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High end high street fashion British brand Jaeger is a lifestyle brand. With focus on more high end pieces and toned down fashion such as cashmere knits, shirts, suits and tailoring.

Friday, 18th November, 2016

City Street Style – Black Shirt And Black Denim



Hey guys!

I got a couple of black shirts from Jaeger the other week as you’ll have read, and I think they’re really good. I love a good black shirt, they’re sleek and stylish, you can pair them up with pretty much everything, and they never fail to look smart.

They’re particularly good in the Winter, with the colder nights darker colours are usually preferable, and if you’re looking for something to wear for your office Christmas party then a black shirt could be on your list, depending on what your other options are.

A style I love is an all black suit including a black shirt and even black tie, the black shoes of course, but it’s a bit on the formal side, what if you want to do something more casual, city street style but still looking smart?

I’ve paired up the shirt with a pair of black A.P.C dry denim jeans, one of my favourite pairs of denim, and wore a pair of Kurt Geiger suede shoes to complete the look. I really like the colour of these shoes, you’ll probably know my love of these as you’ll see them in so many outfit posts.

The lighter colour really stands out alongside the black of the denim and shirt. As for the shirt itself, I love the fit, and the French placket makes it look so smooth and elegant.

Check out more pics below 🙂

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Tuesday, 8th November, 2016

New In My Wardrobe – Smart Black Shirts From Jaeger



What’s better than a Jaeger shirt? Two Jaeger shirts! 😛

Jaeger had a flash sale on the other day, so I decided to get a black shirt, but the deal was too good to turn down, so I got myself two! I had been looking at these shirts for a little while, they’re poplin cotton shirts with a tiny bit of stretch, something which I love because I think you get a better fit. These are a slim fit too, which is something I prefer, so all round a really good purchase.

A black shirt is something I really love, and think everyone should own one. I probably didn’t even need to buy these two; I already have 3 or 4 which is more than enough, but as mentioned it was too good to turn down, and since I really like this colour the shirts will not go to waste.

One thing worth mentioning is that just like white shirts can loose their “brilliant white” which they have from brand new, black ones can loose their deep black, and start to look a bit drab, so freshening up black shirts in the wardrobe is a good thing to do.

They work well with a lot of clothing, and give an outfit a darker look which sometimes can be a bit too dark, but in the Autumn and Winter it’s perfect.

You can dress it down with a casual jacket, or no jacket at all, but my favourite combination is wearing a black shirt with a suit or blazer jacket, I think it looks really smart. Black is always stylish, and really gives you that affluent style kind of vibe.

What’s your thoughts on black shirts? Check out more pics below…

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Monday, 26th September, 2016

Suede Jackets For Autumn – This Season’s Trend


As you’ll have read in my Spring Suede Jackets guide, I love a good soft leather jacket.

They’re not only perfect for Spring, but they can be considered an autumn style trend too.

As you’ll know, suede is a type of leather which has a napped finish, with lamb and goat most commonly used, with calf and even deer also being used.

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Tuesday, 19th January, 2016

Last Of The Jaeger Sales – Smart Jacket & Knit




Most the sales are over now as we move into the Spring fashion season, I’ll be blogging about that lots very soon with what’s currently out there and what I think is going to be the hot trends, or just the things I am loving 😛

I got a few pieces from Jaeger in Autumn which I blogged about here, and I’ve had a few other pieces too, namely a good few shirts, as well as smart jackets. The past few suit jackets I’ve bought I really loved, and this one I saw on Black Friday, but I resisted buying it simply because I have so many jackets now do I really need another?

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Friday, 6th November, 2015

Fashion Friday Edit No.10 – Style Tips

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Welcome to this week’s Fashion Friday! This week’s edit features some great style if you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe for the winter with a few pieces, and are perfect for the party season which is upon us. Check out some of the men’s fashion tips for this week below, all available to buy right now.

H&M Shirt – £8 – here

H&M Merino Wool Knit – £25 – here

Jaeger Jacket – £125 – here

John Smedley Redfree Knit – £139 – here

Burton Montague Blazer – £85 – here

GANT Trunks – £35 – here

First up is this shirt from H&M. I love the all over pattern, but it doesn’t have to be loud. You can tone this down with a knit, cardigan or jacket. The shirt gives off a party edge and will work with a blazer which are coming up.

You can never have too many knits, and H&M have a few great deals. If you’re looking for good knits you want to be looking for 100% wool (or as close as you can get), this one is merino wool which is fine knit and really nice to wear. Wear it with a shirt underneath for a perfect match.

This Jaeger jacket is currently on sale, and for a 100% wool jacket is a good price. It’s a charcoal colour which is very versatile and less ‘cold’ than black, and will work well with the shirt seen here, other shirts or knits.

We’re in jumper season but they don’t all have to be plain. I really love this stripe knit from John Smedley. It’s made in Great Britain and is 100% cotton, so pairing this with a blazer and shirt will keep you warm without making you stuffy.

A blazer is a good option for party season, so if you’re planning an outfit for an office party this could be an option. It’s a flecked blue jacket from Burton. A 100% wool option for £85 with blue tipped lapels, it’s part of the Montague range.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Fashion Friday 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed these pieces. As always you can get a reminder of last week’s fashion Friday edit here, and if you have any tips for me you can reach out to me on Twitter at @Michael84Blog

Monday, 14th September, 2015

At The Jaeger Sales – Autumn 2015



Jaeger had the latest of their sales, and I managed to get a couple of key pieces of fashion ready for Autumn 🙂

In fact, They may look familiar if you’re a regular reader of my blog. I picked up another suit jacket, as well as a white shirt. A few months back I bought the same Jaeger jacket and shirt, however this time round I got a charcoal jacket, previously I got the black version.

Why? These are core staple pieces of fashion, and are timeless so it’s a good idea to get them in while you can. They are quality pieces; I love the white Jaeger shirts, and you can never have too many shirts. I now have so many suits, especially blazers and suit jackets, this is yet another I’ve added to my collection. It’s 100% wool, the fit is really good and quality brilliant, as you’d expect from Jaeger.




Thursday, 23rd July, 2015

Jaeger Summer Sale 2015 Haul Part 2



I got a few things from Jaeger in store a couple of weeks back, and I saw a few items online which were not in the shop, so ordered them and here they are 🙂

First up I have to talk about the T Shirt I got. I have been looking for nautical striped T-shirts and horizontal striped tees, I got an H&M one in white with dark stripes, so I wanted to flip the colours and get a navy one with white stripes. After looking around for quite a while, I couldn’t really find a one I loved, and then I found one that happened to be in the Jaeger sale! It’s really good quality as you’d expect, soft and rich cotton.


Next up is my white shirt, which I have already featured in an outfit post, that’s how much I like it. Once again the quality is on point, and it’s a timeless colour, you can never had too many white shirts.


To end the round up last and definitely not least is my suit jacket. It’s 100% woven wool, made in Britain, part of the Mayfair line. Sadly I could not get the matching trousers in my size, but since this is black, it’s not going to be difficult to find a pair of trousers. The lining is black with tonal black Jaeger print, in their new style logo. I am really happy with the fit, and along with everything else it’s top quality and feels premium.

jaeger-suit-jacket-2 jaeger-suit-jacket-3 jaeger-suit-jacket-4

Saturday, 11th July, 2015

Friday 10th July 2015 – Enjoying The Sun


Happy Friday!

Today the weather has been great once again, and I decided to take advantage of it and take a couple pics of some of my new clothing. I usually take pictures either outside my house or inside which is really convenient, but it’s not the most picaresque, and quite repetitive for you all to see; I’ll try for better/more locations 😉 This is my Mango jacket which I love, and featured before. It’s a summer linen jacket, and is super thin and really light, so is perfect for the summer heat; You get the benefits of the style and don’t feel uncomfortably hot when wearing it (of course when it gets too hot it’s too hot, it’s too hot for anything! 😛 ). I also wore a brand new Jaeger shirt, in fact it’s so new I have not even had a chance to feature it on the blog yet! I should be featuring it next week 😉 My trainers are grey Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, sunglasses obviously Ray Ban, and Jeans are from Nudie Jeans.

I also went out on a run…I have started going out for jogs or runs on an evening; Usually I have to go out during the day otherwise it gets dark/cold, but when it’s summer we get so much light and it’s really warm…especially tonight, it was rather hot! The downside of running in the summer is the amount of little flies there are…Does anyone have tips to combat them flying at your face, in your mouth or nose?! 🙁 It’s horrible!

Have a great weekend 🙂




Tuesday, 30th June, 2015

Men’s Summer Fashion Sales – Jaeger



So the mid-summer fashion sales are here! There’s so many great bargains out there at the moment, and I was shopping on Jaeger a few days ago and found a couple of things I really liked. I was out in Newcastle so I decided to try my luck and go to Jaeger at Fenwick to see if they had the shirt I was looking for. In particular it was the pale blue shirt. I think it’s a good colour for the summer, and made from Egyptian cotton which is really good quality. I managed to get myself one, along with the same shirt in pale pink and even a blue T Shirt.

The tee is super soft, if you’re looking for a plain T Shirt then you have to have a look at the Jaeger ones. They are a slightly relaxed style, I got a small which is a good fit for me. They have a few select colours, and are only £20 at the moment in the sale. It will make a good top as an everyday tee, or when layering to create an outfit.





Tuesday, 15th October, 2013

Autumn/Winter Fashion – Out With The Tees, In With The Knitwear

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Autumn has well and truly arrived, and it’s brought horrible winter weather with it. It’s time to change around the wardrobe which means out with most of the t-shirts, and in with warm jumpers, chunky knits and smarter fashionable knitwear for winter nights out.

I do actually like Autumn parts of fashion, the same way as I like spring; You can wear more and mix things up more, rather than in summer when it’s too hot for jackets, or the coldest winter days where you have to be dressed in so many layers just to stay warm.


Four of my favourite knits; 100% cashmere from Jaeger, a cashmere blend from Jaeger, a blue Gant knit and black one from Tiger Of Sweden.