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Clarkson’s Farm Review (Series 1) – A Brilliant Show That’s More Than Farming

Tuesday, 10th August, 2021

A farm show? A program about farming, that doesn’t sound like a good watch to me. But if you have a personality like Jeremy Clarkson fronting it, you know it’s going to be entertaining.

I’ve finally had the chance to catch up on some box sets which I need to watch. First up was Clarkson’s Farm which was released on Amazon Prime Video on 11th June 2021.

This is everything you need to know.

If you are like me then you’ll not want to watch a show about farming, or know anything about it. That’s ok, because you don’t need to know anything about it. If you watch the show, you’ll see that Jeremy doesn’t either, and that’s exactly where the fun starts.

It is such a laugh and entertaining series. As with most programmes like this, it all comes down to the cast and characters which really do make the show. There’s so many great characters, all of them in fact that make the show.

Clarkson’s Farm Cast

Jeremy Clarkson – It’s his farm, and you get to see him try his hand at being a farmer. From driving his Lamborghini tractor to lambing, he tries his hand at most things.

Kaleb Cooper – A 21 year old farmer that Jeremy hires to help him out on the farm.

Gerald Cooper – Builds walls, and has such a strong accent that Jeremy can barely understand what he’s saying.

Kevin & Ellen – Sheep expert and Shepherdess who do most of the work involving the sheep.

Lisa – Jeremy’s girlfriend who helps him out on the farm and runs the farm shop.

Charlie Ireland – Clarkson’s right hand man when it comes to running the farm, farm management and rules.

Kaleb is probably seen the most in the show (other than Jeremy). You can’t help but love the guy, who’s passion for the country life is huge. You can see he love what he does, and is always on hand to help Jeremy (or do the things Jeremy can’t do, or can’t be bothered to do).

You also get to see him change his hairstyles throughout the show. He makes a point of telling Jeremy that he wants to try every hairstyle (including a perm).

Gerald is such a funny character, mostly because you can’t understand a word he’s saying. That’s actually not true, you can understand the odd word, which makes his conversations hilarious to observe. He’s in his 70’s, but is full of life.

And then there’s Charlie, or cheerful Charlie as Jeremy calls him. They are like the two opposites, and it’s brilliant to watch.

Charlie is always the bearer of bad news. A stickler for all the rules, and is the super sensible and level headed with vast knowledge. But he’s also delivers all of this in the most positive but grounded manner you’ve ever seen. It’s brilliant!

The Show

In the show you see everything, from farming crops, chickens and lambs, to driving tractors and various other farming machinery. The farm is located in Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, and seems to have a love/hate relationship with some of the locals.

Clarkson’s Farm also started before the pandemic, and continued throughout, and after.  That makes it even more interesting to watch, to see how others were really going through the pandemic we’ve all been through.

The show was filmed when there was torrential rain and terrible weather, along with long dry spells, both not great for farming. That provides lots of cut scenes as they can’t farm in the downpours, and really shows how bad weather effects farming.

The farm also has a funny name, as you’d expect, Diddly Squat. Then there’s the farm shop, Diddly Squat Shop.

Overall the show is a brilliant watch. There’s so many good Amazon box sets, and this is one of them. The good thing is Amazon agree, and have renewed Clarkson’s Farm for a second series.

I can’t wait!

But for now you can binge watch this. There’s 8 episodes, each one being 40 – 60 minutes long, and it’s really easy to watch.

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