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The Worst Fashion Purchase Ever?

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Monday, 14th November, 2016


Since I am a fashion blogger I get to see so many clothes, fashion and styles from a huge number of brands. I also notice so many trends, and have jumped onto many, and for some things, really been at the forefront of some trends which later go on to become more mainstream which I think is cool. But fashion is fashion, and we can all get it wrong at some point, or maybe get it right at the right time, but later have that “What was I thinking” moment! :mrgreen: As the old saying goes, fashion is temporary, style is forever.

I think my worst ever fashion purchase was this Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier hoodie. It’s a burnt reddish-orange/brown dip dye type of colour, with embroidered graphics and full of rhinestones. Back in 2006-2010 Ed Hardy was really popular, and were one of the things to own, and seen as a real statement piece, and probably were the streetwear of their day. The designs were tattoo inspired, and were over the top and filled with colours and usually rhinestones. Rhinestones are not your typical thing to have on men’s clothing, but it was done in such an edgy way that the pieces became a hit, and everyone wanted at least one piece of Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier.

What makes this the worst fashion purchase ever is two key things, the price and the number of times I wore it. The cost? £245! Yes, that much for a hooded sweatshirt. I still remember buying it, there was the choice of this one, or the same design but in a dip-dye blue colour. It was over Christmas and I went down to London for Christmas shopping, and bought it in Selfridges along with a lot of other stuff. One of the worst things is that I hardly wore it, I’ve worn it maybe 9 or 10 times, and never actually worn for years, probably since that Winter.

I probably wouldn’t pay as much for such a piece, It was street style designer back then, but as the years have gone on my ideas have changed, and I would only spend large amounts of money on investment pieces or from labels that have stood the test of time. Having said that, it was a big brand back then, and sometimes you just have to live in the moment. I’ll probably always keep this, you never know, it could come back in style like the 90’s trends have 😛

What’s the worst fashion purchase you’ve made? Check out more pics below…





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