Wednesday, 29th June, 2016

Cash And Bash Skincare Products


Coming from Jersey by the way of Australia is Cash and Bash, an independent hair and skin care brand all about premium ingredients which are both natural and earth friendly. The guys sent over a couple of their cool products to try out.

Cash and Bash are cousins, who’ve created this brand with the slogan, ‘Happiness Comes in Salty Water’, which comes from roots of travel, adventures and surfing. When the duo came together in Bondi, they exchanged ideas and shared passions, and decided to create hair and skin care products for their fellow surfers and like-minded people, and are now available to everyone worldwide, via their website.

The ethos of Cash and Bash is to create products as natural and organic as possible. All are Paraben, SLS, MCI and Methylisothiazolinone free, and are crafted from premium ingredients from France, UK and Jersey and not tested on animals.

Their collection is split between Man Stuff and Women Stuff, and since this is a guy’s blog, I will be focusing on the Man Stuff, The KANE Collection. There’s a whole range of different product types, from body scrubs to shampoos, moisturisers, oils and shaving serums.

The OFFSHORE SHAMPOO and A-FRAME CONDITIONER are really nice. The packaging comes in the form of nice simple plastic bottles with pump action tops, making dispensing easy. The first thing you’ll notice is the scent, the smell is amazing. It’s really inviting, you will want your hair to smell like this. They are both made with natural vanilla and fig extracts, and you’ll want the body wash which has the same extracts too. Pick up the shampoo for £12 with the conditioner being £13.

The shaving serum has the interesting name NUTSACK & HOOF. It can be used as a shaving serum for your bit’s and pit’s, a face wash or just messaged into the skin. Once again I have to talk about the scent, which is so nice. This one comes with natural extracts of peppermint and vanilla infused in rice bran oil which is clearly a great combination. I tried this out as a shaving gel, replacing my own gel which I love. It’s decent, but I don’t think that the glide is as good as the gel I like to use, not as smooth or as a close shave. It’s still something which you can use as an addition to shaving gel, rather than a replacement. You can pick this up at the moment for £32.

Last up is the NUTSACK & HOOF MOISTURISING CREAM, which can be used in combination with the shaving serum. The scent from this one is a crispy zesty citrus smell, using a combination of natural and organic extracts of neroli, mandarin and rosewood oil. It leaves the skin feeling smooth as well as a citrus, crisp smell, which is perfect for the summer. You can pick this up for £30.

All Cash and Bash products tame the elements of hair and skin damage. Cash coming from a medical background, only uses ingredients which are anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal which aid towards rashes, ingrowing hairs, itchiness and acne.

You can find all of these along with the whole MAN STUFF at the Cash and Bash website here, and be sure to check out their Twitter, Intagram and Facebook to keep on top of everything Cash and Bash, including Sky and Jiffy.

Written in collaboration with Cash & Bash
Tuesday, 28th June, 2016

Audio Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

audio technica m50x headphones Unboxing

I finally got myself a new pair of headphones!

When I am using my PC or listening to music indoors, I always use headphones, so I can listen to my music as loud as I like. I’ve done this for over 10 years now, and in those 10 years I have pretty much only used my Sony MDR-V700 headphones. In fact, I’ve had at least 2 pair (maybe it was 3?) but they’ve always broke after so many years, which is what you may expect, so it’s not so bad. The problem is that Sony stopped making these headphones a few years ago, so I have not been able to buy any. They’ve never really replaced them, there’s a few pair out there, but none as good as the V700.

As you can see in the pic below mine need replacing, they actually needed replacing a long time ago. So many parts have snapped and they’re literally falling apart. Finding a replacement has been tough, I basically wanted exactly the same ones, with the same quality and the same everything. they’re actually DJ headphones, and have closed back, a coiled cable on one side, and large 50mm drivers.

When I was looking around most the headphones come with 40mm drivers, lots are either Bluetooth or have a straight cable, or just don’t seem to have the same power. I almost went with the Sony MDR-1A headphones, I was looking at these for a while and seemed to fit my needs, other than the fact I’d have to buy a coiled cable separately.

Then I came across the Audio Technica ATH-M50x. They’re really popular, have great reviews, and look almost the same as my old Sony’s I loved so much. They have everything I want, so I went for them, and they’re great!

The sound quality is good, good enough for me, they come with different cables including the coiled cable which I want, and are really comfortable to wear. They come in at around £100, which is around the price-point I want to pay, they’re all black and look sleek, and the build quality seems to be good. They come with various different cables which are interchangeable depending on what you like, and a carry pouch too.

I am so happy I have found the pair of headphones I wanted! I hate looking around for replacements for things because they’re usually never as good as what you’re used to and love, but I am happy to say that these make a good replacement for the old Sony MDR-V700.

My audio technica m50x headphones

old sony headphones mdr-v700 Have seen better days - discontinued

Monday, 27th June, 2016

Italy 2 – 0 Spain | England 1 – 2 Iceland – Euro 2016


Hey guys!

I am sure you already know what happened at the Euros today, but I have to write about it since it was a big day! It was the final day of the 2nd round of Euro 2016, and my team Spain were playing the old enemy, Italy, and also England were playing minnows and tournament debutants, Iceland.

Spain out as Italy win 2 – 1

Spain did not play well against Italy, and lost 2-0. The first half was a particular disappointment, with Italy creating a lot of chances, and if it wasn’t for David De Gea, Spain would have been 2 or 3 nil down. Italy surprisingly controlled the game, playing direct and on the counter, but also keeping possession and dictating the play. Sergio Ramos gave away a needless freekick, they smashed it in with De Gea parrying out but only to Chiellini who put Italy 1-0 up.

The 2nd half was not too much better for Spain, but they did play better and created some chances.  The front players were just not working, they were not creating. Iniesta was the stand out player doing well and trying to make things happen, but again Silva, Nolito and Fabregas were just not as good as they could be. Pique had probably the best chance for Spain in the later stages, but Buffon saved a shot. In the final stages Spain went on the offensive to try and get a goal but couldn’t, Italy broke and got a 2nd in stoppage time.

It has to be said that Spain have not met expectations, since winning back in 2008, 2010 and 2012 expectations have been high, but Spain need to be reaching semi finals and finals. They’ll be back in qualifying for the World Cup, where they’ll meet Italy again who are in the same group. There could be more changes to the guard, with Casillas never playing a minute and De Gea playing every game,

Iceland knock out England

It has to be one of the worst performances from an England team at a major competition, and definitely the worst result. Iceland beat England 2-1, after going a goal down from a Rooney penalty. After around 2 minutes of England going 1-0, it was 1-1, with a goal from a throw in. Around 15 minutes later Iceland added a second, and from then on it was quite a balanced game, with England having a couple of chances, but never looking like scoring, and Iceland having a few chances too. England were sloppy, could not put a few passes together, and looked out of ideas. After the game Roy Hodgson resigned.

Friday, 24th June, 2016

The U.K. Has Voted Out Of The EU In Referendum

UK Votes to leave the EU in referendum

It’s The End Of The World

Yes, you already know but I thought I’d blog about it anyway. Yesterday the UK had our vote for the EU referendum, and sadly the majority of the country voted us out of the EU.

The vote was announced this morning, with  51.9% Leave (17,410,742) and 48.1% Remain (16,141,241)

If you sit on the leave side then you’ll think that it’s the start of something, and the remain, the end. My own city, Newcastle voted to remain, just, with a 51% to 49% split. Sunderland, and most other places in the North East voted to leave, with Sunderland just over a 60/40 split, 61.3% to 38.7% in favour of leave. This is despite Nissan, a foreign company, being one of the largest employers in the region.

So far today the stock markets have took a nose dive, as has the pound, David Cameron has resigned, there’s pressure on Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to resign, and that £350m a week which “could have gone to the NHS” which the leave campaign kept going on about has been called a “mistake”.

Old people vote the UK out of the EU

Unsurprisingly, it’s the older generation which has voted the UK out of the EU, with over 49% of 50-64 year olds voting leave, and a whopping 58% of 65+ year olds voting leave. This compares to 64% of 18-24 year olds voting to remain, and 45% 24-49 year old voting to remain. Many of those old people who’ve voted out will probably not live to see the effects of what they have done, selling their kids and grandkids down the river.

There have also been calls for referendums in Northern Ireland and Scotland, who both favoured remain, with Wales joining England in a majority of out. The UK may have voted out of the EU, but there may not be much of a United Kingdom left, if Northern Ireland and Scotland were to go their own way.

What About A 2nd Referendum?

The Leave campaign already wanted a 2nd referenum if they lost

Nigel Farage said in May, that if Remain had a narrow victory, it would be “unfinished business” and he’d want a 2nd referendum [source]. Now that the Leave campaign won, by a narrow margin, he’s changed his tune, and said there should not be a 2nd referendum. A petition for a 2nd referendum can be found here, and already has over 3.2M signatures. It’s unlikely to happen, but hey, most people thought that a Brexit was unlikely, so who the hell knows about anything any more.

In May, A poll in the Mirror newspaper asked readers, Should there be a second referendum if Remain wins narrowly? The response, largely by Brexit campaigners you’d have to guess, was 63% in favour of a 2nd Referendum.

Modern Britain is over, strap in, it’s going to be a very bumpy ride.

Thursday, 23rd June, 2016

Emoji Cushions


I got myself some funny emoji cushions!

The emoji has taken over the world…We all love them, and we all have favourites. One I use the most, and what I see the most is the crying with laughter emoji, and I do like the little bit flirty kiss and wink emoji too, as well as the hearts for eyes emoji. When I was in Madrid I saw these in the shop window of Ale Hop, so I had to get myself two of my favourite smiley faces. I could not see the wink kiss one, but I got these two which I think are really funny and just a bit of a laugh.

They were only €7 each, and definitely the most random thing I have ever bought when I’ve been abroad! They are really soft and plush, and feel like good quality. A real bargain for something just for a laugh. I’ve never seen them in the UK, but I’ve never actually looked for them. Since I got back I’ve had a search and there’s a couple of places which have them, all more expensive and look bad quality, so I am happy I got the ones I did 🙂