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How To Style A Denim Jacket In Winter – Layering Tips

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Tuesday, 20th November, 2018

Denim Jacket In Winter - Men's Style Tips

Have you ever thought about wearing a denim jacket in the Autumn or Winter?

For me, this is a big no-no. I have always considered the denim jacket a Summer item, or transitioning from Spring to Summer. Jean jackets are lightweight, and great for throwing over a tee in the Summer.

But what if you want to wear one in the Winter? Can you wear a denim jacket in Winter? Are they style rules, and how can you style it?

One word – Layering.

Check out the whole outfit below and see how I’ve styled it.

Denim Jacket Outfit in Winter - Here's My Style

So I’ve already said I am not too crazy about this look for this season. When it comes to outfits for Winter, this is not something I’d usually pick out.

But I wanted to try it out for the blog, to see what it looks like and so you all can see it on a real guy rather than some fashion model for some proper perspective to see if you think you’d wear this style.

I do own a couple, and this is how I style my denim jackets usually, but in the winter, there’s other options. My item of choice for this particular outfit is my grey blue denim from All Saints. I really do like this jacket, the colour is good and it fits well too. It’s a great weight, and feels like a premium piece of denim.

The colour is close to that light blue synonymous with denim, but I much prefer this colour, as I think it will match with a lot more items of clothing which I have in my wardrobe.

Speaking of what I’ve worn with it, I’ve layered it with a black hoodie. Layering a hoodie is something which you can do when the temperature starts to drop, and is an easy to wear piece.

The most difficult part is the hood. I have chosen to wear it over the jacket, so the hood is exposed. If you don’t do this, the back of the jacket will feel bloated and stuffed with the hood, it won’t look great and should it rain, you wouldn’t be able to use the hood.

The black hoodie I have is from Junk De Luxe. I got this years ago and hardly wear it, in fact I almost forgot about it. It has tonal branding which is really subtle, and a clean and simple design without any pockets which can occasionally spoil the minimalist design.

For the lower half I’ve gone for some black denim which are in a slightly relaxed fit, along with my black Chuck Taylor All Star Converse trainers. So as you can see, the overall tone of the look is black and dark, but the jacket shines through as the statement piece since it’s so light.

Layering a Denim Jacket With a Hoodie - Men's Fashion Tips

And there you have it, a denim jacket in Winter. What do you think of this trend, should jean jackets be left for the Summer, or is it a good idea for layering for some Winter style?

Michael Adams

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  1. Michael Foley Said,


    I liked your review on layering a denim jacket. Personally I do like the layering style.

    I’m thinking about getting a Barbour wax jacket for the spring. Namely the Lutz or commander jackets.

    Because I am a fan of the layering style I was thinking of wearing this new jacket with an overcoat or top coat.

    I was just looking for a second opinion on this, would it look good or just odd in your opinion?

    Many thanks. Mike.

    posted on Monday 7th January, 2019 at 13:02
  2. Michael Said,

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your comments. I like layering, just not denim jackets in Winter, I prefer to wear them as a Summer jacket. I think that the Barbour wax jackets are best to wear as the last layer, as they are outerwear and built for the weather. You can still layer these, by wearing a shirt and jumper under it, or perhaps even wearing the jacket over a blazer depending on your own style. It’s probably better to visually see these things, so best to go and try it out in a shop to see how it looks before buying.

    posted on Tuesday 8th January, 2019 at 13:38