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Originals Newcastle Presented By Adidas SPEZIAL Exhibition A Look Inside With Photos

Visiting The Originals Adidas Exhibition At Newcastle Art

I went to Newcastle Contemporary Art to visit the Originals Newcastle Presented By Adidas SPEZIAL exhibition, and it was fantastic.

If you like trainers, culture or anything to do with Adidas and in particular the Originals line, this has been the place to be this week.

Here’s a look at some of the trainers which I found and what the exhibition was all about.

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The Best Bvlgari Fragrances For Men – I Tried And Tested Them All!

The Best Bvlgari Fragrances For Men

It has to be said that Bvlgari has produced some great fragrances over the years, some favourites in fact.

The brand is more known for it’s fine jewellery, watches and other luxury goods, but also has a good name in the perfume world thanks to some great smelling scents.

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Men’s Autumn Fashion 2023 – Autumn Outfit Ideas & What To Wear This Season

Men's Autumn Fashion - Outfit Ideas For Your Autumn Wardrobe In 2021

Autumn is here and that means one thing: A new wardrobe.

If you’re looking for some outfit ideas for autumn this year you’re in the right place. I’ll go through the pieces you’ll want to own and wear this season, including wardrobe essentials.

Here’s the casual autumn fashion clothing you’ll want to be wearing.

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The Best Autumn Fragrances For Men That Get Compliments In 2023

The Best Autumn Fragrances For Men That Smell Good In 2021

Leaves are falling, it’s starting to get cold, it must be Autumn! But what fragrances should you be wearing this season?

We’ve just left the Summer behind, and now you’ll be thinking about what are the best Autumn fragrances to wear.

There’s so many scents which can work for this season, but I’ve picked out those which are specially suited to this time of year.

These are the best autumn fragrances for men.

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Nike Dunk Low Panda Review – I Finally Got Some! Try On Feet & Outfit Style

Nike Dunk Low Panda On Feet Review

One of the most sought after pair of trainers since they were released back in 2021, and still hard to come by today in 2023. Of course I am talking about the one and only Nike Dunk Low Panda trainers.

Well I have finally got a pair!

You could say they’re fashionably late, but since they are so stylish it doesn’t matter.

So now I have them what are they like, and are they worth it?

Here’s what you need to know about the Nike Dunk Low Panda Trainers and their black and white style.

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Fashion & Lifestyle Monthly Roundup: September 2023

Fashion & Lifestyle Monthly Roundup: September 2023

We’ve just begun October, that means it’s time to take a look at what happened on the blog in fashion and lifestyle in September.

I can’t lie, it was a quiet month on the blog because I have been so busy with lots of other things. There hasn’t been a lot going on in mainstream fashion of late, but that’s all going to change.

Autumn is now well under way, which means lots more content, especially for this new season. There’s plenty of seasonal guides to come, but here’s what you’ve missed in all things fashion and lifestyle in September.

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Latest Men’s Trainers September 2023 – The Best Releases This Month From Nike & Adidas

Latest Trainer Releases For September 2023

We’re finally into Autumn now, summer is over and we’ve got a few nice trainers released in September.

I have seen several pair of new trainers which have caught my eye, and a pair of classics that Adidas have been heavily promoting in the past few weeks.

Here’s the latest trainers you should be interested in for September 2023 from Nike and Adidas.

Check out the latest trainer releases here.

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Hugo Boss Bottled Elixir Fragrance Review – Here’s What It Smells Like

Boss Bottled Elixir Review - Here's what it smells like

It’s the 25th anniversary of the iconic and loved original Boss Bottled eau de toilette. There’s been a few different versions along the way, and 2023 see’s Boss Bottled Elixir added to the family.

Boss Bottled Elixir is the latest addition to the line up, and Boss sent over a bottle for me to try out.

I can say it’s a really nice scent. Want to know more? Here’s everything you need to know, and what Boss Bottled Elixir smells like.

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Adidas Stan Smith Trainers Review (On Feet) – Here’s What You Need To Know

Adidas Stan Smith Trainer Review by Michael 84

I’ve owned my Adidas Stan Smith Trainers for a couple of years now, but never done a full review of these infamous trainers.

I thought it was about time I put these through their paces, and shared what I like and dislike about them. There’s also the question of are Adidas Stan Smith’s still fashionable, and are they worth it.

Here’s what you need to know.

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Fashion & Lifestyle Monthly Roundup: August 2023

What To Wear With a Denim Jacket - A Men's Style Guide

Where did August go?

The summer is officially over, but it feels like it barely started. We definitely didn’t have the weather, but this month it seems that we’re getting August weather.

Still, it was a pretty decent month in terms of fashion and lifestyle on the blog, with plenty of updates to read.

Last month I talked about TV, fragrances and how to style your summer wardrobe.

These are the highlights and the roundup for fashion and lifestyle for August 2023.

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