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Which Vanilla Vodka Is The Best? My Favourite Vanilla Cocktail Drink

Saturday, 25th January, 2014


I never used to be much of a vodka flavour drinker, apart from when you buy racks of shots from places like Revolution which was always fun. A good few years ago I tried vanilla vodka, and since then I love it!

I usually keep it simple, with just a vanilla vodka and Coke, and it is really good. I am actually surprised that when I go out most bars have the vanilla flavour, and over the years I’ve bought or drank a few different brands of the stuff, but the question is, which is the best?

As with all vodkas they are around 37-40% in alcohol, but the price differs quite a bit depending on what brand you go for.

Ciroc French Vanilla

One of the newest vanilla vodkas on the market is Ciroc French Vanilla, and it’s one which I got back in 2017. Ciroc is famous for it’s premium vodka, and this one is no different. The taste is very smooth, and it is a really nice vodka.

If you’re looking to create a wow factor with friends or at a party, this is possibly the one to go for. A standard 70cl bottle will set you back around £26, and it is a good vodka, but not necessarily better than the rest.

Grey Goose Vanilla

With the Grey Goose label, you know this is going to be a premium price. I got a bottle for around £45, however this was a 1L bottle rather than the standard 70cl. Having said that, it’s still the most expensive, around 3x more than the Absolut Vanilia. It has quite a nice taste to it, but is less sweet and “candy like” than the rest, and the taste of vodka does come through quite a bit.

Smirnoff Vanilla

Probably the most known brand name for plain vodka, Smirnoff do a vanilla but it can be hard to find. I did find some, tried it, and yes, it’s pretty nice. You can pick this up for around £18, so it’s a good price for a well known brand.

Stolichnaya Vanilla

I have had Stil Vanil quite a few times, but never bought a bottle. A few bars I go to used this as their standard vanilla vodka, and I have to say it’s really nice. It’s probably the most sweetest “vanilla tasting” of the four, and there’s no unpleasant aftertaste. You should be able to pick up a bottle for under £20.

Absolut Vanilia

Absolut Vanilla “Vanilia” vodka is most well known and loved vanilla flavoured vodka out there. It was the first one I had, and I have to say, it is the best. Absolut is known for making high quality vodkas, and this is yet another.

The price seems to vary around £15-20, and it’s worth the money. The scent is alluring, and the taste is very pleasant and sweet, but strong enough to know you’re still drinking a vodka and not a non-alcoholic drink.


The best vanilla vodka

I have to give this to Absolut. It is that much better than the rest, and at less than half the price of the premium Grey Goose brand too. The Stoli and Smirnoff come in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

As mentioned, my drink, is the simple but lovely Absolut Vanilia vodka with Coke. There are quite a few cocktails you can make with this flavour vodka, such as a Cookie Monster, Absolut Monster, Absolut Vanilia Passion and a lot more.


Simple, but it tastes really good! 😉

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