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What I Wore This Weekend – Saturday Night End Of October Outfit

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Tuesday, 30th October, 2018

Saturday Night Outfit - Suede Jacket, Roll Neck Knit & Black Jeans

Hey guys!

I hope you had a good weekend. It feels kind of weird writing this on a Tuesday rather than a Monday, but that’s kind of what I’ve been doing lately…Last weekend feels like it was so far away!

It was freezing cold, Winter is definitely here! When I was wondering what to wear I was thinking about my overcoat, and even a scarf, but I thought that it wouldn’t actually be too cold, and didn’t bother; Although future nights out this Winter, I’ll be wrapping up with more layers!

I did have a couple of layers on though. I wore my blue suede jacket from Jofama, roll neck knit from Uniqlo layered with a T-shirt, black denim from Nudie Jeans, and my black derby shoes from Kurt Geiger.

Black Kurt Geiger Shoes And Nudie Jeans

It’s always a bit scary to wear suede when the weather turns bad, rain is not friendly with suede. But after I cleaned and protected my suede a few weeks ago, I thought it would be worth taking the chance, and I did check the weather app, although that is not very accurate!

When it comes to layering, I decided to wear a T-shirt under my roll neck jumper. I love the fine merino which the jumper is made from, but the key is in the wording, fine, which means although it’s great quality, it’s fairly light and thin.

For the lower half, I went for jeans, and my favourite pair, my black selvedge denim from Nudie Jeans. Even though I have so many pair of jeans, trousers and chinos, I always end up picking these out to wear. I guess you can have too many choices, and when it comes down to it, stick to the classics.

Close Up Of Roll Neck Knit And Suede Jacket From Jofama

For the footwear I went for my Kurt Geiger black derby shoes. I really love these, they are such a great pair of shoes, which I actually haven’t worn for a while, as I’ve really been wearing my brogues which you’ll have seen a ton of times.

So Saturday night…We went to the East of Newcastle, to the Ouseburn and places around there. It’s an area with bars which is something different to the middle of Newcastle, more chilled and relaxed.

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