dip dye sweatshirt, and Cheap Monday black jeans. I also had to put on my Ray Ban aviators πŸ™‚

You should check out the Evolution of visible Air infographic I posted the other day, it’s pretty cool πŸ˜‰ More pics below…