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Tie Dye Fashion Trend – The Best Tie Dye T-Shirts And How To Wear Them

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Monday, 1st April, 2019


When it comes to fashion trends, they come and go. It looks like we’re heading for the return of another trend, with a lot of fashion labels embracing it for women, but does it work for men? I am talking about the tie dye trend, which has made an appearance this Spring, and if it will be adopted, should last all summer long.

When it comes to on-trend styles, tie-dye has not been seen for years as something cool, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw it. It has roots from the 60’s where it was hugely popular, especially among the hippy set, heavily influenced with the music and festivals.

But it is now back, so will you be picking up any pieces?

When it comes to my personal style, over the years I’ve really gone all in for a more minimal, Scandinavian style, with mostly staple pieces which will last year in, year out throughout the seasons. But I do like a splash of colour every now and then, and love pastel colours for the warmer months.

A few years ago dip dye was gaining popularity, a style which I really liked, and bought into. The traditional tie dye takes that to extremes, with psychedelic colours being mashed together in some wicked patterns, with the infamous spiral rainbow pattern or swirl being the most well known.

Tie Dye This Season

Back in the day it was all about a mash up of bright colours and hues, and something which really stood out. In the 2019 trends, tie dying has gone to a new level, a more modern, subtle and tasteful style, but still keeping some cool patterns.

The best I have seen have been the tie dye which have colours which are close together in the colour palette, as well as some ‘galaxy’ kind of style, and of course the pastel dyes too.

It is mostly a trend which is in women’s fashion, but as many styles and trends do, it’s made its way over to the menswear side too. There’s plenty on offer, with a lot of brands giving their own take on the big hit for this summer.

If you want to embrace some multi-colour fashion this season, here’s some of the best pieces of tie-dye you can buy right now.

Stella McCartney tie-dye T Shirt – £295


I have to feature this tie-dye T Shirt from Stella McCartney. This may be listed in the women’s section of the site, but it is a unisex fit tee, so will be perfect for any guy. I love the colours, the white base tee with light pastel colours, it works well.

The reverse of the tee also has a heart with wings pattern which looks so cool. It’s made from organic cotton, and is a great piece for the Summer.


Audrey Louise Reynolds Tie Dye T Shirt – £68


Currently this T Shirt is on sale, so grab it while you can. It is still expensive at £68, but this is tie-dying done very well for guys, with the subtle colours mixing up well together.

Light blues and white make this tee look so airy, and if you want to get into the trend without your clothing making too much noise, this is a T-shirt which will do it for you.


H&M Tie Dye T Shirt – £8.99


Colourful, check. Traditional tie-dye spiral pattern, check. Affordable price, check. If you want to get into the tie-dye game with some serious retro vibes without spending a fortune, this H&M tie dye T Shirt is the way to do it.

There’s nothing better you can get for under a tenner. Complete with the brightest red, blue and yellow colours to make you stand out, and made from 100% cotton.


Pull & Bear Tie-Dye T Shirt – £16


If you want to get into the tie-dye trend this season, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is another great way. I love this Tie-dye T Shirt from Pull & Bear. The pastel colours look really good together, it has the traditional spiral pattern without it being too loud, and it comes at a really good price.

Once again this is a unisex piece, made from 100% cotton. (I bought this Pull & Bear Tie Dye T Shirt – Here’s how I styled it)


Adidas Space Dye Jersey – £43


If you prefer a bit of sportswear, Adidas via Adidas Originals have a tee for you. Inspired from the 90’s sportswear as well as the dye trend, they’re calling this Space Dye. It comes in a purple/black or green/black version, I’ve picked out the purple one.

The Adidas trefoil logo to the front comes with the traditional three stripes on the sleeves, and really does stand out.If you’re into casual pieces or streetwear, this could be the one to go for.


Vans Spot Tie Dye Tee – £28


Vans has this Tee which they call a spot tie-dye T Shirt. It comes in red or white, I’ve picked out red, and has a spot dye pattern in black which is throughout the T-shirt. It comes with the small Vans logo to the front, and the bright red will make you stand out.

Vans also have a large range of other tie-dye clothing, including trainers, sweatshirts, other tees and hats. Everything you need for retro hippy fashion in one place.


Levi’s Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye T Shirt – £25


If you want that psychedelic spiral tie-dye T Shirt from a reputable brand at a good price, Levi’s has this for you. It comes with the Levi’s housemark batwing logo to the front in white, but it’s all about that tie-dye.

A rainbow spiral design which is synonymous with the tie-dye trend from the past to the present, if it’s the traditional colours and patterns you like about this trend, this has got to be the T-shirt you go for.


Levi’s Tie-Dye Logo T Shirt – £25


If you want to embrace the tie-dye trend, but don’t want something so loud, Levi’s has you covered with it’s tie-dye batwing housemark logo in a tie-dye style. The tee comes in a classic white, with the famous logo in the colourful style.


Vintage Supply Tie Dye Bucket Hat – £22


When a 60’s trend meets the 90’s trend of bucket hats. If you want to do the tie-dye trend but don’t want something as loud as a T-shirt, a hat could be the answer, and there’s nothing more retro and festival-like than the bucket hat. This one is from Vintage Supply, and has vivid tie-dye colours which will keep you looking colourful while the rest of your outfit can be understated.

When you don’t want to rock the tie-dye don’t worry, this is a reversible hat which has a black underside.


Obey No Nukes Tie Dye Tee – £45


Another tee which does tie dye in a really subtle way so you can enjoy the trend without over-doing it. It’s a white and powder blue colour from Obey, with tonal branding to the front which you can barely notice. It’s a really nice contemporary design for the tie dye trend.


Boardies Tie-Dye Swim Shorts – £50


If you’re off on your holidays in the Summer and want to stand out while you at the pool, a pair of tie-dye swim shorts are going to do that. These are from Boardies, and are a short length pair of swim shorts, with a bold and bright version of tie-dye print.



If you want to jump on a trend this season, and love colour, the tie-dye trend is something to go for. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into it, with pieces being available for high street prices, or you can go all out and buy designer pieces to have something which will truly be unique among your friends.

If you want some colour without tie-dying, I can recommend the dip dye trend. I have always been a fan, and with all kind of colour dying becoming popular, it certainly won’t look out of place.

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