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Bud Light Comes To The UK!

Wednesday, 5th April, 2017

Bud Light Comes To The UK - What Does It Taste Like?

So, Do We Need Bud Light In The UK?

Several weeks ago I heard about Bud Light coming to the UK, and then when I was out a few weeks ago I noticed that in one of the bars they had it on tap…But the bar didn’t actually have it on! I’ve seen it in a few shops to buy, and I finally got myself a few cans to try out over the weekend.

Apparently we’ve had Bud Light in the UK before, I’ve never seen it, but apparently we did have it. Anyway, it’s now officially launched in the UK, and comes in a really distinctive blue colour can. I’ve only seen this in cans and on tap, so presumably it’s not available in bottle form, which is probably a good thing, because it is light, very light.

How Strong Is Bud Light? ABV

Bud Light is 3.5%. I remember back in the days before I was old enough to drink beer legally, our usual beer was around 3 – 4.5% alcohol, and you’d not really get stronger lager, or at least they weren’t popular.

Then came the good old continental beers, we had things like Stella Artois becoming popular as a stronger lager, which was 5.2% and has now been dropped down to 4.8%, and other’s such as San Miguel and other’s being around 5%.

There’s also a couple of really strong beers, Duvel springs to mind, which is a massive 8.5%, and so many more in-between. Craft beers and real ale have also took off in recent times, many known to be quite strong too.

Apparently there’s a demand for weaker beers, so enter Bud Light, but what does it taste like?

What Does Bud Light Taste Like?

It is light, it tastes light, so at least it lives up to it’s name. It is fresh, but since we’ve all grown accustomed to much stronger lager, it does taste quite weak. The British had the reputation of binge drinking and getting hammered and drinking huge amounts of beer, pint after pint, can after can, bottle after bottle, whereas the Europeans don’t really drink beer that way.

Maybe that’s why they have stronger lagers, and ours used to be lighter, so we could drink more…Although when the stronger beer came that did not really slow the drinking down at all.

Bud Light tastes a bit like a shandy. It does taste fine, but after drinking stronger lagers for such a long time, you can definitely taste the lightness of the drink. If you like the taste of lager, but you don’t want something strong, then this is a really nice drink to have.

I can see people drinking this with food, or when you want to have a drink after work but aren’t looking to get drunk, then this will fit that gap.

If you’re looking to get drunk or hammered, then obviously this isn’t going to be the drink. If you want the absolute richness of a continental beer or real ale, then this isn’t for you. But if you want something lighter, then this does live up to it’s name, and is a nice drink to have.

You can get it in most Supermarkets now, priced at £3.50 for a 4-pack or £10 for 18, both in standard 440ml size cans.

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  1. Tasteconsultant Said,

    Well written article and unique perspective on a light beer that is considered a “macro” brand in the US and therefore vilified by the young, the hipsters, the beer snobs, and anyone, frankly, a sizable population that believes taste has anything to do with quaffing lager. This beer is the quintessential move-up from cheaper lagers for underage drinkers, those on the dole, or the banquet crowd. The use of by-products in he brewing (rice), gives this light lager a decidedly strange flavor, and drinking in quantity (most teenage Americans have at one time or three swilled enough to drown a seal), leaves a set of unique, though not advantageous, results the next day. This is the beer you used to drink whilst fishing because it was refreshing like water and came in cans for the cooler, or when attending events at stadiums because it was likely the only high-priced beer offered (along with it’s higher alcohol sibling, Budweiser). All in all, this is a fairly awful beer in my opinion, and the opinion of anyone in America with a remote semblance of appreciation for a beverage made with water, malt, yeast, and hops calling itself a lager. That said, if you enjoyed, and even recommend, this drink to your readers, there is more where that came from. Might I suggest delving into Coors Light (affectionately known as the “silver bullet”), Lite from Miller (the suburban dullard standby), or even Busch Light (bushwallas). That would cap the list of macro light beers, and then, assuming you are adventurous enough, you could start sampling their not-as-appreciated competition such as Keystone Light, Old Milwaukee Light, and Strohs Light. At that point, if you are not abundantly a are that the review you wrote on Bud Light must have been on a completely different beer due to your drinking so much you forgot what it taste like and just made that shite up, there is always the non-beer review field to consider. Cheers.

    posted on Wednesday 5th April, 2017 at 13:26
  2. Michael Said,

    Hi Tasteconsultant!
    Thanks for your comments. I have heard so many other people (in the UK on social media) complain about Bud Light and say it tastes terrible, and I don’t think it’s so bad for what it’s supposed to be. It’s not the best lager which I’ve tasted, but I don’t usually drink something so weak and generally prefer European/Non-American lager or beer, and it’s not going to taste like those since it’s not really the same thing.
    If you want to try some beer with flavour you could try something from Brewdog like these or from other really good micro breweries the UK has to offer 🙂

    posted on Wednesday 5th April, 2017 at 20:14
  3. Helen Said,

    I always just assumed we’ve had Bud Lite in the UK for years, I always drink it when we’re in the states, I like that it’s a lower ABV, it’s perfect for session drinking or afternoon BBQs!

    posted on Thursday 6th April, 2017 at 17:15
  4. Michael Said,

    Thanks for your comments Helen, I am sure it will go down just fine at a BBQ in the Summer 🙂

    posted on Thursday 6th April, 2017 at 21:42