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Things That Make You Look Immature: 9 Things To Avoid When You Want To Be Taken Seriously

Friday, 26th May, 2023

Today I want to talk about maturity, or to put it better, immaturity.

It kind of makes me cringe when people talk about guys being immature. Why?

Whenever I hear the phrase I immediately think of teenagers. It’s the kind of thing people said back when we were growing up, but I don’t think the word has a place for fully grown adults.

Can men be immature?

I can understand why people may use the term. It’s used really to suggest that someone is not acting their age, whatever that is. When someone says immature, it means that they’re acting like a kid…At least in their opinion.

It’s kind of a weird circle that we come in. For the longest time we spent wanting to be grown up and do grown up things, and once we’re there, we want to be kids again!

But with age does come experience, however this is not equal. These days everyone is living very different lives.

It’s not like the olden days where almost everyone done the same things, got their jobs, got married and had kids and lived happily ever after.

Most go to Uni but some don’t, some are career orientated while others may want to travel or live life another way.

Having said all of that, there are some things which you may have done back in your late teens or early 20’s, which just seem a bit dated, a bit young, and a bit “nah” these days. I won’t use the term immature, but some will.

There is no age limit on growing up, we’re all doing it at different rates. I think in your 30s is a good time to start thinking about it, if you’re not already there.

So here’s some of the things I think you need to put to rest as you grow into a proper gentleman.

The Top Things That Make A Man Look Immature: 

  1. Being The Drunk Guy
  2. Cancelling Arranged Plans
  3. Being That “Lad” aka player, aka douche
  4. Any Kind Of Fights
  5. Over Use Of Swearing
  6. Always Dressing Like A Teenager
  7. Making Yourself Unavailable
  8. Disrespecting Others
  9. Causing Or Being Involved With Drama

These Are The Things You Should Be Avoiding More And More As You Get Older

Being The Drunk Guy

You know that guy, he’s the drunk friend. He’s the one who’s always drunk, more drunk than everyone else. He’s drunk every, single, time!

There’s nothing wrong with going out with your friends and getting drunk. But when you’re always the most drunk, every single time, it can be tiring for the rest of the people around you.

When we’re growing up in our 20’s and going out, we all have those who party harder than others, and we love them for it.

But as you get older, it becomes more annoying when they’re getting far drunker than you, and it’s every time you see them.

Don’t be the guy that’s always drunk on every night out.

Cancelling Arranged Plans

When you get older, you appreciate the free time you have more and more. If you’ve made plans with someone, it means they’re giving some of their free time to you.

Don’t cancel plans if you don’t have to. If you’ve got no good reason to cancel, then don’t.

You don’t want to be the unreliable friend, the one who’s known to cancel plans at the last minute.

Being That “Lad” aka player, aka douche

When I say the word lad, it just means male. But I get it, it’s come to mean something else. Yes, the stereotypical lad, the one who sleeps around to put it in the nicest possible terms.

The chances are you may have already done that at a younger age if you’re that kind of guy, and if you haven’t, don’t sweat it, it’s cool.

But whether you’ve been the stereotypical player or haven’t, that kind of behaviour doesn’t age well. Other (respectable) men won’t think it’s cool, and neither will females.

You don’t need to go on the pull every Friday and Saturday night for a good time. If and when you fail, it only spoils your night. Chances are some of your friends will already be taken anyway.

Any Kind Of Fights

Fighting is never a good idea.

No physical fights, or fighting of any nature at all. It’s even worse as your older, as you’re supposed to be wiser.

Just step back and walk away. Be the bigger, more mature man.

Over Use Of Swearing

Remember when you were a kid and swearing was cool? Well as you get older, it’s not.

If you can’t start or finish a sentence without swearing, it looks and sounds like there’s something wrong with you. You’ve probably seen a guy do this…It’s always the friend of a friend! 😉

Don’t be the guy that swears all the time, it can come across as stupid at one end, or overly aggressive at the other.

Always Dressing Like A Teenager (Dress For The Occasion!)

First impressions last forever, so if you’re looking to make a good one, you’ll want to look the part. You shouldn’t be dressing like you did when you were 16.

Sometimes, you can dress youthful. When it comes to thinking about what to wear, you should dress for the occasion. If it’s a time to be dressed up, then get dressed up. If you can go casual, then you can do that.

It’s all about dressing for the occasion, and looking the part.

Making Yourself Unavailable

Are you the guy who tries to make himself look popular by being unavailable? Yeah, that’s no way to live once you’re old.

Whether it’s going out with a woman, going out with friends or anything else, if you’re free and want to meet up, just do it.

Don’t play games, don’t try to play the popular kid.

People don’t like to be messed around, they have better things to do, so if you’re not available, they’ll move on, not wait for you.

Disrespecting Others

Disrespecting others can cover a large number of different things, but can be generalised as saying don’t be a douchebag.

This is especially true when you’re annoying for no particular reason, just because you feel like you can be.

Don’t disrespect others, just don’t.

Causing Or Being Involved With Drama

How have we made it this far down the list without mentioning the D word, Drama. This is often stereotyped to women, but men are just as capable and as bad at drama, for sure!

When we’re young, drama can be quite fun. There’s all the scandal, being involved in everything, there’s almost always something to talk about. Then there’s the bad side.

Putting yourself in bad situations just for the hell of it, stirring up or starting trouble, getting involved when you don’t have too…It amounts to drama.

Is being involved in the drama worth it? Nope!

When you’re old and mature you come to realise that the drama simply isn’t worth it. Take a breath, a step back, let it go, and move on.

Do this once, and It will liberate you. You’ll start to wonder why you liked drama in the first place.


And there you have it, the things make you look immature. You should avoid all of these things in your first steps to growing up. When you do, you’ll not only be acting and looking more mature, you’ll also feel like people will take you more seriously too.

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