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All Newcastle United Kits Puma Released For 2020-21 (Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits)

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Monday, 10th August, 2020

The new season is not too far away, and Newcastle have now released all of their kits for the forthcoming 2020-21 season. This includes the home kit that was released a few weeks back, along side the away and 3rd kits. The goalkeeper kits have also been released alongside them.

Once again the kits have been supplied by Puma, with FUN88 as the sponsor.

The home strip is the traditional black and white, we have a yellow away shirt and a purple and black 3rd kit.

What do you think of them? Here’s what you need to know (including pics of the goalkeeper shirts which are great!)

The home shirt is black and white, as you’d expect. This differs from the previous season with the stripes being thinner, making room for another stripe. I like this design better, as with thinner stripes you do get more of a sense of a striped design shirt. Thicker and fewer stripes does not give the same effect.

This goes back to more traditional black and white stripes which I like. The shorts are black, with black socks with a kind of white stripe graphic design on them.

The away shirt is bright yellow, which they are calling fizzy yellow. It’s like a fluorescent neon yellow colour. The accents on the shirts are black, and it comes with a button collar.

It has a tonal line type of pattern, which sets off the shirt quite well.

Some have said this design is a nod to the old 92-93 yellow/green ‘Greenalls’ shirt, however since this one has got black detailing rather than green, I don’t agree with that.

The away kit comes with matching shorts and socks in fizzy yellow, making the away kit all one colour.

Last up is the 3rd kit which is a black and purple graphic shirt. It’s hard to be more striking than fizzy yellow, but this purple shirt does try it’s best. I do like the pattern of the black stripes and zig-zags, you definitely can’t call it boring.

The detailing including the sponsor and Newcastle badge is in yellow, and it’s supported with black shorts and black socks.

The home shirt goes back to the more traditional thinner stripes which I like. The away shirt stands out a mile and I like it with the matching shorts and socks. The 3rd kit is the most striking for a while, and I like that it’s different. I can see this being a love/hate kind of shirt.

Newcastle 2020-21 Goalkeeper Kits

The goalkeeper shirts all look brilliant. A dedicated home, away and 3rd choice goalkeeper shirt, although as we know the goalkeepers don’t always need to match up their designated kit with the outfield players shirts.

The home goalkeeper shirt is something between green and blue, with more of a blueish tone to it. This is the shirt you’ll expect to see the most.

The away goalkeeper shirt is bright pink, another neon/fluorescent type of colour.

The 3rd goalkeeper shirt is a bright and rich yellow. This one will go with the 3rd shirt which is black/purple.

All of the goalkeeper shirts come with matching shorts and socks.

The goalkeeper shirts use the same Puma template, called the “TeamFinal21” template. It is common for kit manufactures to use templates for the teams they make kits for. Expect to see this design (possibly in different colours) on other teams shirts who use Puma.

I really like the colours of all the goalkeeper shirts. If I was going to buy one, it’s hard to decide which to go for. They’re not as good as the memorable 90’s goalkeeper shirts, but they’re still nice.

Interestingly the outfield players shirts all come from different templates. You can see this by their collars: The home shirt is round neck, the away has a button and the 3rd is more of a soft V-neck.

The home shirt is available now, with the rest being available from 17th August, with pre-orders starting today.

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