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Bvlgari MAN And Armani Code EDT: Large Bottles

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Thursday, 10th January, 2013


I did get some brand new EDT’s and fragrances for Christmas, but I wanted to get some old favourites, but not any old bottles, I wanted the large bottles.

I usually buy 50ml bottles, and I have loads of them, I actually don’t know the number since I got new ones, but its somewhere more than 50. Since I have so many, and I wear different ones, I rarely run out of the same one, even my favourites. I recently bought a large Gucci by Gucci 100ml bottle, and have decided that I will buy my favourites in the larger bottles, to ensure I don’t run out.

Bvlgari MAN is one of my favourites, and I got it a couple of years ago, more or less when it was released. It’s such a really nice smell, and even though I have half a bottle left, I decided to get a large 100ml bottle.

I got Armani Code in about 2005 and loved it. It’s a real evening kind of smell, and when I smell it, it reminds me of going out, probably because I did wear this a lot 😀 It’s one of the few bottles I have which I actually ran out of, and I had not bought a new bottle, so have not had it since about 2007. I never ever got around to buying it again, since I wanted to try new scents, I love it but there are loads more out there. So, years later, I decided that I would re-live the past and get a bottle. Armani Code comes in an even bigger bottle, this is their biggest and is 125ml.

Large bottles do not come cheap, not for these anyway. the 100ml Bvlgari MAN was £58 and the Armani Code 125ml was £65. The girl on the counter said I had expensive taste 😉

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