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Canada Goose

Canada Goose is a Canadian manufacturer of high end outerwar, with jackets, accessories, vests and coats. They are usually only found in selected high end stores, some down jackets come with genuine coyote fur on the hoods.

Monday, 3rd December, 2018

Canada Goose Jacket Test – 8 Years Of Ownership


Wearing my Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Jacket - The 8 Year Test

How many items of clothing can you say you bought years ago, and not only still own today, but still wear? My Canada Goose jacket which I got is certainly one of them. I got this jacket way back in 2010, when this blog was starting to take it’s shape, and It was one of the most exciting things I wrote about back then.

It’s a brand renowned for it’s quality, and also infamous for being expensive. When I got my Canada Goose coat I was pretty certain that this would last me a long time. Not only in terms of style and fashion, but in terms of build quality, I knew that it was going to be my proper Winter coat for years to come.

How has my Chilliwack Bomber stacked up 8 years later? Pretty well? No, I think it’s a lot better than that.

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Wednesday, 19th October, 2016

Canada Goose Opens First Flagship Store In Toronto, NYC To Follow



Getting an authentic Canada Goose has not always been the easiest of tasks, with not too many retailers stocking them for one reason or another. I remember searching for one for a long time 6 years ago before I was finally able to find one. That’s going to be a whole lot easier, at least if you live in it’s hometown of Toronto. The first ever Canada Goose store was opened today, in the Yorkdale centre in Toronto, Canada.

The space looks brilliant! Very modern, stylish and high end, and you’d expect nothing less from one of the most luxurious clothing brands for Winter and arctic clothing. If you’re In New York city you’ll be able to buy your wears from an official store too, with Canada Goose NYC getting a flagship store set to open on 17th November in SoHo.

Will the UK be next?



Tuesday, 19th November, 2013

Canada Goose Jacket – The Only Coat You’ll Need This Winter (And Next!)



Me a few years ago when I got my coat. I was so happy! 😀

If you’re a veteran reader of my blog you’ll know that a couple of years ago I got a Canada Goose coat. After extensive searching, talking to retailers and even talking to buyers in the UK it seemed so difficult to get my hands on one of these, but I did eventually get one, and since then never looked back.

OK, we may not get -30C temperatures that they can get in the arctic North, but when it’s cold here it sure does feel like it! When the Winter comes you’ll need something to keep you warm, and a Canada Goose does exactly that. After owning mine for 2 Winters, it still looks brand new. This is because it’s a high end, high quality product, made to be rugged and withstand the most harshest of conditions. Canada Goose maintain the quality of their coats by manufacturing them in Canada, no “Made in China” labels on these!

Why are these so special then?

As mentioned they are made in Canada. That means two things; good, high quality manufacturing and experience of cold weather. Canada gets pretty cold in the Winter, so they know a thing or two about making jackets to keep you warm, and Canada Goose have been going strong for over 60 years. They are used in Arctic missions, used by mountaineers and are the outerwear of choice for anyone who is working in Siberian cold temperatures. They survive this hellish weather, so even the coldest of British Winters is no match. You’ll know you have something special when you pick one up and put one on, the weight, feel and everything from the zip to the hood feels premium.

Which Canada Goose style to choose

There are several different styles of jackets and coats which are available to buy. The Hybridge is a relatively new range which are lightweight padded styles of jackets. Right at the other end of the scale there is the Ontario Parka, Expedition Parka and the Heli-arctic Parka, designed for extreme temperatures. I would recommend coming in between both of these, and go for either the Chateau Parka, Chilliwack Bomber, Borden Bomber or Langford Parka. I recommend choosing one with a hood which gives you extra protection in the snow, and especially the cold winds which I found out for myself.

My choice was the Chilliwack, which was the perfect choice for me. I wanted a shorter length, bomber style, which makes movement much easier. You may want a longer length jacket if you want to keep your lower half warmer, the best thing is to try one if you are able to.


What weather are they for?

It sounds like a stupid question, but it’s not. In the UK we get cold winters, but they are nothing in comparison to the harsh winters of places like Scandinavia or Russia. These jackets are designed for very cold weather, so when it’s not really cold out then it’s not the choice for your outerwear. Depending on how harsh the winters are, you may get 4 months a year out of this, but it will be the warmest 4 months of your year!

Are they worth the money?

A Chilliwack bomber will set you back around £580 at the moment. That is a lot of money for anyone to spend on a jacket they’re only going to wear for a few months a year. However you have to look at this as an investment piece. They do not follow trends, it’s not something which is going to go out of style next year, it’s something you’ll be able to wear year on year. For the durability, the comfort, the luxury and the quality they are worth the money if you can afford it.

Buy genuine, stay away from counterfeits and fakes

As with most high priced goods, Canada Goose faces a problem with fakes being sold, especially on the Internet. The same rule applies for this or anything else; If it looks too good to be true, it probably it. The fakes will not be the same quality, if you see a so called “Canada Goose” for £99 from a retailer or buyer you’ve never heard of, it’s probably going to be fake! Always buy from a retailer you have heard of, and if you haven’t you can check to see if they’re an official authorised retailer on the official counterfeit checker here.


Find Canada Goose Jackets In Newcastle, United Kingdom

So back when I wanted a jacket they were pretty hard to find. I found the odd retailer which had them, but they either did not have my size, colour or the style I wanted, or I just could not find any! Now there are a couple more retailers in Newcastle who are stocking them, and more and more places in the UK online where you can buy them from.

Newcastle/North East official stockists

  • LD Mountain Centre – Dean Street, NE1
  • Jules B – Osborne Road, NE2
  • Northern Threads, Ocean Road, South Shields, NE33

If you’re looking to get yourself something warm to wear this season, make sure you check out my men’s winter jacket guide, featuring the Canada Goose, and plenty of other options for all budgets 🙂

Friday, 25th February, 2011

ASOS Order: Snood, Tees, Jeans And Boxers

So I said yesterday that I had ordered from ASOS. I took a pic of the bag but it was too dark to take pics of the things I got. The light wasnt much better today, but I took some pics, here is what I got…

Pink Diesel T Shirt for the summer

Cheap Monday Skinny jeans in black.

Bjorn Borg Boxer Shorts In Red

Emporio Armani Boxer Shorts in Blue

Emporio Armani Printed design Boxer Shorts

Canada Goose Snood. I LOVE IT!! 😀

I also got another Cheap Monday T Shirt. It was really long in length when I tried it on. I didnt know it was like this, it was far too baggy, so I have sent it back. Not my style, but it did look good on the website.

Too Long…..Back it goes 🙁

The snood is my favourite item I got. I also love the boxers of course, another 3 pair to add to the collection 😛 The skinny jeans are good aswell, something different for my wardrobe, and another colour rather than Indigo :mrgreen:

Thursday, 10th February, 2011

Canada Goose Snood, Hat and Gloves


I have found some great accessories from Canada Goose. They have a hat, gloves and a really nice snood. I really really love the snood, but I have lots of scarves and it means I would wear them less if I got this. The hat is a cable knit hat, not my favourite style but its still nice. The gloves look really good, and being Canada Goose you know you are going to get quality.

Also being Canada Goose you know that they are going to cost quite a bit, but thats the price you pay for quality, and its quality you get with Canada Goose. The hat is £40, Snood £40 and gloves £99.

The only problem I have is that its coming upto spring, and its getting warmer, so I would only be wearing these items for a little while, and have to wait until the winter to wear them again. But I also know if I wait until the winter I may not be able to get these, on the other hand something else may come along, thats fashion afterall 😀

The snood is so, so tempting tho, dont be suprised if i am blogging about it again 😛

Friday, 22nd October, 2010

Canada Goose Jacket – YES!!! I GOT ONE!!!


WOOHOOO! :mrgreen:

The first time I wrote about Canada Gooseon my blog was Christmas Eve last year. I didnt get one, and said that i would this year…Well Santa has been to my house, in his upgrade from a sleigh he now has a white DPD van, and brought me my Canada Goose Jacket! 🙂

After weeks and weeks of searching, calling up stores, speaking to buyers for huge department stores, speaking to retail store owners, even speaking to Canada Goose direct, I seemed to be getting nowhere. So hard to find any stock in the UK for the jacket, or even anything Canada Goose. Finally I found a place which had 1 jacket, and i got it! 😛

And I have to say, Believe the hype! I tried mine on today, and it feels so warm! They do come at a big pricetag, but I think that you see why. The zip for example, is a huge chunky double zip, but also easy to use, its thick and heavy to put on, but when you have it on it doesnt seem to weigh you down, you are very maneuverable in it, the buttons are of good quality and the finish is of such a high standard.

The one I went for was the Chilliwack bomber jacket, which is what i wanted. I did find a few stock of the Expedition parka, but they do look very bulky, and from what people were saying, you cant really wear it for day-to-day wear in the UK.

Since there seems to be a stock problem I had to make a few allowences to get this, which were:
The colour– I would have preferred black, but never mind. I love graphite/dark grey, I have bought other things in this colour (including another top today), I do think it can look very stylish.
The material– Its a mix of 80% melton wool and 20% polyester. I would have preferred the poly/nylon mix, I think it would have been better for the rain, but I will see how this stacks up against the rain. The feel of the wool is far better than poly/nylon anyway.
The size – I ordered a medium, and they sent a large. I believe its all they actually had. It fits fine, and its quite big and generous, but its a winter jacket, not a tight shirt, so its supposed to be big 😛

I love it so much! I will get plenty wear out of this, and will have it for years I hope.

Remember to check out my men’s winter coat advice if you’re looking to get a new jacket for this winter 🙂

Saturday, 25th September, 2010

Canada Goose Coat – Where Can I Get One?


It seems to be really strange, but its so hard to find a UK stockist for a Canada Goose coat! On their official site there are hardly any stockists, maybe 30 or so, but thats UK-Wide! So not a lot of choice. The only places i know of online who do them are ASOS, and at the moment they dont have much on offer, only a few jackets in a few sizes, and not a good colour.

There doesnt seem to be a stockist in Newcastle, and only a few in London, but i am not going down there any time soon.

I wrote last year i was going to get one, well now i am. Its definitely the weather for one now, I was out today, and it was really cold, not t-shirt weather thats for sure! :mrgreen:

This is the only one ASOS have which is any good. Its a decent size, i am a Medium but could have large in a jacket maybe, i dont really know since i havent tried one. I want a dark colour i.e. black or navy, this is the only one they have which is a grey/blue colour. Its counted as a jacket and not a coat, i have seen some of their “expedition” coats, they are huge and not needed for the UK, its cold but its not the North Pole! :mrgreen:

Canada Goose “Arctic Technical Bomber” Faux Fur. £430