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Bum Bags Are Back! The Summer 2018 Trend

Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

Bum Bags On Trend In 2018

Just when you thought you’d missed out, bum bags are back in fashion in 2018!

If you are 25 years old or under, then you can be forgiven if you don’t know what a bum bag is, but if you’re like me, and grew up with 90’s fashion trends, then you’ll know all about them, and probably had one, if not a few.

The bum bag was quite iconic, used by many mostly for holidays and festivals, and used to a lesser extend as a general bag to carry around small items for daily use. However times have changed, we carry around a lot of small things, and can occasionally need something to carry them in. From phones to cameras and other tech devices, there’s so much we carry.

If you’re a girl you may get a small bag, but guys tend not to use a bag unless they want to carry around larger items, such as tablets or laptops. So they’re not only practical, but they’ve come into fashion, and love them or hate them, we’ll probably be seeing more and more this season.

Bumbag Designs

There’s a whole host of designs from different brands and clothing labels, from popular bag brands such as Herschal Supply Co. and Eastpak, to the high street fashion brands, ASOS, TOPMAN, Topshop, River Island and more. You can get everything from a plain style to something more colourful to something with outrageous patterns, all styles are covered for this trend.

The high street is not the only place to get them, the high end, luxury brands are putting their own spin on them too. With brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Prada among others jumping on the trend, preferring to call them belt bags.

Bum Bags, Waist Bags, Belt Bags And Others

There’s a certain cheesy 90’s style stigma which comes with a bum bag, so many brands are trying to shy away from the name, and call them something else, something more trendy or up to date. You’ll hear some brands calling them waist bags, hip bags and small cross body bags, but they’re pretty much all bumbags, as you can tell from the design. If you’re an American you’ll probably know these as fanny packs. (If you’re an American reading this, ‘fanny’ means something completely different in the UK ūüėČ )

How To Style A Bumbag In 2018

How To Wear A Bumbag

Back in the day people only wore a bumbag one way; Around their waist. You’d wear it front facing around your waste, and that was that. To modernise the style, there’s a couple of other ways you can wear yours, if wearing it around your waist isn’t cool enough. You can wear it cross-body, with the bag to the front. You can wear it reverse cross-body, with the main compartment to the back. You can also wear it to the side on one of your hips.

Why They’re So Great

Even though they may have been considered a bit uncool, in terms of practicality they’ve always been great. It’s nothing unusual for fashion trends and practicality to be poles apart, but occasionally they do come together, and this is one of those cases. You can get bags with several compartments while maintaining a small space, so plenty places to keep a bottle of water, food, keys, phone, camera and everything else you may need.

Do I Need To Be Trendy To Wear A Bum Bag?

It could be one of those items which looks silly and out-dated if it’s not worn by the right people with the right style.¬†As they become more mainstream you’ll start to feel you fit in with the trend. Keep things to a minimal style by wearing a plain coloured design, staple colours black, grey and navy will work well with most of your clothing, brown could be another option, and if you really want to embrace the summer, try a pastel colour.

The Best Bum Bags Of 2018 From The High Street

Here’s this year’s selection of bum bags which you can buy right now.


Topman Bum Bags for 2018 which are cheap

If you’re looking to get a bum bag but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Topman has a few options. You can get all of these for less than ¬£20, a great price for a Summer trend.

Summer prints are here for the season, and if that’s to your taste the red Hawaiian pattern design is yours for ¬£15 here.

If it’s a plain and simple option you’re looking for, this navy bag with simple black strap could work. ¬£15 here.

Last up is the island print bum bag in an ecru colour. Once again this only costs £15 and get it here.


Eastpak bumbags for 2018

A brand you may not have heard of, Eastpak are a brand guys need to know about when looking to get a bag at a reasonable price. They have a range which is available for a little less from Amazon at £17 here, and this style of bum bag is available in a large selection of colours, some can be seen above.

Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co Bum Bags 2018 Hip Packs

Herschel is another brand you should know about when looking for bags of all kind, and they have a nice collection which they call hip packs.

The first one is eighteen hip pack with multiple storage compartments and comes in at £45 here.

Second has two zip compartments to the front, and costs £30 here.

Finally there’s a minimal design small hip pack which offers a more sleek and streamline look, this costs ¬£30 here

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Bum Bags For 2018

Calvin Klein are back for another season of bum bags, most of which they’re calling sling bags. I’ve picked out these three are some of their best designs. The first up is the Andy Warhol portrait slingbag, it comes in at ¬£75 here.

Second is a blue sling bag with large red logo, this has a slimmer profile and costs £65 here.

Finally the red sling bag is slightly larger with more compartments. This costs £65 here.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Bum Bags For 2018

Another brand synonymous with 90’s trend, Tommy Hilfiger has a couple of bum bags if you’re looking on getting something from the iconic brand.

First up is the red and black Tommy logo bag which has a single zip pocket and costs £70 here.

Second is a very clever convertible bum bag which can transform into a backpack. It’s a nice minimal design, red white and blue and costs ¬£80 here.

Last up is this bum bag with multiple pockets and compartments for storage. Black with blue detailing, it’s currently ¬£80 here.

Luxury Brand And Designer Bum Bags (Luxury Leather Belt Bags)

The high end luxury brands and fashion labels have got on to this trend which originally came from the high street in the 90’s, and have put a twist on it that only the luxury brands do. Bum bags is clearly a naughty word in the fashion world, so the designer labels are mostly calling them belt bags, or usually leather belt bags since they come with a leather strap, rather than a nylon one found at the cheaper end of the market.

Can you dress up a bum bag? Apparently so! You call it a leather belt bag, and wear it over some high end fashion, and you’re all set. Belt bags regained popularity in 2017, but have now got the fashionistas talking and wearing the accessory with other high fashion. What was super casual has now become a stylish trend for the smart casual man and woman.

Gucci Marmont Matelassé leather belt bag - bum bag trend

The Gucci Leather Belt Bag

One of the most on trend designer belt bags of 2018 for both men and women has to be the Marmont Matelass√© from Gucci. It comes with the double G logo and is a quilted design, styled here with a suit. It’s yours for ¬£795 direct from Gucci.

Gucci Bum Bags For 2018

Gucci have plenty of other options when it comes to this Summer’s hottest trend. The first one is the GG Supreme with tonal monogram graphic, yours for ¬£530 here.

Second is the Gucci Courrier GG Supreme belt bag with monogram pattern and printed design. This one is £705 and you can get it here.

Finally it’s the Gucci graphic logo with the infamous print of interlocking G logo and trademark red and green colour on the black bag, and matching strap. It comes in at ¬£875 and you can get it here.


Burberry Bum Bags For 2018

Keeping things quintessentially British, Burberry keep the name bum bag, and add their own stamp onto the trend with their luxury designs.

The first is a nylon and leather option, stylishly done with different colour panels, and leather trim. This one is £390 here.

You can show off some trademark Burberry checks in the second design, made from Canvas is every inch looking like Burberry. This comes in at £490 here.

Finally this is a leather option which comes in black with stylish zip, made from 100% calf leather. It’s set off with a red grafitti style of print with the wording, and costs ¬£790 here.

What do you think of the bumbag trend back in 2018? You can find more of the latest men’s fashion trends and stay stylish this season.

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