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Canada Goose Jacket – YES!!! I GOT ONE!!!

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Friday, 22nd October, 2010

WOOHOOO! :mrgreen:

The first time I wrote about Canada Gooseon my blog was Christmas Eve last year. I didnt get one, and said that i would this year…Well Santa has been to my house, in his upgrade from a sleigh he now has a white DPD van, and brought me my Canada Goose Jacket! ๐Ÿ™‚

After weeks and weeks of searching, calling up stores, speaking to buyers for huge department stores, speaking to retail store owners, even speaking to Canada Goose direct, I seemed to be getting nowhere. So hard to find any stock in the UK for the jacket, or even anything Canada Goose. Finally I found a place which had 1 jacket, and i got it! ๐Ÿ˜›

And I have to say, Believe the hype! I tried mine on today, and it feels so warm! They do come at a big pricetag, but I think that you see why. The zip for example, is a huge chunky double zip, but also easy to use, its thick and heavy to put on, but when you have it on it doesnt seem to weigh you down, you are very maneuverable in it, the buttons are of good quality and the finish is of such a high standard.

The one I went for was the Chilliwack bomber jacket, which is what i wanted. I did find a few stock of the Expedition parka, but they do look very bulky, and from what people were saying, you cant really wear it for day-to-day wear in the UK.

Since there seems to be a stock problem I had to make a few allowences to get this, which were:
The colour– I would have preferred black, but never mind. I love graphite/dark grey, I have bought other things in this colour (including another top today), I do think it can look very stylish.
The material– Its a mix of 80% melton wool and 20% polyester. I would have preferred the poly/nylon mix, I think it would have been better for the rain, but I will see how this stacks up against the rain. The feel of the wool is far better than poly/nylon anyway.
The size – I ordered a medium, and they sent a large. I believe its all they actually had. It fits fine, and its quite big and generous, but its a winterย jacket, not a tight shirt, so its supposed to be big ๐Ÿ˜›

I love it so much! I will get plenty wear out of this, and will have it for years I hope.

Remember to check out my men’s winter coat advice if you’re looking to get a new jacket for this winter ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Shin Said,

    I want to know about your height, weight.

    I have not decided Chiliwak’s size yet.

    posted on Tuesday 16th November, 2010 at 7:39
  2. Michael Said,

    Hello Shin,

    I am around 182cm and 71KG. I have a size Large which is fine, maybe a bit too big. I wanted the medium but like I said, they were hard to come by, and this is what they sent.

    posted on Tuesday 16th November, 2010 at 20:05
  3. Giak Said,

    Dear Michael,

    your article made me laugh! I like you have been seeking for one of these jackets for a long time,
    and as you mentioned yourself it is VERY difficult to find such a jacket in the UK.
    I myself am 183 cm and 74KG. Im still kind of confused in terms of sizes, because a friend of mine (who is canadian and bought his chilliwack in Canada) has an XS and it just fits me, so i figured i would go for an S. American sizes are different from EU ones, so is your jacket American L or EU Large? And what would you reccommend? I dont want it to be too big!
    Also, where did you find your jacket? Because i keep on findind many websites where they sell them in USD’s (which is not really a problem) but i’m not sure how reliable they can be. Can you please help me?

    posted on Monday 10th January, 2011 at 6:21
  4. Michael Said,

    Hello Giak,

    Thanks for reading my blog. I am suprised that an XS could fit, I am similar build and as you can see from the images above my Large fits me fine, maybe I could go to the Medium but I dont think any smaller (but I havent tried other sizes).

    As for UK/EU/USA sizing, its a Large as per the label, make of that what you will. I recommend at least 1 size less than you usually get, as they are big.

    I got mine from ASOS, it was the only one in stock.

    Remember when buying from the U.S./Outside EU you may have to pay customs charges, VAT, and a handling charge to the courier.

    Michael ๐Ÿ™‚

    posted on Monday 10th January, 2011 at 16:16
  5. 3.1 Said,

    Thanks for the info and the pictures โ€“ my other half recently got this parka and he had the same dilemma of wanting to get a M but getting a L instead. I think it’s better though โ€“ย the Chilliwack bomber is supposed to have a relaxed fit, and I think a L on you guys would perhaps be a little bit too tight. Plus there’s options for you if you need/want extra layers.

    I bought my Montebello parka and aviator hat from onebelowzero.com. BigBear.co.uk is the UK distributor (as listed on Canada Goose’ website), but they don’t sell directly to the consumer. If you actually go on their website, they link ‘One Below Zero’ as the online retailer for them. They’re based in London quite close to where we live, but they don’t have a retail outlet. Occasionally, they do factory sample sales by appointment only. There is also W. Slack and Sons Their stock has gone quite quickly, but they do have a retail store as well, so the online stock is reflective of that.

    For anybody in the UK looking to get a jacket online for the next winter season, ASOS and the two retailers I’ve mentioned are the most reputable. The two I’ve mentioned get about two shipments a year (the first shipment having been recently), but most of that stock has sold out pretty quickly. I think ‘One Below Zero’ are due another shipment towards the autumn, but best to sign up to their newsletter as there’s apparently going to be a pre-sale (there was a worldwide shortage of Canada Goose gear last year, and people are probably going to go nuts for it again this year).

    posted on Friday 24th June, 2011 at 1:34
  6. Dazzer Said,

    I’m pretty sure that they sell Canada Goose in London at a shop called American Classics on Endell Street. It’s a long time since i’ve been – i used to get great t-shirts there – but worth giving it a go also.

    posted on Sunday 6th November, 2011 at 11:18
  7. Michael Said,

    thanks to you both for sharing this information. I am going to close comments on this post now since I have the jacket ๐Ÿ™‚

    posted on Sunday 6th November, 2011 at 13:18