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Adidas Release Spain World Cup 2018 Kits

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Tuesday, 7th November, 2017

It’s almost World Cup time! 😀

Early yesterday morning Adidas released the new kits for next year’s World Cup including the official unveiling of the Spain shirt. Most of the other kits from Adidas were also announced, including Germany, Argentina, Sweden, Russia and more. The kits have gone all 90’s, with inspiration taken from various retro kits from the 90’s and incorporated into the new kits for the World Cup next year.

The Spain kit is a take on the 1994 World Cup which was in the USA. That has always been a shirt which I have liked, it was not a lucky shirt, as Spain lost in the quarter finals to Italy, who cheated when Mauro Tassotti elbowed him in the box which would have resulted in a penalty had it been seen, breaking Luis Enrique’s nose in the process.

The Spain top is the traditional red, with a take on the yellow and blue diamond pattern on the right hand side of the shirt. The badge is on the right, and is a tonal colour scheme as the several previous shirts have been, utilising the red and yellow colours.

The home goalkeeper shirt has also been released, and my first impressions of this is that it’s horrible. It seems to be this green-blue colour with an ugly pattern to the front. It could be the worst Spain goalkeeper shirt which has been designed for a while. This is trimmed with black, with the badge using a tonal black colour too. I have seen the Germany goalkeeper shirt which has the same pattern but uses much nicer blues, this looks a lot better. The away goalkeeper shirt is still to come, so hopefully that will be better.

Along with the home shirt and home goalkeeper shirt, some training shirts and kit has also been released, including a polo shirt, a few T-shirts, tracksuits and bottoms.

One set of training wear is dark grey in colour, and comes with a red trip with the Spain badge using a gold colour. The other comes in a two tone blue colour, again this looks nice and has the same red trim with gold Spain badge and star once again.

The away kits have not been released yet and should follow shortly keeping in line with the same previous release schedule. The RRP of the home shirt is £70 with the Authentic Jersey coming in at £99.95, both available at Adidas right now, with other sports shops set to get stock next week.

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