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AU Vodka Review Is It Golden?

Friday, 5th January, 2018

Au Vodka Review

I love trying new vodkas, and I heard about AU Vodka a while ago, and since it’s Christmas, I got a bottle. Over the past year or so I’ve tried a lot of plain vodkas, and reviewed them on the blog.

From Reyka vodka to Our Vodka London, and Legend of  Kremlin, they all have their own individualises and qualities.

The biggest draw to this one is the gold bottle, which really does look the part. AU is the symbol for gold, so it all ties in with the branding. It’s a standard 70ml bottle size, is a higher than many other vodkas at 40% vol, and 5 times distilled.

The vodka is a premium vodka and tastes as such. It is quite smooth, but not the smoothest vodka which I’ve ever tasted, but I have tried quite a few premium bottles in my time, it is quite pleasant to drink.

It has a sharpness to it, you can really get a taste of the vodka with that warm, alcohol kind of kick to it.

Drinking this in a cocktail or just using one mixer it goes down very easily. I tested it out with Red Bull as I do with most plain vodkas and it tasted very nice, easily drinkable and enjoyable.

It comes in at around £32-£35 which is at the higher end, which is around the same as Crystal Head or Absolut Elyx vodka, but slightly more than something like Ciroc, Grey Goose or Belvedere.

If you’re looking for a nice vodka and a bottle to do the talking for you, this is definitely a contender.

Does AU Vodka have the gold standard

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  1. Irene Max Said,

    Dear Michael, you say it’s higher than 40% alcohol. Do you have the exact figure?
    Also, regarding the gold bottle, is that a shrink wrap foil around it? I mean, is the bottle made of glass?
    Also, it seems a wee bit contradictory to say that it tastes like premium vodka, and that it has a sharpness to it. (Maybe that’s just me, expecting “premium” to be correlated with smoothness)
    Sorry, I should have explained right off why I’m asking you these things. I’ve been trying to find out where in the UK the distillery with the advertised gold filter is located because I question if there is such a thing. I would like to see video evidence of this gold filter and the 5 distillations. My sceptical head says it’s all phooey, and what a couple of smart fellows are doing is putting some rotgut in a fancy bottle, and then marketing it to youngsters with more money than sense (spot the irritable oldster!) Their business address is a warehouse in Swansea. One of the online drinks wholesalers reported that Au was manufactured by a distiller of premium gin. I contacted them for verification and they said that they had once done some bottling of Au but, no, kthey definitely distil gin only.
    So, now another question: how did you hear about Au? We’re you given a complimentary bottle with the expectation that you would be complimentary about the contents?

    Well, Michael, you may or may not wish to answer my rambling list of questions, and there’s no pressure to do so, but I would be mighty obliged if you can shed any light on this elusive brand.

    Yours sincerely

    Irene Max

    posted on Monday 4th February, 2019 at 14:15
  2. Michael Said,

    Hi Irene, thanks for reading my blog 🙂

    About the volume – This was worded really badly, what I should have said was it’s 40% which is higher than many other vodkas (I’ve fixed this, thanks) – e.g. I believe standard Smirnoff is 37.5% and Russian Standard is 38%.

    I believe the bottle is made from glass but is gold colour, this could have been dipped in paint or something like that, I am not sure; I also don’t know anything about a gold filter.
    I think that it’s quite smooth in comparison to other vodkas, but as mentioned as a sharpness to it initially; So I guess you could say smoother than some vodkas, but not as smooth as others – I guess this will be a personal preference.

    I can’t remember where I first saw this to be honest, but as mentioned I love to try new and different vodkas out, so when I saw it I decided to give it a try – It was a Christmas gift which was bought for me (from Fenwick if I remember correctly) and I have no affiliation with the brand, so everything I’ve written is my own opinion 🙂

    For all the technical info you could check out their site or ask them, I am sure they’d be more helpful with that than I can be 🙂


    posted on Monday 4th February, 2019 at 16:12
  3. Irene Max Said,

    Thank you for your prompt, courteous and comprehensive reply, Michael. I hadn’t realised Au had an active website. Previously there was just a dead page, no live links. So thank you very much for letting me know about that.

    Best regards


    posted on Monday 4th February, 2019 at 21:49