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Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas – For Him And For Her

Tuesday, 2nd February, 2016


It’s that time of year again, it’s the day (and night) of love, Valentines Day!

This year it’s on a Sunday which is pretty rubbish, and I expect if anyone is doing anything, they’ll be doing it on the Saturday, or maybe having a Valentines Weekend rather than one day (that’s a winner for the girls!).

I have come up with a couple of gift ideas, for him and for her…

So if you’re looking for some ideas what to get her I have some; Or if you’re a guy looking for ideas for her then I have some for you too. And if you’re single like me, here’s some ideas for yourself

For Him

My love affair with Happy Socks knows no bounds, so I have no problem in including them here, with an appropriate, romantic style of socks they are doing. I’ve picked out these ones, with a 100% cheesy but still stylish design. The black socks with come a heart print with an arrow through the heart, in a cupid style. For £8 you can’t go wrong, and you can pick up a pair.

What can I say about Molton Brown Black Peppercorn other than it’s really nice! Molton Brown body wash typically lasts longer, and this spicy scent is good and lasts quite a while after usage, and can be picked up for £18.

Every guy should have at least one good shirt. The date shirt, the going out shirt, that one special shirt. Since I do love clothing I have so many, but I know that’s not the same for all guys. If you’re going to get a man one really nice shirt, I highly recommend Eton Shirts.

They are a tad on the expensive side, but they are really nice quality, made in Europe and a really good fit. They’ve been featured on the blog before, and I was very impressed with them. A white shirt is an essential item for men, upgrade his wardrobe with a shirt from Eton . They’re around £120, and if white isn’t his colour, they do plenty more, including my favourite, black 🙂

One of the newest fragrances for men which is really inviting and sensual is Dior Sauvage. I have recently reviewed it on the blog and I love it, and I know I’m not the only one.

If he hasn’t already got this, get him it, and he’s sure to like it, and you’ll love him in it. Bottles vary in price depending on where you shop, expect to pay around £50 for a 60ml bottle, and £67.50 for a 100ml bottle from Boots.

For Her

If you’re looking for something cool and a bit unusual, Hannah Brown Interiors have some really cute and romantic framed leaves which are great for Valentines Day. Choose from purple orchid, coral orchid, red acer leaf, moth orchid and gingko leaves.

Each one is handmade and come in a bespoke, painted distressed frame, and are presented in a hard black gift box with a foam cotton velvet lined insert. You can get one of these for £35 from Hannah Brown Interiors here.

Flowers are of course a brilliant idea to get any girl, because virtually all girls like them. They are traditional, and what could be more classic than a dozen red roses. Bloom And Wild offer a selection of flowers, including The Juliet, which are twelve long stemmed roses prepared by hand, and delivered to the door.

You can use letterbox delivery which means they’ll fit through the door of your Valentine, or have them sent to yourself, put them in a nice vase and take them round to hers. If you’re on your iPhone ordering is a breeze through their app which you can download, and send flowers directly from your phone with £10 off!

Through the link The Juliet is £18 delivered to the door, and they’ll make a great addition to Valentines Day.

As I’ve already said, and as you’ll already know, red roses are synonymous with Valentines Day, so if there’s one scent to get a girl for this day it’s Red Roses Cologne from Jo Malone. It’s described as the essence of modern romance, so is perfect for this day. All Jo Malone scents are really good (I have Jo Malone Oud And Bergamot) and rated highly, so you may want to check a few out. A 30ml bottle will set you back £42, with a 100ml bottle coming in at £85 at Jo Malone .

What is it with girls and Prosecco these days? I have no idea, it’s been around for ages, but the popularity seems to have grown so much in the past 2 or 3 years. If you love the taste there’s always these amazing Prosecco Gummy Bears from Sugarsin. You can get a jar of these for £6.50, they’re quite a good novelty.

If you want the real deal, and want a bottle of Prosecco then I can highly recommend Bottega Gold. First of all the bottle, it’s gold! You’re already onto a winner for presentation with a gold bottle. But it’s not just a gimmick, the Prosecco does taste really nice.

One of the cool things is that they do the usual standard 750ml bottles which will cost around £25, but you can also buy the small miniature 20cl bottles for around £4, which are good if you just want a couple of little bottles between you can look pretty cute. They also do Rosé champagne if you prefer that over the usual stuff.

You need some food to go with the Prosecco, so some champagne truffles are a must. The Marc De Champagne truffles from Charbonnel et Walker are my go-to chocolates for Valentines. They are expensive, you’ll be paying around £4 for only three truffles, but they are so good, and this is Valentines Day, so you’re allowed to spend so much on chocolates at least once a year.

You get three, so that’s one each, and I still haven’t worked out who gets the third 😉

Not necessarily a gift as she probably already has these films, but you may want to sit down and watch a girly film. The three I have picked out are three I can watch as a guy and not hate. Dirty Dancing is of course a classic, then I’ve gone a bit Indie and picked out Before Sunrise which I LOVE, and something newer and a bit, erm, different…Fifty Shades Of Grey.

One of the best places to pick up cheap DVDs and blu rays is Amazon.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for her for him, I hope these few ideas get you started. Put the champagne (or Prosecco) on Ice, get the chocolates out, it’s Valentines Day 😉

If you’re a guy looking for the perfect outfit, make sure you check out my what to wear on valentines day tips, which goes into what to wear on your date.

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