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Welcome to the Newcastle fashion and lifestyle blog. Situated in the North East of England, Newcastle is my city of vibrant style and culture, and a really cool place to live. Blogging about nights out in the coolest bars in Newcastle, football and life in the Toon.

NE1 Motor Show Newcastle – Part 3 – Prestige Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


There were classic cars, sports cars and super cars at the NE1 Motor Show on Grey Street, if you like a bit more prestige then the next thing you’ll be looking at is style and luxury. There was a great selection of luxury and prestige cars, from Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, BMW, Bentley and Mercedes.

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

Check them all out below…

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NE1 Newcastle Motor Show – Part 2 – Classic Sports Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


At the NE1 Motor Show there were a lot of the new sports cars and super cars which I love, but then there were also a ton of classic sports cars which take me back to my childhood! Classics from Ferrari and Lamborghini, and how can I forget the Lotus Esprit, the first time I saw this car was from the iconic computer game Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge! :mrgreen: It was like being a kid and playing old computer games like the original Gran Turismo, but seeing these cars all together and up close was pretty spectacular 🙂 The best of British from TVR, Italian Ferraris & Lambos, American Muscle courtesy of Corvette and much, much more.

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

All the pics below…

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NE1 Newcastle Motor Show – Best Of The Rest

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


You can check out the rest of the cars and photos I’ve taken at the NE1 Motor Show here. There was a F1 simulator which looked really cool, but I guess the line was really long so I did not bother with even attempting to get on it! 😛 There’s cars from Mill Volvo and Audi’s from Benfield, Nissan GTR, Infiniti Q50 and BMW i3. There’s also a few crowd shots, everyone seemed to have had a really good time at the show, hopefully this will be an annual thing 😉

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

All the pics are below…

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NE1 Newcastle Motor Show – Part 1 – Classic Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


Today I was out at the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show, and it was an amazing little event. It was a showcase of a huge amount of cars, from car companies, garages, brands and even private collectors brought their pride and joy along with them. It was hosted on Grey Street, not only is this one of Newcastle’s greatest streets, but it was also voted best street in Britain. There’s cars for everyone, from classic cars to retro sports cars, new prestige cars and super cars. Infiniti were there too with a car, and brought along the F1 Red Bull car from 2014.

There were so many cars there I have had to split them up in different posts. Here’s post 1, classic cars.

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

Check them out below 🙂

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Newcastle Fashion Blogger

Monday, 6th July, 2015

It’s great being a Newcastle Fashion Blogger. There’s always something going on in the city, and it’s a vibrant and diverse kind of place when it comes to fashion.

Whether you’re into vintage, high street or high end, Newcastle has all the bases covered. The city has a lot of offer fashion lovers, and even had Newcastle Fashion Week. If you’ve never been to the city before and fancy doing some shopping, there’s plenty going on in the city centre.


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Summer Seaside Beach On The Quayside In Newcastle

Tuesday, 23rd June, 2015


This is why I love my city! 😀

Making a return this summer in the heart of Newcastle on the Quayside, is the beach. How cool is having this little beach right in the middle of Newcastle? I could not make it down last year, but when I heard it was returning I had to go down and give it a look, and here it is. There’s always plenty going on in NE1, whether it be coffee shops and new restaurants that are popping up, shopping and more, now there’s a new place to go and relax and get sand in your toes.

The little beach has everything you’d expect to see at a beach, from a volleyball net to deck chairs for lying in the sun, and even beach huts to grab a bit of shade but still enjoy the great weather. With that you’ve got the backdrop of Newcastle Quayside, with the Millennium and Tyne bridge, it’s a cool summer hangout if you find yourself in the town and want to chill out.

You can check it out on Newcastle Quayside yourself, it’s down by the law courts, or just have a look at some pictures below.






Newcastle Dress Code On A Night Out

Tuesday, 17th March, 2015

Newcastle Dress Code On A Night Out In Bars And Clubs

Whether you’re a Newcastle night out veteran, you’re new to going out or you’re up here in Newcastle out for a good time, the dress code is probably something you’re thinking about.

It’s something to consider, however there is no need to stress out about what to wear.

If you’re going out to pubs, bars, clubs or all three, Newcastle has a fairly casual dress code, as long as you look presentable and you’re not falling all over drunk.

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Newcastle Night Out – Last Weekend Before Christmas

Sunday, 21st December, 2014

Cookie Monster At Jalou

It’s the last weekend before Christmas! We went out in Newcastle on Friday, so called “Black Eye Friday”, it’s traditionally the day/night that there’s lots of office parties and work nights out. Apparently the town was really busy early on, but when I was out at around 9PM it was no busier than you’d usually expect. It was a fun night, and we went to places like Union Rooms, Jalou, Mushroom, Science Bar and The Head Of Steam. The Head Of Steam sells Rekorderlig on tap, how cool!? 😀 However I noticed they were doing bottles of the premium Winter cider, so I had to get a bottle to try. The label says apple cider with cinnamon-vanilla flavours. It does not sound too good since I am not a lover of cinnamon, but I have to say it is really nice, another hit from Rekorderlig 🙂

A trip to Jalou means a Cookie Monster cocktail, and I noticed they’ve put the prices up of all their cocktails, these are now £7.50 with some other cocktails coming in at £8.50.

Fenwick Window 2014 – Alice In Wonderland

Wednesday, 26th November, 2014


Fashionably late, but Michael 84 would not be a Newcastle blog without the mention of Fenwick Window. I have covered it in previous years, and of course have done this year too. If you’re not from Newcastle then you may not know the little story; Fenwick, a department store on Northumberland in the heart of Newcastle dresses up their window each Christmas, and is a hit with kids and grown-ups alike. They may now have stores on Bond Street in London and other locations, but the first store was Newcastle. Each year has a different theme, and this year it is Alice In Wonderland.

Check out the pics below, with the usual reflections of Greggs (and other shops!) 😉

Fenwick Christmas Window Through The Years

2016 | 2015 | 2014 |  2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010

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The Diamond Strip – Newcastle

Tuesday, 25th November, 2014

The Diamond Strip In Newcastle - Everything You Need To Know

One of the most well known and prominent drinking places in Newcastle in recent times is something known as the Diamond Strip. But what exactly is it? Well it’s basically the name which has been given to the bars in and around Collingwood Street in Newcastle. These bars are typically portray a better quality, more expensive style of bar, and are now targeted more on the student and under 30 crowd, but were previously more focussed on the 25-35 year olds. Most of these are late bars, open until at least 2AM on a weekend, with some opening until 3AM.

The Diamond Strip: Brief History

The Diamond Strip has been the place to drink for around 8 years, since around 2006. It all started a couple of years before that, where a bar which was then named The Apartment opened it’s doors as one of the first VIP style bars. It promised sophistication for the older crowd, a smart dress code and even waitresses which brought round your expensive drinks. It offered VIP membership too, along with a velvet rope and red carpet. This exclusive style of place was popular at first, but the VIP non-accessible ethos drove many people away.

The owners then changed the bar, and in fact the whole space, and you could find 3 different establishments which occupied the old Apartment bar and next door buildings; These are Madame Koo, Floritas and Baby Lynch. Baby Lynch then was re-branded and extended which is now called House Of Smith. Around the same time Perdu which is located further along Collingwood Street started getting popular after opening in late 2005. These bars can probably take the credit for starting the Diamond Strip era.

In late 2007 Tup Tup Palace opened which is off Collingwood Street, and marketed itself as “The only nightclub on the Diamond Strip”, it took the space which was previously occupied by Bar M. Bijoux joined the fray in April 2008 which was formerly The Navy Bar and @Home to name a few. This has spawned similar types of bar in and around the Diamond Strip and beyond, such as Jalou, Livello and Label.

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Saturday Night In Newcastle – Oh Dear…Free Jukebox

Sunday, 9th November, 2014


What I Wore – Suede Jacket by Vanity Vice | Joules Shirt | Armani Jeans


I am so tried! 😛 So last night we went out in Newcastle and went to the usual places like Ohso, Union Rooms, and Revolution, and went to the Blackie Boy too. After a while I noticed that the jukebox which was being used to play the music in the bar was actually free…This was bad 😀 You could search by year, so I picked my birthday, but instead of 1984 (because I wouldn’t know much of that music) I picked 1995…and what song was there, “Think Of You” by Whigfield :mrgreen: Usually when you go somewhere with a jukebox it takes forever for your song to come on, and you usually never hear it. But around only 10 minutes later, it came on! :mrgreen: How hilarious to hear that song in a bar, something which I never would have thought I’d hear…I did like that song back in the day. One of my friends picked Saturday Night which we heard as well, and the bar actually love it.

Sometimes you can’t beat a bit of cheesy 90s pop music 😉


Saturday 27th September – Night Out In Durham & Newcastle

Sunday, 28th September, 2014


I Wore – Hashtag Collective T Shirt | APC Jeans | !Solid Jeans Jacket

Hey 🙂

So yesterday we went out for a night out in Durham…I like nights out there, it’s a change from Newcastle, and they have some good bars such as The Library (used to be called Varsity) which I really like. We went there, as well as Osbournes, The Water House, The Slug And Lettuce, The Boat House and Wiff Waff. It was pretty busy out in Durham, We had to queue at The Boathouse, first time I’ve ever queued to get in there but it was as good as usual. We usually go to The Bishop Mill too, but there was a ridiculous queue so we didn’t bother going there. It was a good night, lots of drinking and banter, and even a game of Pac Man 😉

I got asked for ID not once, but twice! :mrgreen: I love it when that happens, and can’t believe it still happens…The drinking age here in the UK is 18, and I am 30! I think they are taking under age checks a bit too far these days…

After Durham we usually go to a couple of bars back in Newastle, and we went to Jalou, Revolution and The Milecastle. Revs and Jalou were good, and I got the obligatory Cookie Monster from Jalou 😛 The Milecastle was so quiet, I expected it to be much better but it was late and I guess nobody goes there anymore on a Saturday night.

See all the pics…

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