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Northern Monk Beer Review: Uprising, Faith & Eternal IPA – Here’s How They Taste

Wednesday, 15th March, 2023

Northern Monk Beer Review - Eternal, Faith And Uprising

Testing new beer and ale has been something I’ve been doing over the past couple of years. I discovered Northern Monk, tried one of them out and liked it, so bought a few more.

The cans I got were Northern Monk Uprising, Faith and Eternal.

Here’s what I thought of each of them.

Northern Monk Uprising

Northern Monk Uprising IPA Review

Northern Monk Uprising is an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) and was the first one I tried. I really enjoyed it, and liked it so much that I bought a few more packs of it.

I got 330ml cans in a pack of 4, but when I searched for these online I couldn’t find any. At the time it seemed like they were only in the supermarket

When it comes to ales, I usually prefer the smaller cans of 330ml. This is especially true when it comes to strong ale. Being 6%, this counts as pretty strong.

But it doesn’t taste super strong. Instead it went down really well. A really nice citrus taste, good colour and pleasant to drink.

My favourite of late has been Camden Off Menu, but this is right up there.

Northern Monk Faith

Northern Monk Faith Hazy Pale Ale Review

Northern Monk Faith was the second can I tried, and really liked that one too. A nice golden colour, and as you’d have guessed from the name, hazy too.

At 5.4% it’s still a reasonably strong IPA, but with Uprising being 6% you’d think this would taste weaker. It doesn’t. I actually thought the taste was slightly stronger.

It still went down well, with a light citrus-fruity taste to it.

Northern Monk Eternal

Northern Monk Eternal Session IPA Review

Northern Monk Eternal is the session IPA, and is 4% in ABV. The idea of a session IPA is that you drink a lot, aka have a good drinking session.

It was really easy to drink, as you’d expect. But I don’t think it was as strong with the tropical citrus flavours as the others, so didn’t enjoy this as much.

I feel like I have to have a few more to get a good idea of how much I like this or not. Which can’t be a bad thing.


Overall I enjoyed all of these from Northern Monk. I could drink them again, and possibly will in the future.

These kinds of IPA and ales are trendy now and pretty expensive, coming in at £2+ a can. I was able to get each 4 pack for £5, so I think that was a good deal. If you can get similar deals I think they’re definitely worth a try.

I’m looking forward to checking out some more ales soon.

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