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Saturday Night Out – 6th June 2015

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Sunday, 7th June, 2015


You know it’s been a good night when you come back home and it’s daylight… 😉

Last night was a good night! It was the Champions League final and we went out to watch it; I am not the biggest fan of watching football in bars and things like that, especially when it’s quite a neutral game i.e. watching Barca vs Juve in Newcastle; It’s not the same atmosphere as watching a Newcastle game in Newcastle, or watching the home team in their place, it’s always amazing! Still, it was pretty good, and we watched the first half in Pacific Bar, and the second in Centurion. I am sure you know the score, Barca won 3-1, so I was happy :mrgreen:

I have no beard! Yes, it’s the summer (apparently) so I got round to shaving it off, finally! It feels strange, and I think I look weird now after having facial hair since the start of the year, even though for the previous 30 years of life I pretty much haven’t 😛 I will stick to being clean shaven for the summer, and probably go back to the beard in November for Movember, although I do sort of miss it already.

I have been wearing black shirts a lot lately, if you’ve seen me wearing them for a couple of days I have a few, I swear! 😛 This one is one of my favourites, a Ted Baker shirt, made from silky smooth cotton. After the match we went to a few places in Newcastle around the central station, the night flew, and it was light when I got back; I love the summer! 🙂



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