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Spain 2018 Away Kit & Goalkeeper Kit Unveiled

Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Adidas has unveiled the away kit for Spain for the 2018 World Cup, and it could be the worst looking kit in it’s history…The goalkeeper shirt at least.

Spain 2018 Away Kit

First of all let’s start with the away kit. Usually Spain’s away shirt has been white, blue or occasionally yellow. This one looks mostly white/silver in colour, but has an all-over pattern on the shirt which is very light blue, which Adidas are calling Halo blue.

The pattern comes from the 80’s, Adidas are utilising retro designs in their shirts for this years World Cup. The Spain 2018 home shirt was unveiled several months ago, and pays homage to the USA 94 shirt.

Spain 2018 Away Goalkeeper Shirt

For 10 years I have bought every Spain shirt, home and away, and have always tried my best to get the goalkeeper shirts. That has meant in the past usually having to import them from Spain, and in one instance, from the USA, paying way over the odds.

Adidas then discovered everyone wanted the goalie tops, so started selling them internationally, so I could buy them from the UK store. When I first saw the template they used for the home goalkeeper shirt I thought, this is horrible, I won’t buy it. I thought that hopefully the away goalkeeper jersey would be better. It is however a lot worse, and in fact, probably the worst goalkeeper shirt Spain has ever had.

It’s primarily grey in colour, and then has that horrible design of the lines (I have no idea what to call them) in yellow; It looks to be a lime yellow or fluro yellow colour. Either way, it’s incredibly ugly. That is the sentiment from most of the fans of Spain, with La Roja fans calling it “Fea” which is Spanish for ugly!

Usually the Spain keepers can wear whichever shirt they like, home or away, it doesn’t necessarily have to correspond with the outfield players shirt, providing it doesn’t clash with the opposing team. This away shirt makes the ugly green shirt actually not look as bad. There’s even been instances of the keepers wearing alternative shirts, which have been unavailable for the public to buy.

The Germany goalkeeper shirt uses the same template as the Spain one, however it’s light and dark blue in colour, and actually looks nice.

Apparently this template is called the AdiPro 18, and is being used for goalkeeper jersey’s for other nations too, but none of them look as bad as the Spain away goalkeeper shirt.

This could be the first time in 10 years where I don’t buy any goalkeeper shirt. If Spain win the World Cup and David De Gea is wearing that horrible grey and yellow shirt, then maybe I will get it.

What do you think of the away shirts?

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