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Brewdog Headliners Review – 48 Cans Of Beer Bundle

Friday, 15th January, 2021

Brewdog Headliners Bundle Review

These days more than ever we need beer. In the days of drinking at home, there’s been no better time to get big packs of beer. I got myself a massive 48 pack of Brewdog, what they call their Headliners which contains 6 different flavours of Brewdog beer.

In the run up to Christmas I always get beer in… Who doesn’t, right?

Usually that is a pack of any old lager, which I do love. For the past couple of years I’ve been dipping my toe in the waters of craft ale and beer. This has been mostly IPA, and frequently Brewdog.

When we went into lockdown I decided on buying a pack of Brewdog every now and then, which always went down well.

Since I’ve been getting into it, I decided that in the run up to Christmas I would get quite a few cans, and then discovered the Headliners pack. I got the big 48 case, which contains 6 different Brewdog beers, and 8 cans of each.

I’m savouring these, so have only drank around half the box so far.

Here’s what you need to know about the big headliners bundle that contains 48 cans.

Brewdog Headliners 48 Pack Review

In the box you get:

  • 8x Punk IPA
  • 8x Hazy Jane
  • 8x Elvis Juice
  • 8x Pale Ale
  • 8x Dead Pony Club
  • 8x Clockwork Tangerine

These are supposed to be the best sellers or most well known in the Brewdog range (hence the name, headliners).

Brewdog Punk IPA Review

Punk IPA

I consider Punk IPA to be the standard, original Brewdog choice. It’s a really nice craft ale, and comes in the blue colour. They call it the post modern classic, and comes in a 330ml can and is 5.5% in strength.

It’s always easy to drink and goes down well. There’s not a lot more to say than that. It’s just a really nice tasting beer.

Brewdog Hazy Jane Review

Hazy Jane

As it sounds, Hazy Jane is a bit of a cloudy looking drink when you pour it into a glass. It comes in a green-blue 330ml can, and they say it’s a New England IPA.

Once again, it’s a really nice easy to drink beer. At 5.0% alcohol it could be considered quite standard these days in terms of strength. There’s some pineapple and mango types of notes in this giving it a little zesty twist.

Brewdog Elvis Juice Review

Elvis Juice

Elvis Juice is the strongest of the bunch at 6.5%, but it still goes down very well. That’s due to the fact it’s infused with grapefruit, making it so easy to drink.

Interestingly, the can size is slightly bigger, and comes in a 355ml can. This is one of my favourite’s of the range, but after drinking a few you will feel the strength of Elvis Juice.

Brewdog Pale Ale Review

Pale Ale

When it comes to a lighter drink, the Brewdog Pale Ale is a winner for me. They call it a West Coat Classic. It’s actually not the lightest at 4.2%, but for me it’s such an easy to drink beer.

When I want a really light and nice IPA to drink, this is the one I’d go for. It’s so nice to drink.

Brewdog Dead Pony Club Review

Dead Pony Club

I like Dead Pony Club, but I would say it’s my least favourite in the pack. It’s the lightest at 3.8%, but it looks and tastes quite dark in comparison to Pale Ale and others.

Some of course will like this, a darker beer which contains less alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very drinkable, and I do enjoy it, but not as much as the others.

Brewdog Clockwork Tangerine Review

Clockwork Tangerine

As the name suggests, this beer is infused with orange giving it a very citrus taste. It comes in a 355ml can and is 4.5% strong. I kind of view this more of a novelty beer, as it’s very heavy on the orange notes.

When I want to drink a beer that doesn’t taste much like a classic ale, this is a good fit.


The case cost me £48 for 48 cans, so obviously works out at £1 per can. I think that’s good value, with the smaller packs or single cans costing more than £1.

This is more expensive than regular lager, but I think it’s worth it. All of the beers are very tasty, and go down well. All have varying strengths so you can decide what you want to drink not only based on the taste but the strength too.

You can check out the headliners pack and all of the other beer offerings at Brewdog here. (TIP: Keep an eye out for offers or deals! 😉 )

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