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Wearing My MR Happy T Shirt For Comic Relief

Friday, 17th March, 2023

MR Men MR Happy T Shirt For Comic Relief

Happy Friday guys!

Today is such a busy day with lots of things going on.

First of all it’s 17th March which means it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Second, Newcastle are playing later on tonight, on a Friday night?! And finally, it’s Comic Relief, so I had to get a Comic Relief T Shirt in the way of MR Happy from the Mr. Men.

I have had a couple of Comic Relief T Shirts over the years. The last one I had was the Henry Holland Polka Dot T Shirt which I thought was pretty good, and I also had the Tommy Cooper Red Nose Day T Shirt too.

For 2023 Comic Relief teamed up with the Mr Men collection, and there’s so many good designs which you can buy.

I wanted the Mr Happy T Shirt in red, and that’s what I have. The design is exactly as you’d expect to see, Mr Happy looking as his name would suggest.

The design with the yellow character looks pretty good set against the red t shirt.

It seemed to be a nightmare to iron though, and although I did, it doesn’t look like it.

It has also been pretty warm and sunny today, something which it hasn’t really been for a long while. I was thinking about wearing some more layers with the t-shirt, but didn’t actually need to.

It’s kind of sad that there’s so many things happening today, as on a match day I often wear my Newcastle shirt. Not to mention on St. Patrick’s Day I like to wear green.

But since I have this Comic Relief tee I decided that that’s what I’d be wearing for today.

They were selling the tees at TK Maxx for £12.99 which I think was a pretty good price. The fit is good and the feel is a nice soft cotton feel.

Did you grab your t-shirt for Red Nose Day?

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Red Nose day or you’re watching the football, have a good Friday!

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