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The Best Of H&M Summer Menswear Collection Drop 1: The Edit (2019)

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Tuesday, 30th April, 2019

Who else is getting excited for the Summer? It’s now right around the corner, and a lot of clothing brands and labels already have their Summer collections on their sites and in their stores for you to buy right now.

I’ve been checking out what H&M has to offer so far this year. Since it’s still early in the year, there’s likely to be more pieces which will be available later in the year, so I’ll call this drop 1.

I really like H&M clothing. They offer a lot of different style, from staple clothing to one off trend pieces, the quality and price is very good, in my opinion one of the best of the affordable high street brands.

With that said, here’s 9 of the best items you can buy right now.

Short Sleeve Linen Shirt: H&M Edition – £40

If you didn’t know, H&M has several different ‘lines’ of their brand, this one is from their more premium line which they call H&M Edition. I love this linen shirt, which is great for wearing in the Summer heat. Linen is a lot lighter and really airy, and since this is a short sleeve shirt, will work well in the heat. The navy colour is cool, you can even wear it open and layer it with a tee.

It’s a really nice piece and is at the higher end of the H&M scale.

Linen Blend Blazer In Light Beige – £70

Just because it’s the summer, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a jacket. Wearing a blazer is always the best smart option, and will definitely add some edge to your style. Once again linen is a good fabric, and I really like this light beige colour for the season. It’s a pretty timeless colour which is always popular in the summer, so you can rest assured that after the season you can put it away and get it back out next year.

Pick up this jacket for £70.

Linen Blend Shirt In Light Blue – £18

This shirt comes in light blue and is a long sleeve variant. This one is a linen blend, so is not 100% linen, and is priced cheaper than the short sleeve shirt above. That said, it’s a good introduction to linen shirts, and the versatility of the long sleeves means you can wear it with the sleeves down, or roll them up.

Get it for £18.

H&M Resort Shirt – £10

If you’re thinking of having a tropical day or night in the Summer, H&M have this resort shirt which is perfect for the occasion. If you want to experiment in floral shirts, you can’t go wrong with this one. For just under a tenner, it has large floral and flowery patterns throughout the shirt, short sleeves and is going to make you stand out.

It get for £10.

Printed Swim Shorts – £13

Continuing on from the floral shirt trend, you can pick up a pair of funky printed swim shorts, if the shirt isn’t to your liking. These shorts will make you stand out, they’re full on pattern but the colours really work well and are very tastefully done. They won’t look out of place on the beach or by the pool.


H&M Chino Shorts – £18

If patterns aren’t to your liking and you’re looking for smarter shorts, these chino shorts are perfect. They come in a range of colours, I’ve picked out the beige which is good for the summer, it goes with the jacket above, and it’s a colour you can pair with so many things from your wardrobe. If you’re going to be wondering around a hot city this summer, you’ll look smart wearing a pair of these.

H&M Conscious Skinny Jeans White Denim – £25

From the H&M Conscious line there is this pair of white denim jeans in a skinny fit. There’s so many clothes you can wear with white jeans, they’re a great alternative to the usual colours you’d wear on your lower half for summer. Super clean cut, they are really smart, and will keep your overall style looking summer and airy.

Floral Print T Shirt – £9

If you want to get into the patterned and floral trend but aren’t into button up shirts, you can grab one of these T Shirts. It comes with turn up sleeves and a chest pocket. Wear it casually for a summertime look.

Linen T Shirt In Navy – £13

If you’ve been in the city when it boiling hot, you’ll know that sometimes even a T-shirt can be a bit too much and not cooling at all. A linen tee is a good way to go, and this one in navy is a good choice. Like the shirt above it’s 100% linen, but if you prefer something more casual than that shirt, the tee is really the best option.


And those are my picks from the H&M Summer Collection so far. All items are available to buy at H&M right now. If you’re looking for a wardrobe refresh for this summer, these pieces are worth a look. If you’re looking for more tips for what to wear please check out the rest of the blog, which has plenty on what you need to wear this season and beyond.

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