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Welcome to the Newcastle fashion and lifestyle blog. Situated in the North East of England, Newcastle is my city of vibrant style and culture, and a really cool place to live. Blogging about nights out in the coolest bars in Newcastle, football and life in the Toon.

An Hour In Tynemouth

Wednesday, 11th November, 2015


One of the great things about living in the North East is that we have so much great stuff! We have Newcastle, the city, where I live. There’s the day life, shopping, eateries, scenery and plenty to do, with some of the best nightlife in the UK which you will all know about if you’re a regular reader of my blog 😉 Then to the South about 20 minutes drive we have the Metro Centre, the biggest indoor shopping centre in Europe! Yes, Europe, and it’s in the North East of England…Not Paris, not London, the North East! :mrgreen: Since we’re close to the coastline we have some great beaches too, and three seaside towns in a row, namely Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley Bay. I was doing some photos at the beach for an upcoming blog feature, suede jackets in Autumn, so I decided to share a couple of pics of Tynemouth.

There’s a few beaches, including King Edwards Bay which is a Blue Flag beach. I walked along from Tynemouth to Cullercoats and took a few snaps. I was only there for a short time so I only took a few pics…In the future I may feature all three places in more detail; They’re all such cool little seaside towns 🙂

The great thing about it is all three are so close together, so you can easily walk through them all…They’re also all on the Metro line, so you can walk to/from each place or jump on the Metro to get from the centre of Newcastle to any of the three places.




Rugby World Cup In Newcastle

Thursday, 8th October, 2015


I love my city! 😛

I’m sure if you live in the UK or rugby crazy parts of the world, then it’s hard to miss that the rugby World Cup is on at the moment. England have just been knocked out, and they’re the first host nation to get knocked out the group stage. I am not a rugby fan, but it’s really cool that Newcastle was chosen as a host city, and has 3 games at St. James’ Park. One has just taken place last weekend, and we have two more to go.

Not only is there people in the stadium, we have a fan park which was full, and apparently has been the busiest fan park in the entire country! I was out on Saturday night and they had the England game on the big screen at the Monument too…The fan park was full!

I was out and about a few days ago so I took a few photos of the city, including the fan park which has a big wheel and a real carnival kind of atmosphere 🙂





NE1 Motor Show Newcastle – Part 5 – Racing Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


One of the biggest highlights of the NE1 Motor Show has to be that there was the Red Bull F1 car to be seen, and it looked so good. The only previous time I have seen an F1 car this close was in the Ferrari store in London; They were not welcoming, had horrible security and stopped anyone taking photos. However Red Bull are amazing and nice! You could get up close to the car and take photos too which is what part of the experience is all about. There were other racing cars there too, from Aston Martin and Lotus.

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

see all the pics below…

Check out the pictures from the 2018 NE1 Motor Show

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NE1 Motor Show Newcastle – Part 4 – Super Cars & Sports Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


One of the highlights of the NE1 Motor Show has got to have been the sports cars and super cars. They were out in force, with some of the best manufacturers and the best models being shown. I saw everything from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche and Mercedes; With models such as the Aventador, SLS and Vanquish being there. You don’t need to here it from me, here’s all the pics 😉

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

More pics below…

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NE1 Motor Show Newcastle – Part 3 – Prestige Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


There were classic cars, sports cars and super cars at the NE1 Motor Show on Grey Street, if you like a bit more prestige then the next thing you’ll be looking at is style and luxury. There was a great selection of luxury and prestige cars, from Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, BMW, Bentley and Mercedes.

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

Check them all out below…

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NE1 Newcastle Motor Show – Part 2 – Classic Sports Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


At the NE1 Motor Show there were a lot of the new sports cars and super cars which I love, but then there were also a ton of classic sports cars which take me back to my childhood! Classics from Ferrari and Lamborghini, and how can I forget the Lotus Esprit, the first time I saw this car was from the iconic computer game Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge! :mrgreen: It was like being a kid and playing old computer games like the original Gran Turismo, but seeing these cars all together and up close was pretty spectacular 🙂 The best of British from TVR, Italian Ferraris & Lambos, American Muscle courtesy of Corvette and much, much more.

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

All the pics below…

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NE1 Newcastle Motor Show – Best Of The Rest

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


You can check out the rest of the cars and photos I’ve taken at the NE1 Motor Show here. There was a F1 simulator which looked really cool, but I guess the line was really long so I did not bother with even attempting to get on it! 😛 There’s cars from Mill Volvo and Audi’s from Benfield, Nissan GTR, Infiniti Q50 and BMW i3. There’s also a few crowd shots, everyone seemed to have had a really good time at the show, hopefully this will be an annual thing 😉

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

All the pics are below…

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NE1 Newcastle Motor Show – Part 1 – Classic Cars

Saturday, 11th July, 2015


Today I was out at the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show, and it was an amazing little event. It was a showcase of a huge amount of cars, from car companies, garages, brands and even private collectors brought their pride and joy along with them. It was hosted on Grey Street, not only is this one of Newcastle’s greatest streets, but it was also voted best street in Britain. There’s cars for everyone, from classic cars to retro sports cars, new prestige cars and super cars. Infiniti were there too with a car, and brought along the F1 Red Bull car from 2014.

There were so many cars there I have had to split them up in different posts. Here’s post 1, classic cars.

All of the cars and pictures from the NE1 Motor Show

All images are copyright Michael 84 / Michael Adams. Strictly no unauthorised use of any kind

Check them out below 🙂

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Newcastle Fashion Blogger

Monday, 6th July, 2015

It’s great being a Newcastle Fashion Blogger. There’s always something going on in the city, and it’s a vibrant and diverse kind of place when it comes to fashion. Whether you’re into vintage, high street or high end, Newcastle has all the bases covered. The city has a lot of offer fashion lovers, and even has Newcastle Fashion Week which has been running for a good few years now, which you can read more on here. If you’ve never been to the city before and fancy doing some shopping, there’s plenty going on in the city centre.


Fashion In Newcastle

The old Monument Mall has recently been refurbished taken a completely new look and style. It’s been redesigned, and is now the home to some big brands who’ve taken up the space. You’ll find The White Company, Hugo Boss, Reiss, Michael Kors, ROX, Fat Face and Jack Wills. I attended the opening of Jack Wills which was brilliant, I covered the store opening and the their accompanying AW13 collection which you can see here. TK Maxx is located here too, and you’ll find the entrance on Northumberland Street.

Speaking of Northumberland Street, this is Newcastle’s main shopping street. What Oxford Street is to London, Northumberland Street is to Newcastle. You’ll find many of your high street favourite shops, there’s plenty of fashion including H&M and a huge Primark which was recently extended, and there’s plenty in the way of coffee shops and places to grab a bite to eat. Just off Northumberland Street you’ll find Princess Square, where you’ll find Cruise. Cruise is a small boutique style shop offering the best in high end fashion for both men and women.

Then there is Eldon Square, which has multiple entrances around the city centre due to it’s size. You can go inside through the refurbished Northumberland Street entrance, and once inside you’ll find favourites such as John Lewis, Kurt Geiger, Next, New Look and USC to name a few. The new part of Eldon Square is a much welcomed addition, here you’ll find favourites Superdry, Debenhams, Topman & Topshop, Adidas, All Saints, Holister and more.

My favourite place has to be Fenwick. with entrances from Eldon Square, Monument and Northumberland Street it’s one of the best places for fashion. The large department store retails brands from the high street as well as more high end fashion labels such as Belstaff, and Burberry, large sections dedicated to Gant, Armani Jeans and Paul Smith, and has concessions for Jaeger and Hugo Boss. The service is always good, and has sales on at the key points of the year including Summer, Christmas and the newly popular Black Friday! 😀

I couldn’t write a post about Newcastle without mentioning Grey Street. I’m so proud that it was voted the best street in the UK by BBC radio 4 listeners a few years back. You’ll find amazing buildings and architecture, the Theatre Royal, and a whole host of cool bars and restaurants when you’re tired out from all the shopping! 😛 It’s worth checking out Grey Street, it’s right in the heart of the city with the spectacular Greys Monument at the start.

Newcastle is not just home to the big names shops, there’s so many smaller boutiques too, such as END on High Bridge, and if you want to go outside the city, there’s plenty on offer in Gosforth and Jesmond, which is home to Jules B.

The city has grown so much over the past few years, from the bustling high street Northumberland Street has always been, to the always popular Eldon Square and now there’s more and more top brands putting a flag down in Newcastle to have their own boutique right here in the city.




Summer Seaside Beach On The Quayside In Newcastle

Tuesday, 23rd June, 2015


This is why I love my city! 😀

Making a return this summer in the heart of Newcastle on the Quayside, is the beach. How cool is having this little beach right in the middle of Newcastle? I could not make it down last year, but when I heard it was returning I had to go down and give it a look, and here it is. There’s always plenty going on in NE1, whether it be coffee shops and new restaurants that are popping up, shopping and more, now there’s a new place to go and relax and get sand in your toes.

The little beach has everything you’d expect to see at a beach, from a volleyball net to deck chairs for lying in the sun, and even beach huts to grab a bit of shade but still enjoy the great weather. With that you’ve got the backdrop of Newcastle Quayside, with the Millennium and Tyne bridge, it’s a cool summer hangout if you find yourself in the town and want to chill out.

You can check it out on Newcastle Quayside yourself, it’s down by the law courts, or just have a look at some pictures below.