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Style Of The Week – Cream Denim & Adidas Tee

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Friday, 26th May, 2017

Style Of The Week - Cream denim and black tee

Hey guys!

It’s Friday, and it’s also Bank Holiday Monday which means an extra long weekend! 🙂

The weather this week has been brilliant! Summer has came, at least for now, and today is supposed to be the hottest day so far. Unfortunately it looks like it’s already coming to an end (according to my phone).

For my style of the week I have gone for this pair of cream denim from ASOS, and a classic Adidas Originals Tee. These jeans are so comfortable! They’re really soft and have some stretch to them, they’re definitely not a classic vintage style of denim that connoisseurs would enjoy, but the fit is pretty good. I’ve featured this pair on the blog a couple of times, and when I bought them originally I didn’t realise how skinny they were until I put them on, and they’re fairly skinny!.

What drew me to these were two things, the colour and the detailing; First of all the colour is perfect for the Summer, I’ve really embraced white denim, and these aren’t white, but a cream/off white colour. Off white denim works really well with a lot of things, whereas white can occasionally look incredibly bright, depending on what you pair it with. The second and probably biggest draw to these jeans for me was the detailing. I think that the rips and distressing is really impressive and adds something different to them, giving an individualistic twist. The rips are almost like patches, they don’t expose the leg and there’s the denim material in-tact which I’d prefer with the number and size of the rips.

Since it’s really hot I don’t want to complicate things with shirts or jackets, so an Adidas Originals tee is what I wore, in black. When it’s hot in the Summer you don’t want to have stuffy style and keep things easy and chilled, which this tee does.

For my footwear I went for possibly my favourite Air Max, the black and white Ultra Moire. I don’t wear these too often, so they’re still in really good condition.

Have a great Friday and long weekend! 🙂

Adidas Originals T Shirt

ASOS Cream Denim

Nike Air Max Ultra Moire

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