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Film Night: Logan Lucky Review

Sunday, 13th May, 2018

For film night I decided to check out to see if there was anything good on Amazon Prime, and I happened to see that Logan Lucky was on there, so decided to give it a watch. I kind of knew of the film, I saw previews of this when it came out at the cinema last year and it looked good, so I was happy to give this a watch and see what it was all about.

It’s a comedy heist film, in the same kind of style as Oceans 11 and it’s squeals, and is directed by Steven Soderberg, who was responsible for those films too.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) was a promising American footballer until he injured his leg, and worked as a construction worker at the NASCAR Speedway until they discovered his leg was injured which he hadn’t told them about, and is fired early in the film. His brother Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) works in a bar and has lost the lower part of his arm due to two tours in Iraq, and wears a prosthetic.

Jimmy has a daughter who’s entering a beauty pageant and discovers that her mother is moving them away, which he isn’t happy about. Now unemployed with no cash, he decides to put his inside knowledge of the NASCAR Speedway to some use, and plans on a heist at the track, and gets his brother involved too. They then recruit a few people, including their sister, and Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), who’s already in prison for cracking safes. Joe Bang then tells them they need his brothers, Sam and Fish who are both dimwitted.

Now they have a crew and a plan, and they begin to execute it, which involves getting Joe Bang out of prison and back in again without anyone noticing.

I will not put any spoilers in, so you’ll have to watch the rest 😉

But it was a good film to watch, very entertaining and had a lot of funny moments. Daniel Craig was very good in it, playing a crazy convict with bleach blonde hair rather than the usual suave James Bond was a different but brilliant look for him.  All in all I enjoyed the film, if you’re looking for some action and comedy with a story rolled into one, this is a good watch.

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