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What TV I’m Looking Forward To Watching In 2017

Tuesday, 3rd January, 2017

I think that last year we saw so much good TV. I have always loved watching TV shows, I do enjoy watching a film every now and then, but TV shows have always played a far bigger role in my life. In 2016 there were so many great shows, some were new, others new to me and more classics which I’ve loved.

Plenty are back for 2017, here’s what I am looking forward to on the telly this year.

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Girls (Season 6)

Starting: February 2017

Channel: SKY Atlantic

It’s the last ever season of girls! 🙁 If you’ve never seen it before, you’ll probably be wondering why I am watching a programme called girls, which is clearly aimed at females. If you’ve seen it and like it, you’ll know why, because it’s brilliant! It can get quite gritty, raw and edgy, and isn’t a typical girly show, the male characters may be supplemental to the girls, but they’re necessary and really make the show what it is. If Ray does not end up with Shoshanna I will not be happy :mrgreen:

Billions (Season 2)

Starting: February 2017 (Maybe? In the U.S. at least)

Channel: SKY Atlantic

When I saw the previews for this last year I knew I would like it, and after watching one episode I was not disappointed. Billions is about Bobby Axelrod aka Axe, head of his own financial firm, everyone seemed to love him, apart from the District Attorney Chuck Rhodes Jr who’s trying to bring him down for corruption. The backdrop is all about the stock market, but you don’t have to be into money to find it enjoyable, it’s a great drama.

Take Me Out (Series 9)

Starting: 2017

Channel: ITV

Let the shepherd see the pie…Take Me Out will be coming back which will see 30 girls coming down the stairs and checking out who’s coming down the love lift. It’s a bit of fun and light hearted entertainment, and a show I’ve watched since the first series.

Narcos (Season 3)

Starting: 2017?

Channel: Netflix

I’ll admit that Narcos took me a while to get to watch, but when I did, I loved it. I still have not seen season 2, but season 3 should be on it’s way in 2017. It’s a story based on Pablo Escobar, a Columbian drug lord, and makes for good viewing.

Top Gear 2017

Starting: 2017

Channel: BBC

The Grand Tour has put Top Gear in the shade, as it was expected to. The last series of Top Gear, which was the first for Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc was always destined to be seen as a flop, because of the love for Clarkson, May and Hammond. It was actually decent and watchable in my opinion, and I will watch the next series, when it comes back. There’s no more Chris Evans, but there is Chris Harris and Rory Reid. so this will be an all-new, all-new Top Gear.

Ballers (Season 3)


Channel: SKY Atlantic

Will Ballers come back in 2017? It’s supposed to return for a 3rd season, and rumours are that it will be from California, rather than Miami which has hosted the previous two seasons. However The Rock has a busy schedule with Baywatch and Fast & Furious 8, so we’ll have to watch this space to see what’s in store for Ballers.

I suppose I have to mention shows like Game Of Thrones, which I’ve never got into, I have heard new shows such as The Deuce and Little Big Lies which could be good, we’ll have to wait and see and I may give them a watch.

What TV shows are you looking forward to in 2017? Let me know and check out more in the men’s lifestyle blog section for TV and guy stuff.

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