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T-Shirt Tuesday: Hard Rock Cafe T Shirt From Rome

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Tuesday, 31st July, 2018

Hard Rock Cafe T Shirt From Rome

It’s Tuesday so that means it’s time for another T Shirt Tuesday!

What’s going on with Rome right now? I know that it’s a tourist place and people go all the time, but it seems that everyone is going this year, including myself, I went there earlier in the Summer and it was great.

That leads me on to my T Shirt Tuesday this week, which is this tee from the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome.

I know 2 people who went to Rome after I did, and every time I fire up social media, whether it’s Twitter or Instagram, I’m seeing so many of you guys, followers and friends who are in Rome! It’s pretty crazy, I can’t tell if everyone has gone this year and we’ve all gone Italian crazy, or that it’s just because I was there so now I notice other people going.

Either way, it was a great time and it seems everyone else is having fun there too.

As is my tradition, If I go to a city with a Hard Rock Cafe, I have to get something from the shop, which is usually a T Shirt. This was no different, so I got myself this tee.

It’s a blue T Shirt with the Roma theme, and I probably don’t need to tell you what’s in the main print, it’s the Vatican, synonymous with Rome.

I love the classic logos which the Hard Rock does, but I think that getting a variety of designs is better, since most the logo style tops look the same, other than the place name. In the past I’ve gone for some cool designs along with others which are just the classic trademark logo.

This is added to my collection along with others from places like Sharm El Sheikh, Stockholm, Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Mallorca, London and of course the hoodie I got from Copenhagen.

If you’re ever in Rome you should go to the Hard Rock, but the Hard Rock Shop has it’s own location, the one I went to was near the Vatican. I am unsure if the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome has the shop attached as the other cities, I was advised it didn’t so never went to the cafe.

Let me know what you think of this design.

Have a great Tuesday 🙂

Michael Adams

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