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The Bold Type Season 1 Review

Wednesday, 23rd May, 2018

I found my new TV Show to watch! The Bold Type, which is on Amazon Prime, and it’s good!

It’s actually not new, it aired in the USA in 2017 on an American network, but we got it in the UK back in February…You may have seen the ads for it on TV. If you like programs like Entourage, Girls, Red Oaks etc. then you may like this. I love shows like this, because it’s all about the characters and their friendships, which is exactly what those other shows are about.

The backdrops are different, but other than that, the shows are a similar style.

So The Bold Type is about 3 friends and a fashion/lifestyle magazine called Scarlet, where they all work. Jane is a new writer, who’s just been promoted and is looking to make an impact in her career. Sutton is an assistant who’s looking to break into the fashion side of the magazine, and Kat is in charge of the social media at the magazine.

The secondary characters are brilliant and play a key role too; There’s Jacqueline, the boss at Scarlet. Richard, a board member, lawyer and secret love interest of Sutton. Alex, a writer at the magazine. Ryan aka Pinstripe guy, writer for Pinstripe, a men’s magazine owned by the same group as Scarlet, and the love interest of Jane. Adena, a photographer and romantic interest of Kat.

I have now watched the whole season and really enjoyed it. It’s kind of coming of age, with all the characters growing and discovering throughout the season, all set in New York City which always makes a perfect big city scene.

The good news is that there’s a second season coming up in June! So if you want to jump on The Bold Type bandwaggon, now is the time, and you’ll be ready and set for the second season.

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