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Fenwick Christmas Window Newcastle 2020 Photos – Wind And the Willows

Wednesday, 18th November, 2020

Fenwick Window 2020 Wind And The Willows

It’s been that time of the year again, it’s Christmas which means a few things, and in Newcastle it means the Fenwick Christmas Window.

Fenwick Window for 2020 is Wind And The Willows.

It’s a year that’s been strange, but there’s one thing that 2020 cannot take away, that’s Fenwick Christmas Window. It’s a Newcastle tradition, and it’s still here.

If you’re not from Newcastle or you’re just unaware, Fenwick dresses up their window every year in some kind of theme for the festive season.

As already mentioned, this year the Fenwick Christmas Window is Wind And The Willows.

There are a few changes this year, for obvious reasons. Social distancing is paramount. There’s a barrier in place so you have to form a queue, which is quite normal. There’s a festively dressed elf at each end, with hand sanitiser, and people are more spaced out rather than bunched up.

The window will be there every day until January, so there is no rush if you plan on going. It’s open 9-8pm, which is plenty of time. I happened to be in the town the day I went, so took the opportunity to see it.

Sadly for my photos this year, it was early in the morning and very sunny. There’s a lot of reflections in the photos this year.

As always, each window tells a different part of the story, and here’s every window for you to see if you haven’t already checked it out.

Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 1 Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 2 Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 3 Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 4 Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 5 Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 6 Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 7 Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 8 Fenwick Window 2020 - Scene 9

And that’s it! Fenwick Window 2020 this year. What do you think of Wind & The Willows?

Fenwick Window 2020 - Wind And The Willows

Here’s a panoramic shot of the windows this year. It was early in the morning, so very few people around.

The Queue For Fenwick Window 2020

This was the queue, there wasn’t much of one at this time. Plenty of space to be more than 2m apart.

If you’re going to see it, remember to stay safe.

Fenwick Christmas Windows From Previous Years

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