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The Premier League Is Back & I’ve Got My New Shirt!

Saturday, 11th August, 2018

Wearing my Newcastle Away Shirt 2018-19

I am so excited that the Premier League is back! We’re in for a great football season, everyone is excited coming off the back of the World Cup, and it’s the opening weekend of the Premier League.

Last night it all kicked off with Manchester United vs Leicester, but today the first game up is my team, Newcastle, and I’ve got myself the shirt.

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In 2018 Football Came Home – The England Story

Thursday, 12th July, 2018

It was a story of hope from the beginning, which is unusual for England teams in recent times. The song from 1996 came back, with the mantra being said, shouted and sung all over England for a month; It’s coming home. England did not win the 2018 World Cup, but there’s no doubt, football did come home.

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World Cup 2018 Review – How Spain Lost

Tuesday, 3rd July, 2018

Spain 2018 World Cup Review - Revista De La Seleccion Española

It’s that feeling only the true football fans understand, it’s the feeling of emptiness. Spain have been knocked out of the World Cup, losing to Russia on penalties. It was not the greatest campaign for Spain, and as with the last one, there’s the emotional story behind it too.

You wait 4 years for the World Cup, then it’s 4 weeks of brilliant and unforgettable football if you make the final and win, but when you go out, those 4 years are gone in an instant; It’s replaced with the feelings of what if, and another 4 year wait for the next one, not knowing what the future holds.

Where did it all go wrong? Some will say 2 days before it started, with Lopetegui announcing he was joining Real Madrid and was sacked, it’s hard to pin point exactly what went wrong.

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Every Home & Away Football Shirts For The World Cup In 2018

Tuesday, 5th June, 2018

The World Cup is right around the corner! Here is every single home and away shirt you will be seeing in the World Cup, that’s 64 different kits! Virtually every team will be wearing a new kit in the competition, some with different designs, and some slight updates on their kit. It’s always good to see the fresh new kits in the World Cup, from the heavyweights such as Nike, Adidas and Puma, to the smaller brands such as Hummel, Errea and Uhlsport.

There’s a couple of first timers in the World Cup, including Iceland and Panama, so a few new kits to look out for. Do you have any favourites?

Check out every kit below

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Euro 2016 Kit Guide

Friday, 27th May, 2016

Don’t know your Turkey’s from your Iceland’s? I have made this Euro 2016 kit guide if you aren’t too familiar with football!

I love international football competitions, I always have done since I was a kid. Whether it’s the Euros, World Cup and even Confederations Cup or Copa America in it’s hay day, there’s just something that little bit more special when it comes to International tournaments.

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Spain Home, Away & Goalkeeper Shirt Unveiled For Euro 2016

Wednesday, 11th November, 2015

After a few weeks of rumours and kit leaks, Adidas has officially unveiled the new Spain shirt which is designed for Euro 2016 in the summer. I have seen these pictures, and I am unsure what to make of it at the moment.

It’s a lighter red design than the last one, and is a more traditional red colour as they’ve had before. It has triangular patterns, which is supposed to represent the way Spain plays football, a geometrical formation.

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Casillas Printed Spain 2012 Away Shirt

Monday, 26th March, 2012

So I got the Spain away goalkeeper shirt a while back, in fact before it had even been worn in a match. I was unsure about the colour the printing would have been, probably yellow, but maybe white. Iker Casillas wore it in their last game not so long ago and the printing is in fact yellow like I guessed.

I found a place who does the printing and bought it a while ago, it finally came last week which I blogged about. Today I printed it onto my shirt. I hate to do it, I always think I am gonna mess it up, and then i’d have to buy a new shirt and more printing! 😛

Anyway it turned out fine, here it is:

I am happy the way it turned out 🙂 Printing on the back and small number on the front too. I have some other names and numbers to print on the home and away shirts, I am leaving that until Euro 2012 starts just in case they change numbers or the players don’t get picked.

Close up pic below…

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Spain Goalkeeper Shirt 2012 – Away Shirt

Saturday, 31st December, 2011

This is a very rare shirt at the moment, it is the Spain away/alternative goalkeeper shirt for 2012. You may have seen my post with the Spain Casillas 2012 Goalkeeper shirt which I love, but I like this one just as much.

Before I bought it I had not seen it “in the flesh” before, it has not been worn in any Spain game yet, so maybe I have worn it before Casillas has! I could not get it printed, I wish that I could, but I imagine it is because it is so new, I have not even seen the colour which the printing would be, I would imagine white as I think that would look best, but it may be golden yellow or something.

Here it is…


Want more pics? Here they are!…

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Spain 2012 Goalkeeper Shirt – Casillas Spain Shirt

Saturday, 19th November, 2011

Here it is, my newest pride and joy in terms of football shirts, it is the new Spain Goalkeeper shirt for 2011-13, i.e. the one worn in the Euro 2012 competition.

As I have done for a few years now, I bought this direct from Spain, since you cannot get them here in the UK (not that I have ever seen). I could have got this last week, but I held off, because I wanted to wait for the place to get the official printing so I could have it printed, which this is.

Number 1 and Casillas of course 😉 Something interesting about the printing…Casillas has “I Casillas” printed (i.e. Iker Casillas) on this shirt, something he has never had before for Spain. I noticed that it was printed this way against England, instead of just “Casillas”. I am unsure as to why this is, and if he will have the “I Casillas” printing on his shirts in the future for Spain, but this one has that. I know some players do have this, e.g. A.Iniesta, and Torres used to have F.Torres; But Casillas has never had this to my knowledge.

Here is the back:


I really like the design. The numbers look plain and boring from a distance, but they are a little bit graphical. The actual shirt itself is a nice design, with the star for the World Champions of course, all these Spain shirts are made primary for the Euro’s, in the neckline it has the “Campeones De Europa” (european champions) wording with the years, and this shirt lacks the world cup winners gold badge the previous shirt had, something which will probably return for the shirt they have during the next world cup.

Here are some close up pics, so you can see all the details.

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Spain Provisional Squad for World Cup 2010

Wednesday, 12th May, 2010

The 30-man provisional Spain Squad has been announced, and i have to say i am happy and exicted! :mrgreen: The squad look soooo goood!!! 😀


Iker Casillas (captain) (age 28) Real Madrid
David de Gea  (age 19) Atlético Madrid
Diego López (age 28) Villarreal
Pepe Reina (age 27) Liverpool
Víctor Valdés (age 28) Barcelona


Raúl Albiol (age 24) Real Madrid
Álvaro Arbeloa (age 27) Real Madrid
César Azpilicueta (age 20) Osasuna
Joan Capdevila (age 32) Villarreal
Carlos Marchena (age 30) Valencia
Gerard Piqué (age 23) Barcelona
Carles Puyol (1st vice-captain) (age 32) Barcelona
Sergio Ramos (age 24) Real Madrid


Xabi Alonso (3rd vice-captain) (age 28) Real Madrid
Sergio Busquets (age 21) Barcelona
Santi Cazorla (age 25) Villarreal
Cesc Fabregas (age 23) Arsenal
Xavi Hernández (2nd vice-captain) (age 30) Barcelona
Andrés Iniesta (age 26) Barcelona
Javi Martínez (age 21) Athletic Bilbao
Juan Mata (age 22) Valencia
Jesús Navas (age 24) Sevilla
Pedro Rodríguez (age 22) Barcelona
Marcos Senna (age 33) Villarreal
David Silva (age 24) Valencia


Dani Güiza (age 29) Fenerbahce
Álvaro Negredo  (age 24) Sevilla
Fernando Llorente  (age 25) Athletic Bilbao
Fernando Torres  (age 26) Liverpool
David Villa  (age 28) Valencia

KEY: Purple Players No Caps

Ambitious naming 5 goalkeapers, only 3 will go. Some very attacking midfielders also in the squad, such as Mata, Silva, Navas and Pedro, who has been in good form for Barca this season; This looks like its been a very purposeful decision, with worries over the fitness of Torres.

I am going to guess the players which will not make the cut, and i will guess (providing no injuries) will be:

David de Gea, Víctor Valdés, César Azpilicueta, Javi Martínez, Pedro Rodríguez, Sergio Busquets , Dani Güiza.

Its hard to choose who to take out!!! Maybe Navas or Cazorla; Maybe one of the centre midfielders (Busquets); I suppose one forward will not make it so maybe Güiza…Who knows!?!? This is a good problem to have, too many players, unlike England, who have so many worries! 😉

I think all the players i want to get called up did, no space for Bojan, but looking at that squad it looks strong enough.