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Film Night: Vacation

Sunday, 5th November, 2017


So for film night this time round I watched Vacation. It’s a remake, or sequel, or successor, or whatever you want to call it, from the original, National Lampoons Vacation. I love the original, and plenty of films from the original series which starred Chevy Chase, the best ones being the original, Christmas and European vacation in the series, and the Vegas one wasn’t too bad either. As with everything that gets remade, they just don’t make them like they used to, so although I wanted to watch this, I wasn’t holding my breath for it being brilliant.

So fast forwards from the original film to today and Rusty Griswald (played by Ed Helms) is now a married grown up with two teenage kids, with the younger one bullying the older one who’s a bit of a misfit. The whole family isn’t very close, with his wife Debbie (played by Christina Applegate) thinking their marriage has lost it’s spark. They usually go to Cheboygan Michigan on their vacation which the whole family secretly hate, but instead go to Walley World, and drive across country like Rusty did all those years ago.

So the whole film is based on that as the original, with plenty of trips down memory lane with similar funny situations including random stop-offs  at different places.

I actually think this is a good film! You’ve got to sort of forget it’s a remake/reboot, and judge it kind of as a film on it’s own. If you love the original series of films, then it’s probably never going to compare, because you can’t get that kind of humour or film, or Chevy Chase anymore. Having said that, Chevy Chase makes a cameo in the film, as does Beverley D’Angelo, and is kind of funny. Ed Helms is really funny in the film, there are some real laugh out loud moments. The story line isn’t brilliant, but it’s watchable, even if you haven’t seen the original.

One of the on-going jokes in the film is the song Kiss From A Rose by Seal, which the film ends on, so be prepared to be singing that song for a while after the film. Ed Helms is a great singer! 😀

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