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Fashion & Lifestyle Monthly Roundup – April 2023

Monday, 8th May, 2023

It’s been a pretty quiet month on Michael 84, April 2023 has possibly been one of the quietest since I have started this blog.

It’s been a while since I last posted, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty more to come. I’ve been planning out content for the blog going into the summer, so there should be a lot more frequent posting over the coming weeks.

If you’ve missed anything, here’s a roundup for what’s happened on the blog in April.

What To Wear In Spring

What To Wear In Spring - Men's Fashion Trends This Season

April means we’re well into Spring, so it was the refresh of my what to wear in Spring post. It’s always a tricky season, it’s been too cold to go out in t-shirts, it’s rainy, but at times it’s too warm for a jumper and winter coat.

I talk about everything from what to wear when it rains to transition style and fashion.

How To Look Taller

Dress Yourself Taller - Style Tips For Short Guys

One thing a lot of guys want to know is how to look taller, so I wrote a guide on it. There’s tips for every way to manipulate an extra inch or two. From standing up straight to wearing the right colour clothes that can make you appear taller.

If you want to appear sleek and streamlined you need to read this.

The Latest Trainer Releases For April 2023


Once again it was time for an update on the latest trainers for April 2023. April seemed to be a really quiet month on the trainer release front, and it was hard to find any which I really loved.

But Adidas did bring their Dublin City Series which I really like, and the re-release of the Air Max 95 triple black was something to shout about.

Calvin Klein CK be Fragrance Review

Calvin Klein CK be Fragrance Review

My only fragrance review this month was of Calvin Klein CK be. It’s an old fragrance which I’ve never previously owned but received as a gift. The CK line from the 90’s is pretty famous, with CK One being the biggest deal.

I wanted to try out a few more from that era, CK be is one of them. Check out what I thought about this 90’s scent.

What To Wear To A Christening

What To Wear To A Christening - Men's Style Guide

Last up was another how to dress guide, what to wear to a christening. It’s that time of year where so many people are having christenings, so there’s lots of you wanting to know what to wear.

Whether you’re an invited guest or you’re a godparent, I talk about how to dress and what you should and shouldn’t wear.

And there you have it, the highlights of the fashion and lifestyle blog for April 2023.

We’re into May now, and there should be a lot more updates, guides and reviews coming on Michael 84 in the world of men’s fashion and lifestyle.

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