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Spain 2014 Home And Away Shirts For The World Cup

Monday, 2nd June, 2014


Yes, I have taken a while, but I have finally bought the Spain home and away shirts for the World Cup 😀

I got the blue 2014 home Spain goalkeeper shirt a long while ago, and even got the Spain 2014 away goalkeeper shirt which is fluorescent yellow in colour, and hard to come by. I usually get the home/away outfield shirts first, but this year I left it a bit late because they are relatively easy to get a hold of as most shops in the UK stock them.

Here they are. The home shirt is red but is darker in colour, and has thin and slightly thicker pin stripes, it’s trimmed with gold and the badge is toned in gold too, all one colour.

The away shirt is black which is unusual, and trimmed in fluorescent yellow, with a horizontal stripe going through the whole front of the shirt. it’s an interesting design, and something never seen in a Spain shirt. Usually the away shirts have been navy, white or yellow in the past, I can’t remember a black shirt other than for a goalkeeper.

As you may or may not have read on my blog, Spain may play Netherlands in a white shirt, which is actually non-existent at the moment.






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