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Film Night – Moonlight

Sunday, 15th April, 2018

I saw that it was on Amazon Video so I decided that I’d watch it so I could tell people that I’d finally seen it. Yes, I am talking about the film Moonlight. I knew nothing about this film, other than everyone was talking about it, and all that controversy when it won the OCSAR for best picture when it beat La La Land.

So going into the film, I knew nothing about it at all, the plot, the characters or anything. In short, it’s a coming of age film split in 3 parts which is about a boy’s journey through his life, and his struggles. It’s about his sexuality, abuse he gets in his younger years, and dealing with his mother’s drug habit.

The three parts are called Little, Chiron and Black, all names of main the character of the story throughout his life; From a child to teen to finally an adult. He has to deal with bullies as a child, and has to deal with them as a teen too. As a teen he goes to the beach with his only friend, Kevin, and they kiss then Kevin performs sexual acts on Chiron. The next day at school the bully convinces Kevin to punch Chiron and tells him to stay down, he doesn’t and doesn’t put up a fight, so Kevin continues to punch him before the fight is broken up. The next day Chiron smashes a chair into the back of the bully and is taken away by the police.

When he grows up into an adult he goes by the nickname Black, and he’s now left Miami and lives in Atlanta and has turned to dealing drugs and receives a call from Kevin. He goes back to Miami where he’s reunited with Kevin who works in a Diner. Kevin has a child and is happy with his life, Black tells him that he hasn’t been intimate with anyone since they were on the beach as teens.

Overall I thought the film was OK, but nothing spectacular and probably overrated by most people. It’s not going to be something I will rush to watch again, but it was a decent enough film with a story.

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