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Canada Goose Jacket Test – 8 Years Of Ownership

Monday, 3rd December, 2018

Wearing my Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Jacket - The 8 Year Test

How many items of clothing can you say you bought years ago, and not only still own today, but still wear? My Canada Goose jacket which I got is certainly one of them. I got this jacket way back in 2010, when this blog was starting to take it’s shape, and It was one of the most exciting things I wrote about back then.

It’s a brand renowned for it’s quality, and also infamous for being expensive. When I got my Canada Goose coat I was pretty certain that this would last me a long time. Not only in terms of style and fashion, but in terms of build quality, I knew that it was going to be my proper Winter coat for years to come.

How has my Chilliwack Bomber stacked up 8 years later? Pretty well? No, I think it’s a lot better than that.

Canada Goose 8 Year Review Of The Jacket

The Infamous Canada Goose

Let’s go back to 2010. Canada Goose as a brand in the UK was not huge in the mainstream, in fact most people I talked to had not even heard of it. It was pretty hard to get a jacket, to even find a shop which carried the brand was difficult.

I spoke to some fashion buyers who I knew, and eventually I found one and got one. It kind of feels weird to think how hard it was back then, it was 2010 and not the stone age, but proved to be pretty hard to get a jacket.

The only Chilliwack Bomber jacket I was able to find was a medium, and made from melton wool, rather than the usual polyester which a lot of the jackets are made from. I was hesitant at first, but then realised that it’s so heavy and warm, perfect for the cold. A while later I tested out a standard polyester jacket, and it was brilliant, but the wool felt much more solid and thick.

With fast fashion being here, it’s now usual for people to buy a Winter coat once a year, sometimes even more. The good thing about buying a substantial coat is that it lasts for years, and this is the proof of that.

Rather than being made of poor materials, poorly put together and an overall ‘throwaway’ outlook, premium products are built to last.

How do you think the jacket has held up?

Close up of the Chilliwack bomber by Canada Goose

As you can see from the pictures, it looks really good. In fact, I would go as far as saying it’s as good as it was 8 years ago! It’s not really a big surprise, I expected it to last, considering the price it should, and it has.

These days it can seem strange to keep the same item of clothing for so long, but this has definitely stood the test of time. I am glad that I got this in the neutral colour which is timeless, and is as stylish today as it was back then.

Fast forward to now, and everyone is talking about Canada Goose when it comes to the ultimate in Winter coats. Their popularity has surged into the mainstream, it’s become a most wanted item, with the Z-lister celebrities jumping on the trend too.

It’s also being copied and counterfeited more and more, which is sad to see. It felt like a better brand when it was more exclusive, but now people who can’t or won’t part with their money on the jacket still want it, so are buying the fakes. I guess this is Canada Goose being a victim of it’s own success.

And there you have it, my Canada Goose jacket has stood the test of time. I am as happy with it now as I was then, and it’s hopefully going to be with me for many more Winters to come.

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