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Navy Blue Check Wool Blazer From Mango MAN

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Friday, 10th January, 2020

Mango Man Virgin Wool Blazer - Michael 84

If there’s one piece of smart clothing which I own quite a bit of, it’s a suit jacket or blazer. I really like them, and they add a touch of class to most outfits you’re likely to wear. I got myself a new blazer from Mango Man, and this is it.

I already own quite a few suits, blazers and smart jackets such as this. I have a few in navy, some in grey, a couple in black, and a light blue linen blazer. But they are all plain, solid colours, and there’s something lacking – Patterns.

In the past year or so I have noticed patterned tailoring more and more, and while it’s been around for a considerable amount of time, it hasn’t been taken off in the mainstream for quite a while.

I think it’s making a bit of a comeback, and I’ve featured a few bits and pieces over the past several months, from trousers to smarter jackets.

Buttoning up my blazer

Buttoning up! (p.s. read my guide on how to button a blazer properly)

When it comes to patterns, I prefer a tonal, toned down kind of pattern, which is very subtle. The bold patterns are too exuberant for my personal tastes, but getting the right pattern really sets an outfit apart.

I saw this blazer from Mango Man which was in the Black Friday sale, so I got it. It’s not only a subtle pattern which looks nice, the quality of the jacket is good too.

It’s made from 100% virgin wool, has notch lapels and is a slim fit silhouette. I really like the way the jacket fits, since I have a bit of a slender thin frame it works for me.

The check pattern is incredibly subtle, if you’re at a distance it looks like a normal plain wool, but once up close, you can see the detail.

Close up of the blazer check pattern

It does have trousers to match, however these were out of stock. I don’t often wear a full suit, but do like a suit jacket or blazer as a smart jacket option.

I think it’s perfect for a smart casual outfit. I wore it here with a white shirt for a classic look, and teamed it with some dark jeans to keep things on the edgy and casual side.

I couldn’t resist getting this jacket because of the price, it was 70% off. I almost thought that they would claim it was out of stock, as the delivery seemed to take an age to come.

Sometimes they say that there’s no bargains on Black Friday anymore, but I have to say that this was a bargain. 70% off for a 100% wool blazer, slim fit and black lining, it was a good deal for something which is going to be fairly timeless.

Have you grabbed any clothing in the New Year sales?

Let me know what you think of this navy check jacket.

Have a good weekend!

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