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Adidas Spain DNA And Seasonal T Shirts Launched

Thursday, 30th July, 2020

Euro 2020 may have slipped by us, but that hasn’t stopped Adidas bringing us a couple of football T Shirts. These are two which caught my eye: The Spain DNA Graphic T Shirt alongside the Spain Seasonal Special T Shirt.

The Spain DNA T Shirt is the mode stand out and striking. It comes in white, and features the Spain crest in all of it’s glory, including the star above representing when Spain won the World Cup in 2010.

The logo is in a dark red colour and is a very large size, it can’t really be missed. There’s a small Adidas Sportswear logo to the back neck of the tee, along with a red/yellow/red tab on the side of the t-shirt, denoting the Spain flag.

This comes in at £22.95

The second T-shirt is what Adidas are calling the Spain Seasonal Special T Shirt. Once again this is a white offering with the Spain crest and Adidas logo in the centre of the shirt, similar sizing to a football shirt.

The stripes on the sleeves are the trademark Adidas 3 stripe design, with them running all the way from the top of the shoulder down to the bottom of the sleeve. This is quite an interesting feature, with stripes often finishing at the shoulders on many Adidas designed tees.

The price is a bit of a stumbling block with this one, and it comes in at £42.95, almost twice the price of the large Spain crest tee.

Both are 100% cotton and come in a regular fit.

I do like both designs, and I think that the DNA T Shirt is the one to go for with it’s much lower price point. If you’re a fan of Spain or a collector, both should be on your list.

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