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Chinos vs Jeans – Which Are Better To Wear?

Jeans vs Chinos - Which Are Better? Men's Style Advice

When it comes to dressing for your lower half, you might be thinking: Chinos vs jeans, which are better?

As I’ve mentioned on the blog countless times, I’ve really grown into loving chinos. On the other hand, I do like my denim jeans too.

The truth is there’s always a time and place for both. I’m going to go into when you should wear chinos or jeans, and what style and dress code suits them best.

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New Navy Chinos From H&M – Here’s How I Styled This Outfit

New Navy Chinos From H&M Outfit

If there’s one item of menswear which I have really worn a lot in the last 4 or 5 years, it has to be my chinos. I wanted an alternative to jeans, and chinos fit the bill perfectly.

I found my perfect pair, my Mango Man chinos. But since wearing these a lot over the past couple of years, they’re starting to look worse for wear and need replacing.

I decided to try out some navy chinos from H&M, and here they are.

Here’s everything you need to know about them.

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What Shoes To Wear With White Jeans – The Best Colour Shoes That Go With White Jeans

The Best Colour Shoes To Wear With White Jeans

I absolutely love to wear white jeans. They’re a great item of clothing to wear in the summer, but now they’re an all year round thing.

One thing that people ask is what shoes to wear with white jeans? It’s a good question, in terms of the style and more importantly the colour of shoes with white jeans.

I’ve tried out my white jeans with a range of shoe types and shoe colours.

Here’s what footwear you should pair with white jeans.

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New Levi’s 501 T Shirts Ready For Summer

Flatlay Levi's 501 T Shirts

Hey guys!

How was Easter? It seems like a long time since I wrote a blog post. I have been busy with things, plus it was Easter and I decided that I would take off the entire holiday from blogging or any kind of writing.

I did however grab myself a couple of Levi’s 501 T Shirts over the break. They’ve came and I really like them!

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The Best Calvin Klein Fragrances For Men

The Best Calvin Klein Fragrances For Men

If you’re of my generation or older, you’ll know all about Calvin Klein fragrances. The brand has some of the most prominent fragrances which almost every guy wore back in the 90’s, and still get love today.

But with a vast range of fragrances both cheap and expensive, how does CK stand up today?

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How Many Jackets Should I Own? These Must Have Coats Go With Everything

How Many Jackets Should You Own - Men's Style Guide

Can you have too many jackets? The obvious answer is yes you can, but how many jackets should I own could be a question you have.

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Latest Men’s Trainers April 2022 – The Best Sneakers From Nike This Month

The Latest Trainers April 2022

It’s April and we’re well into Spring, even though it doesn’t feel like it. It could be time to get some new trainers, now is as good a time as any.

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The Best Bvlgari Fragrances For Men – I Tried And Tested Them All!

The Best Bvlgari Fragrances For Men

It has to be said that Bvlgari has produced some great fragrances over the years, some favourites in fact.

The brand is more known for it’s fine jewellery, watches and other luxury goods, but also has a good name in the perfume world thanks to some great smelling scents.

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How Many Shoes Should A Man Own? Here’s How Many Pairs Of Shoes You Should Own

How Many Shoes Should A Man Own - Here's The Answer

You’re either wondering if you should buy another pair of shoes, or if you have too many.

Exactly how many is too many, and how many shoes should a man own?

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Best Fragrances For Men In Their 40’s – Mature Scents That Smell Good

Best Fragrances For Men In Their 40s

When it comes to a fragrance for older guys, there’s so much choice out there. So what are the best fragrances for 40 year old guys?

The key is picking out fragrance which suits your style. This could be a more refined and mature aftershave, which is usually a darker style of scent.

These are the best fragrances for 40 year old guys.

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