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Benetton Tees And H&M Henleys

Tuesday, 25th June, 2019

My Benetton T Shirts with H&M Henley T Shirts

Happy Tuesday Guys!

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, it was my birthday, and I got a couple of cool bits of fashion. That includes these 4 tops, namely 2 T Shirts from United Colours Of Benetton and two Henley T Shirts from H&M.

Why did I pick these out? Well…

I love branded logo T Shirts, they are just great. For a long time now I have got into minimalist style, and it’s cool, with it’s plain clean aesthetic and smart edge. But I do still love a branded logo tee, if it’s tastefully done, or has a theme. My United Colours Of Benetton T Shirts have both.

The brand, which most just call Benetton was really big in the 90’s, and as you’ll know if you read the blog, I love 90’s style and brands. I’ve already picked up a lot of pieces from brands of the day, including Kappa and CK, and brands like Adidas Originals have kept the trend going too.

Benetton didn’t have quite the same impact, but I do remember that I had a T-shirt with United Colours Of Benetton printed to the front, with each letter being a different colour.

Another big thing for Benetton were it’s jeans. It didn’t just do the usual light blue denim colour of jeans, it did colourful denim. It was one of the most known mainstream brands to do this, and you could see bright blue or red jeans being worn back in the day, which was synonymous with Benetton.

For the tees I went for a classic style logo on a white tee, in a green box. This is trademark Benetton, as they use green in their main logo. For the second, I got a navy blue T-shirt with tonal printing, with the wording alongside the graphic logo.

Both tees are really nice material to touch, and the fit is really good. I read that they were a bit of a small “fitted” kind of fit, so went a size up, and that has given me the perfect fit.

The next item is a 2-pack of Henley T-Shirts from H&M. I already own a few Henleys, but to be honest, that style sort of passed me by. As I’ve been checking out more things to wear as an alternative to a tee or a button up shirt, such as wearing a polo shirt which I’ve always liked. I thought about a Henley, and now I’m beginning to really like them.

What is a Henley? Well simply it’s kind of a T-shirt meshed with a polo. It has a button placket, usually 2 to 4 buttons, but it does not have a collar. It gives it a slightly smarter edge to a tee, and wearing with a few buttons open gives it a bit of an edge.

They are definitely something you can wear as a smart casual piece of clothing for summer. These two are short sleeve options, and I’ve went for the colours grey and navy. Two timeless colours which will go with most things, and give a nice smarter edge to a casual outfit.

What do you think of these? Let me know, and let me know what pieces of menswear you’ve picked up for Summer so far.

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