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Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Tuesday, 21st November, 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is coming, which means it’s time you better start your shopping if you haven’t already! Whether you’re buying gifts for someone else or looking for ideas of what’s good to get this year, here is my gift guide for the festive season this year.

Tech & Gadgets

Boys toys and tech gadgets. It’s one of the only times of the year where men can be kids again, so this guide is quite heavy in terms of tech. Here’s some things for the lover of gadgets.

Uuni 3 Portable Pizza Oven

You may have a BBQ and so might your mates, but do they have their very own pizza oven? I doubt it! This is one of the coolest pieces of tech which isn’t really tech, it’s all about the food. I don’t like pizza (shock!) but basically everyone else on Earth does, so this will be quite a showstopper of a gift to get this year.

Price: £215

Google Home

If you haven’t already got some smart technology, 2017-18 could be the year to get it. Everyone is jumping on board, and Google has it’s Google Home range which they’ve been really showcasing this year. With three gadgets at three price points, you can get started for as little as £49.

Price: From £49 (Black Friday Deal £34)

Amazon Echo (Alexa)

If you’re not a Google fan, the Echo is the Amazon offering for a smart home. Not much of an introduction is needed, I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV or already know about this one. There are new versions for 2017, updates of the older Echo’s as well as a new type, which features a 7″ screen. Prices start at £49 for the dot, with the Echo show coming in at £199.99.

Price: From £49 (Black Friday Deals from £35)

DJI Spark

Drones have come a long way in recent years, we’ve had the £1000+ expensive ones which are good, to the <£50 ones which are terrible. One of the leaders in the game is DJI, and earlier this year they released the DJI Spark. You get the quality of DJI in a smaller form factor, and it comes at a reasonable price. The Spark is available for £349 at Maplin, but you may want to buy a bundle for extra money where you get an additional battery, blades and other essentials. A full kit will set you back £499.

Buy for £499 at Maplin.

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A2

For music lovers and the style conscious, I’ve always loved the Beoplay A2 from Bang & Oulfsen. A brand with pedigree in producing quality sound, along with this design, it’s a winner. If you’re yet to buy a Bluetooth speaker or you need another one, this not only sounds good, but will look the part in any room of your home.

Price: £299

Dash Cam

Dash cams are being used more and more, and have become really affordable. There’s some crazy driving on the roads, and you never know when this will come in handy. You can get an Apeman for under £40 at the moment on Amazon, so it could be a good investment for yourself or someone else.

Price: £39.99

Drinks & Alcohol

It couldn’t be the festive season without a Christmas tipple! It’s a good time of the year for drinking, whether it’s to have your favourite drink, classic Christmas beverages or to try something new, there’s plenty of drinks to have this season.

Haig Club

For the whisky lovers, Haig Club could be a great choice. The single grain Scottish whisky comes in this beautiful bottle which has to be seen to be fully appreciated, get this for the whisky man in your life.

Price: £45 (Currently £35 at Tesco)

Crystal Head Vodka

I can say first hand that Crystal Head Vodka is good, because I’ve drank it for a couple of years now. The bottle is the obvious focal point, but this isn’t just a novelty, the vodka is very nice and really smooth. If you know someone who likes vodka, they’ll love this.

Price: £59.95

Aftershave & Grooming

An easy present for any man, it’s fragrances and anything with a scent. It’s no secret I love men’s fragrances, and there’s a couple of scents which I can recommend, both new and old.

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

If you’re looking for a brand new scent, Y from Yves Saint Laurent could be worth a look. Only released this year, you can get it in this gift set, which comes with a travel spray too.

Price: £53

Creed Aventus

It seems to be universally loved by all, men and women. One of the most expensive and exclusive men’s scent’s Creed Aventus comes in a gift set like no other this year. A 50ml bottle is partnered with a shower gel, so you’ll always have that Aventus smell.

Price: £275

Menswear & Fashion

Stocking Fillers

If you’ve already spent serious money and are looking for a couple of extra things, there’s plenty of stocking fillers which you can get. From the unusual to the classic, here’s a few ideas which are affordable.

Moet Christmas Cracker

Christmas crackers are cool, and they’re even better with champagne! This year Moet has a champagne Christmas cracker. A great little stocking filler for someone who loves bubbly, it comes in standard and rosé in a 200ml bottle size, great for a glass or two.

Price: £20

Vape Case

Vaping is now really popular in the UK, and has even been officially recommended as an alternative to smoking from the NHS for their Stoptober campaign earlier in the year. The Diamond Mist Supreme Vape Case from Vape Club is a handy way to keep all of your vaping devices, batteries, liquids and accessories all in one place, neat and tidy. Perfect for storing in the house or when you’re on the go.

Price £11.99

The Bubble

This is said to be the World’s Smallest Bottle Of Sparkling Wine! It’s in a novelty bauble shape, and looks really cool. If you know someone who loves wine and you want to get them something small and unique, this could be it.

Price: £12.99

Luxury & Exclusive

If you want to push the boat out, or get something which costs a bit of money, there’s plenty of choice.

Maurice Lacroix Pontos Automatic Watch

Every gentleman needs a quality timepiece, and this is certainly that. The Maurice Lacroix Pontos is an Automatic watch with a Swiss movement, and comes with day and date functions. It’s been a personal favourite for quite some time. A great price for a luxury watch.

Price: £1,375

Samsung QLED 4K TV

Whoever said that size doesn’t matter obviously wasn’t talking about TVs. If you haven’t already upgraded to 4K there’s never been a better time. If you want to splash the cash, nothing less than a 65″ will do, but not any old model, it still has to have quality. This Samsung QLED comes with an LED panel with HDR 2000, is ultra thin and is quite stylish.

Price: £4,479

For Her

If you’re looking for something for a woman, there’s plenty of things you can get her. If in doubt, stick to the classics; That’s smelly stuff and lots and lots of stocking fillers.

Molton Brown Bauble Pack

Back again for another Christmas in limited edition, the Molton Brown Baubles are a favourite of many girls. You can buy them singularly, or get them in this gift pack.

Price: £28

La Mer Collection

If you want to get her something luxurious, the La Mer Endless Hydration Collection is worth considering. This pack contains four products from the sought after skincare brand, which come in a La Mer make up bag.

Price: £280

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