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Thursday, 27th November, 2014

Men’s Fragrance Buying Online – Fake Or Genuine?

Genuine or Fake Fragrances At Amazon

Fragrances can be quite expensive, and depending on your taste and favourite designer, they can be get very expensive indeed. The few big name retailers on the high street are usually quite expensive, but fortunately we have this little known invention called the Internet which we can use to buy fragrances, aftershaves and the like for ourselves and others. The biggest problem is the fakes, counterfeits and non-genuine products which are now being sold; Unfortunately we cannot tell from a picture whether or not you’ll end up receiving the real deal or a cheap knock off. So, where is the best place to get cheap fragrances? My top pick is Amazon, but it comes with a big warning!

Amazon sell cheap fragrances

If you search Amazon you’ll know that for quite some time they’ve sold a huge range of all kinds of aftershaves and fragrances for men and women. They have some seriously good deals, and since they are a well known retailer they’ll sell genuine products, and sell them a lot cheaper than the high street. However if you read some reviews you’ll notice there is a LOT of people who are reporting they are being sold fakes and counterfeits…Why is this happening?


It’s because Amazon allow 3rd party sellers. A lot of people may not know, or even notice, but there are other sellers who sell on Amazon, and can sell the same products as Amazon, and can compete with them, as well as other sellers for business. Usually this is done by offering the best deal to you, the customer. Some people don’t know, or don’t realise that if they are buying on Amazon, it does not mean they are buying FROM Amazon. Sadly, there are a lot of sellers on there who seemingly (according to review) selling fake products. Note: This is not to say that every seller on Amazon sells fake goods, but in this case there are some, and I can’t recommend using any, unless you’re familiar with the company. The way that Amazon handles reviews is for the product, not the seller/shop, so you’ll find reports of fake aftershaves within the reviews of a lot of the scents, even if they’re being sold by Amazon, because some people may have bought from a 3rd party seller.

Amazon Genuine Fragrance Test

What can you do?

If you buy from Amazon, make sure the product is marked “Sold And Dispatched By Amazon“. This means exactly what it says on the tin, so you know you’re dealing with Amazon and only Amazon. As you can see from the example above this is shown, so is sold by Amazon, and dispatched by them too. You’ll also notice it states “35 new from…” what does that mean? There are 35 other sellers selling this too; Make sure you are buying from Amazon and not a store/seller you’ve never heard of. Make sure it says both Dispatched AND Sold, some 3rd party sellers use Amazon Fulfilment, which means it will say “Sold by company X dispatched by Amazon“, make sure it’s both sold by, and dispatched by Amazon.

Buy from authorised shops only

The other advice is to always only buy from authorised resellers of the scent you want to buy. This could be the specialist perfume shops out there, or the department stores out in the city or online. Some may be more expensive, but at least you have the piece of mind that you’re getting the real deal.

Watch out for deals – Christmas sets are always good!

A lot of stores have deals on, and offer either older or less popular fragrances cheaper, or good deals on new or popular scents. It’s always good to keep an eye out. Many brands put together sets, so you get an EDT or aftershave with shower gel or aftershave balm and the set is usually the same price as the bottle alone, so you’re getting a bit more for your money.


Sadly fragrances get ripped off, and lots of dodgy seller and shops sell fakes. It’s really hard to tell the difference when buying online, since you cannot test or even see what you’re buying. If you buy a fake it will more than likely not be as good, not last as long and may even be dangerous. My top tip when buying scents from Amazon is to make sure you’re buying direct from Amazon UK and not a seller. Check the price, and see if other reputable online retailers can beat it, or others on the high street. Stay away from any company you’ve not heard of if you want to minimize the risk of getting a fake.

Wednesday, 26th November, 2014

Fenwick Window 2014 – Alice In Wonderland


Fashionably late, but Michael 84 would not be a Newcastle lifestyle blog without the mention of Fenwick Window. I have covered it in previous years, and of course have done this year too. If you’re not from Newcastle then you may not know the little story; Fenwick, a department store on Northumberland in the heart of Newcastle dresses up their window each Christmas, and is a hit with kids and grown-ups alike. They may now have stores on Bond Street in London and other locations, but the first store was Newcastle. Each year has a different theme, and this year it is Alice In Wonderland.

Check out the pics below, with the usual reflections of Greggs (and other shops!) ;)

Previous Fenwick Windows2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010

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Tuesday, 25th November, 2014

The Diamond Strip – Newcastle

revolution newcastle bar review

One of the most well known and prominent drinking places in Newcastle in recent times is something known as the Diamond Strip. But what exactly is it? Well it’s basically the name which has been given to the bars in and around Collingwood Street in Newcastle. These bars are typically portray a better quality, more expensive style of bar, and are now targeted more on the student and under 30 crowd, but were previously more focussed on the 25-35 year olds.

The Diamond Strip: Brief History

The Diamond Strip has been the place to drink for around 8 years, since around 2006. It all started a couple of years before that, where a bar which was then named The Apartment opened it’s doors as one of the first VIP style bars. It promised sophistication for the older crowd, a smart dress code and even waitresses which brought round your expensive drinks. It offered VIP membership too, along with a velvet rope and red carpet. This exclusive style of place was popular at first, but the VIP non-accessible ethos drove many people away.

The owners then changed the bar, and in fact the whole space, and you could find 3 different establishments which occupied the old Apartment bar and next door buildings; These are Madame Koo, Floritas and Baby Lynch. Baby Lynch then was rebranded and extended which is now called House Of Smith. Around the same time Perdu which is located further along Collingwood Street started getting popular after opening in late 2005. These bars can probably take the credit for starting the Diamond Strip era.

In late 2007 Tup Tup Palace opened which is off Collingwood Street, and marketed itself as “The only nightclub on the Diamond Strip”, it took the space which was previously occupied by Bar M. Bijoux joined the fray in April 2008 which was formerly The Navy Bar and @Home to name a few. This has spawned similar types of bar in and around the Diamond Strip and beyond, such as Jalou, Livello and Label.

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Monday, 24th November, 2014

Film Night – Ten Things I Hate About You


So for film night last night I decided to watch an old school teen movie type of film, Ten Things I Hate About You. I can’t believe that the film is 15 years old! I must be getting really old :P If you’ve never seen it (I assume you have) then it’s a one you definitely have to watch if you like teen type of films. It stars the late Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Larisa Oleynik and is a funny, light hearted rom-com/drama. For some reason I really fancied watching it, I hadn’t for years, so decided on watching it, it’s always a really good film to watch :)


Sunday, 23rd November, 2014

Lewis Hamilton 2014 World Champion


That’s right! Lewis Hamilton is a double World Champion, and won the last race of the season today in Abu Dhabi. Rosberg was on pole but a poor start gave Hamilton the lead. It was quite a straightforward race, Rosberg never looked like he was going to catch Hamilton at any point, and Hamilton’s race was incident free. Rosberg suffered technical issues during the race but was never really in the hunt to beat Hamilton, with Lewis never looking like he was ever in trouble. It was 2nd and 3rd for the Williams of Masa and Bottas, Ricciardo 4th and Button 5th. Alonso was 9th in his last race at Ferrari, and Rosberg did finish the race in 14th place and a lap down.

So it was a pretty much an easy going race with no huge controversies, not the wheel to wheel action which fans would of wanted, but I’m sure Lewis Hamilton isn’t complaining :D

Sunday, 23rd November, 2014

Movember Progress – Week 3


It’s week 3 into my Movember no shave month and we’re into the final stretch now! :D I actually think that this facial hair thing is not bad, and might keep it going. I did trim a little to get the furry bits and stray ends off, and as I have been doing, my neck too.

How’s your Movember going? :D

Saturday, 22nd November, 2014

Hamilton vs Rosberg 2014 – Abu Dhabi – Who Will Be Champion?

Hamilton vs Rosberg for the 2014 drivers championship

I am an F1 fan, admittedly not as much as I was when I was a kid (when I loved it), but I still watch every race I can and get into it. This season has been another good one, we’ve seen a lot of really good seasons in F1 in recent times, it did have a bit of a slump several years back, but for a good few years it’s been great :) Vettel won the last 4 championships, but this year it’s been all about the Mercedes, and a straight out fight with teammates Hamilton and Rosberg. It’s been a bit to-and-fro throughout the season, Rosberg had a lead,  but Hamilton went on to win 5 races back to back, with Rosberg winning last time out at Interlagos.

Hamilton leads the championship at this point, but in the final race tomorrow, Abu Dabi, there’s double points on offer for the first time ever! Qualifying has just ended today, and Rosberg took pole, with Hamilton 2nd. If it finishes like that Hamilton will be crowned World Champion for the 2nd time. It will be an interesting race as both Williams drivers look quick, and finished qualifying 3rd and 4th; Other than reliability issues Rosberg will be hoping a Williams can get between him and Hamilton.

It’s all set to be a great race tomorrow, and I hope it turns out to be a good fight and it doesn’t come down to technical problems. I think Lewis will take the championship tomorrow :)

Who’s your money on?


Saturday, 22nd November, 2014

Canon 100D x Stella McCartney Limited Edition

Canon 100D x Stella McCartney

What do you get when you combine a digital camera with a designer fashion brand? This! Canon and Stella McCartney have came together and launched the limited edition 100D camera, with bag. The Linda bag, designed by Stella McCartney and named after her mother, photographer Linda, is a white and neutral boxed shape with metallic finishes. The bad news? It’s £1,200.

The camera itself is a limited edition white colour variant of the 100D, which can be bought for around £370. That means you’re really paying for the bag, and the exclusivity of course. Will this spark a flurry in the fashion industry to launch luxury camera bags for the fashion conscious?

It’s available from Selfridges here.

Stella McCartney Linda Bag Limited Edition Canon 100D Camera