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New Formal Shoes From Kurt Geiger

Monday, 18th May, 2015


I am terrible at buying shoes! When I was younger I really hated to wear shoes, and that mentality has really stuck with me for all of my life. I love casual footwear, My Converse collection is now huge, and I have bought three pair of Air Max in the last 2 years. Shoes however are something I have always really hate buying, probably because most of my life I have hated to wear them. I do however wear them on any kind of formal occasion, even semi-formal like a night out; Since I was a kid I have always worn formal footwear on a Friday or Saturday night out; It’s just the done thing in my opinion 😀

I am getting older, and with that a new appreciation of shoes, both a smart casual shoe and the traditional formal styles of shoes. You will always need a formal shoe, whether it’s going to be for work everyday, or for those occasions where you need to dress up and the super casual trainers just don’t work. I’ve needed a new pair for a while, and looked around and thought about brogues, but I’ve decided to stick with my preferred style and gone for a derby again, and once again from Kurt Geiger.

I really like these, they are smart and formal, classic black and are slightly wider than my previous pair I got a long time ago. They have faux-perforation detailing around the back, with the front top having some stitching detailing. The bottoms feel quite grippy, which is all-important when you’re out on an icy night in the winter 😛



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