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Zara Polo Shirt In Black – New In The Wardrobe For Summer

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Monday, 8th July, 2024

Wearing the new Zara polo shirt in black

Now that the summer is here (kind of!) I can showcase more of my summer wardrobe, and a few new pieces which I’ve picked up in the recent weeks.

I got this black polo shirt from Zara, and I think it’s the first piece of clothing I’ve ever got from the Spanish brand.

Here’s everything you need to know about it, the fit and what it feels like.

I do like a good polo shirt, they’re a smarter alternative to a t-shirt in the summer months. I’ve owned a few over the years, but as I already said this is the first piece of clothing I think I’ve ever got from Zara.

And it was a gift, brought all the way back from Spain, so it’s as authentically Spanish as you can get. It’s actually a few months old, but I’ve not worn it since we’ve never really had the weather for this.

The Polo Shirt

It is your standard polo shirt that you’d expect, albeit being a slim fit. Made from 100% cotton, it has a collar, 3 button placket and collar.

The style of the collar is a really soft fold down type, rather than it being pretty rigid, it’s quite soft and subtle making it easy to flap down.

It has ribbed sleeves, and also a ribbed hem, giving it some elasticity at both the bottom and sleeves, keeping it tight to the body.

The Fit

Close up of the Zara Polo Shirt

The fit of the shirt is a slim fit, and it really is quite small. I am a fan of slim fits, but this one really is cut very close to the body, and I would say that it just fits me.

One thing I don’t like about the fit is the sleeves, they’re just too short. Short sleeves like these are usual in women’s clothing, but in men’s clothing you usually get a bit more length in the sleeves.

How It Feels

The material is so nice and soft, it’s a pique polo with that really silky smooth to touch fabric. Some polos, such as my Lacoste polo have the pique-polo type of material, the honeycomb feel, whereas this one doesn’t.

The fabric is breathable, feels a little on the thick side but is still light and airy.

All in all I like the feel, and it’s a good polo shirt.

The shorter sleeves and very close to the body fit makes it a style of top I’d wear casually in the summer. A good addition to the wardrobe, it sits perfectly in between something really casual and when you want to edge into smart-casual summer styling.

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