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Street Style At Michael 84 – Gant Cable Knit

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Friday, 29th January, 2016


You may have noticed a new option on my menu in the last week or so, called Street Style. That’s because I have created a whole new section called…Street Style! Last year I took quite a few fashion photos of outfits and clothing, and they didn’t really have a good category to fit in. The men’s fashion category is usually for writing about brands and what’s going on in the fashion world; Lifestyle is about guys lifestyle or what I’ve been up to, so it sort of fits in there. But I think the best way to categorise this type of post is street style, so I have created a brand new category, where you’ll find all these types of shots.

Of course a few years ago I did experiment with my look book category, which was as much of a technical exercise as anything else. It was good to try out and create a section on the blog which only had images with no text so people could just have a browse, and then go in depth with the photo by clicking it; I still have that page on the blog but I don’t really promote it as much as I used to, but it does still exist 😉

I thought I would kick it off in 2016 with this look…It’s actually from last year but I was too busy with other stuff on the blog and couldn’t fit it on. I am in Newcastle down the Quayside which is such a cool place. I am wearing Nudie Jeans along with a Gant cable knit jumper, a white shirt, Kurt Geiger boots and a He By Mango suede jacket.




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