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Saturday, 31st January, 2015

Football Predictions – Weekend Of 31st January 2015


It’s another weekend of football! This weekend will see the biggest game of the season so far, where the two best teams in the league this season come up against each other, it’s Chelsea vs Man City in the Saturday Night Football. Who do I think will win? My predictions including my Super 6 are below.

Results will be in italics.

Saturday 31st January

Hull 1 – 3 Newcastle

Crystal Palace 2 – 1 Everton

Liverpool 1 – 1 West Ham

Man Utd 3 – 0 Leicester

Stoke 3 – 1 QPR

Sunderland 2 – 2 Burnley

West Brom 1 – 2 Spurs

Chelsea 2 – 1 Man City

Sunday 1st February

Arsenal 3 – 0 Aston Villa

Southampton 3 – 1 Swansea

Thursday, 29th January, 2015

#TBT – The Royle Family


For my Throwback Thursdays I am going to step back into the amazing decade that was the 90s. It was an amazing time, the best decade in history, but since I grew up in it I would say that (But it is true!) ;)

In the late 90s we had The Royle Family, such an amazing comedy TV show. I used to love watching it so much, the last special was only a couple of years ago in 2012, but it takes me back to 1998, when I was still at school! I can’t believe how time has flown.

I’m sure I don’t have to give you a run down on the show and characters, the star is of course Jim Royle aka the dad played by Ricky Tomlinson, with Anthony (Ralf Little) playing such a brilliant role as his son who can do no right; Denise the daughter and Dave her husband/son-in-law, and of course Barbara, Jim’s wife and the mother. There’s also the hilarious supporting cast like Joe, Mary, Twiggy and of course Norma/nana.

It was one of my favourite shows and I would never miss an episode. Over Christmas I got thinking about it again, since they’ve done so many Christmas specials in the past, found that they’ve got the box set available so I bought it :mrgreen: I can’t wait to start watching it, if you’ve never seen it I recommend watching a bit on YouTube, you’ll love it and then buy the box set like me :mrgreen:

Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

BOSS Bottled Collector’s Edition


BOSS Bottled Collector's Edition EDT

The same classic scent, wrapped in a collector’s edition body. I recently received a timeless scent which is quite coveted in the world of men’s fragrances, BOSS Bottled. For the 15th year anniversary of this iconic scent, BOSS created a collector’s edition, which is the same exact smell which everyone loves, wrapped in a brand new, dark grey opaque bottle. It’s one of those classic scents which I have wanted to own for a while, but for one reason or another have decided to go with something else, rather than this firm favourite.

As mentioned this scent is very much the same as the classic, which is a brilliant all-rounder and can be worn as a day or night fragrance. It can be worn casually every day and will not offend, but it’s inviting smell makes it perfect for a night out.

There’s light woody notes, as well as warm spicy and fruity notes which are well balanced, giving a very pleasant aroma which is instantly recognisable. A classic fragrance which should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. It’s grown up and refined, so it will be appreciated by those who are slightly older.

Top Notes – Apple, Bergamot, Cinnamon.

Middle Notes – Tagete, Geranium, Clove.

Base Notes – Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Olivewood.

Best season to wear – All
Scent type – Warm, Spicy, Woody, Fruity
Age Recommendation – 21+
Best Worn – Day Wear, Casual, Formal, Evening

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Tuesday, 27th January, 2015

Jofama King Suede Jacket



You may have already seen this jacket on my blog, I recently wore it on a night out and I really love it :D It’s from a Scandinavian brand which I’ve liked for a while, Jofama. I really love the style, and when I saw this jacket I had to get one.

I am becoming more and more of a fan of leather, and this is a suede jacket with a biker style to it. The racing collar is so cool, as are the silver steel zips throughout the jacket. The zips on the arms cover the genuine leather, and the quilted shoulder detailing is exquisite. I have quite a few jackets which are black or a very dark colour, and my other suede Jacket (from He By Mango) is a light camel colour. This jacket comes in a few colour options, but I wanted to get this dark navy colour because it’s slightly different to most colours I have in jackets, it will go with a lot of the fashion in my wardrobe, and it’s just a really nice colour.

The fit is a bomber length, and it’s cut quite close to the body, giving it a fashionable fitted look (as you’ve already seen!). A smart casual jacket which will stand out but blend in all at the same time, and it is a quality piece.




Sunday, 25th January, 2015

Top Gear – Back Tonight – 20:00 on BBC 2


Just a gentle reminder that Top Gear is back! It’s on tonight at it’s usual time of 20:00 on BBC 2. I can’t wait to watch :D I heard that their Christmas special was the most watched on the iPlayer…That’s because they had part 1 on Saturday and people (like me) either forgot, didn’t know or were busy on a Saturday! ;)

Tonight’s episode sees the lads race across St Petersburg: Car (Captain Slow) vs cycle bike (Hamster) vs hovercraft (Clarkson). Who will win?!

Pic from Detroit Motor Show. The new Ford GT

Saturday, 24th January, 2015

Football Predictions: FA Cup Round 4


The Premier League has a week off, and it’s FA Cup weekend which means anything can happen. Cambridge proved that last night when they got a 0-0 draw with Man Utd. and will take their 4th round game to a reply at Old Trafford. Here’s today’s predictions, I expect some shocks, so I’d guess many of these predictions will be wrong :mrgreen:

*Actual results in Italics


Blackburn 1 – 1 Swansea
Blackburn 3 – 1 Swansea

Southampton 2 – 2 Crystal Palace
Southampton 2 – 3 Crystal Palace

Chelsea 3 – 0 Bradford City
Chelsea 2 – 4 Bradford City

Derby County 2 – 1 Chesterfield
Derby County 2 – 0 Chesterfield

Preston North End 1 – 2 Sheffield United
Preston North End 1 – 1 Sheffield United

Birmingham City 1 – 2 West Bromwich Albion
Birmingham City 1 – 2 West Bromwich Albion

Cardiff City 2 – 0 Reading
Cardiff City 1 – 2 Reading

Tottenham Hotspur 1 – 0 Leicester City
Tottenham Hotspur 1 – 2 Leicester City

Sunderland  1 – 1 Fulham
Sunderland 0 – 0 Fulham

Manchester City 2 – 0 Middlesbrough
Manchester City 0 – 2 Middlesbrough

Liverpool 3 – 2 Bolton Wanderers
Liverpool 0 – 0 Bolton Wanderers


Bristol City 2 – 2 West Ham United
Bristol City 0 – 1 West Ham United

Aston Villa 0 – 1 AFC Bournemouth
Aston Villa 2 – 1 AFC Bournemouth

Brighton & Hove Albion 0 – 2 Arsenal
Brighton & Hove Albion 2 – 3 Arsenal


Rochdale AFC 0 – 2 Stoke City
Rochdale AFC 1 – 4 Stoke City