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Yellow Sweatshirt Fashion Trend: Autumn 2017

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Thursday, 28th September, 2017

Have you noticed how much yellow is around right now!?

I love the yellow fashion trend for Autumn. It’s not a particular colour which is synonymous for Autumn, but it’s one which I have noticed over the past several weeks, and it’s one I really like. Now the colder weather is here it’s time to wrap up and layer up, and what better way than with sweatshirts!

There are so many different yellow shades and tones, from mustard to bright yellow and a more pastel, pale yellow, which is my favourite. I have spotted this trend, but there’s actually not a lot of choice out there.

My preference to sweats these days is sweatshirts over hoodies, but there’s still a lot of hoodies which menswear brands are releasing. Sweatshirts have regained popularity in the past year or so, and you can check out my sweatshirt guide for everything you need to know about sweats and how to style them.

If you are in the market for a yellow sweatshirt, check out my top picks below

How To Style Yellow

Styling a sweatshirt is a fairly easy task. Since it’s seen as a more casual piece, you can wear these as a casual, more relaxed style of dress. Colour block the yellow with a black pair of jeans and black bomber jacket which will really expose the yellow.

Depending on the shade you go for this will be either bright or toned down in paler shades. Create a lighter more airy look by wearing a light blue wash denim, or off white, which will be a very light colour combination.

Buyers Guide: Yellow Sweatshirts

From the header image above (left to right)

Sixth June £30 – here

ASOS own label – £18

H&M Wide Hoodie – £25 – here

Superdry Zip Hoodie – £40

Tommy Hilfiger 90’s Tommy Jeans – £95

Superdry Sweatshirt – £34

Levi’s Vintage Sweatshirt – £75

Folk Loopback Sweatshirt – £110

Champion Crewneck – £85


Yellow is a great colour. It’s unusual, fresh, and will brighten up the darker days which are looming thanks to Autumn. You can check out more of the latest fashion trends, and let me know what you think of the yellow.

Will you be picking up any yellow sweatshirts?

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