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Rugby World Cup In Newcastle

Thursday, 8th October, 2015


I love my city! 😛

I’m sure if you live in the UK or rugby crazy parts of the world, then it’s hard to miss that the rugby World Cup is on at the moment. England have just been knocked out, and they’re the first host nation to get knocked out the group stage. I am not a rugby fan, but it’s really cool that Newcastle was chosen as a host city, and has 3 games at St. James’ Park. One has just taken place last weekend, and we have two more to go.

Not only is there people in the stadium, we have a fan park which was full, and apparently has been the busiest fan park in the entire country! I was out on Saturday night and they had the England game on the big screen at the Monument too…The fan park was full!

I was out and about a few days ago so I took a few photos of the city, including the fan park which has a big wheel and a real carnival kind of atmosphere 🙂





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  1. Rachel Kershaw Said,

    The atmosphere has been fantastic in Newcastle today, hope all the tourists have a great time here!

    posted on Friday 9th October, 2015 at 19:21
  2. Michael Said,

    Me too! It was really good last weekend, I think this weekend will be the same 🙂

    posted on Saturday 10th October, 2015 at 16:33